Shit myself while nutting one time

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This is definetly a story that I havent told a soul. But a few years ago when I (23M at the time) was at school, I had started hooking up with my now ex (20F at the time).

We worked together at the same resturaunt and thats how we met. We were both from the same city in the Midwest and were across the country in the Southwest for school. So we hit it off pretty well.

We started hanging out in the same work-friend group and eventually, started flirting and what not so I started asking her out. They have Dutch Bros in that area of the country, something we dont have back home. And they have these gigantic dairy milkshake type drinks that are amazing.

So its around the 4th of July and I get this big stupid red white n blue milkshake type drink. Its so good that I down it in like an hour. We’re back at her place watching tv n hanging out when thing started to get heavy.

I hadnt even really noticed my stomach hurting or anything. We get to fuckin and this is only like the 2nd or 3rd time we’ve fucked and shes still making me wear condoms at this point.

Since I have a hard time nutting with condoms, I have to really work at it. Ive got her in doggy and im pounding away, waiting for that cummy feeling to begin at the base of my dickhead. I feel like I gotta rip ass n I try to let some out silently; immediately realize its gunna be a wet one. ABORT, hold it in.

I begin to feel like Im gunna cum and begin fuckin really hard to pound it out. All the commotion, mixed with the involuntary spasming from cumming; i rip a little ass.

It feels slightly wet, nothing too crazy. I turn and look at my naked asscheek and thigh and see a large stream of light blue liquid streaming down from my ass 😲🤮

I hop up and pretty much run to her bathroom, making sure to like shuffle out in such a way that my thigh and ass is facing away from her. I get in there and clean up, a ton of blue liquid, prolly from that dumbass drink I had earlier.

She never said anything about it and we ended up dating for 2 years 🤷🏾‍♀️

Not as nasty as the time I fingered some girls ass and felt shit in there. (story [here](

Or when I fucked a gross fat chick in the ass and had the grimyness on my dick as I fucked a coworker raw later in the day 😅 (story [here](

NSFW: yes

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