Sheltered Teen to Slutty Housewife: The Beginning (Part 1)

***This is my first time writing about any of my experiences, ever! I hope you enjoy it because I have so many more experiences to distribute, plus I really like writing and re-living all of this stuff.***

Sex was never discussed in my house growing up. It was taboo, unspoken, a terrible sin, and the worst thing I could ever do according to my overzealous, religious prude of a mother. I can remember the first time I ever touched myself. I was 18, had just graduated high college a couple of weeks before, and after building up some confidence, decided I was sick of being the only one of my friends who hadn’t had an orgasm or fucked a boy.

I wish I could say I was the cute blonde with big tits who was famous but repressed, but I wasn’t. I was the nerdy, Hispanic chick who kept to herself mostly and didn’t really like talking to people. I was 5’6” and 95 lbs, ass that was tight as a drum but with proportional 32A’s sitting on my chest (at least my nipples were cute and super sensitive), I had washboard abs and nice, thick brown hair. I played volleyball and ran track and it showed.

Like every other girl my age, I was shaved from the neck down, liked to wear thongs and g-strings (which I had to hide from my mom), and liked to tease the boys. I also knew enough about my body from talking to my friends and watching a few porn videos to know there were dozens of different methods to make myself cum.

I decided I wanted my first time to be special, or at least as special as it could be. That day, I waited until both my parents had left for work and my younger sister went to college. I cleaned my room, lit some candles, put on some nice music, and closed my shades. I took a nice, long hot shower where I shaved my entire body, including my asshole, lathered myself up and spent a little extra time cleaning my pussy. I dried off, cleaned up, and went to my room; for some reason I felt the need to lock my door.

As I laid down, the cool sheets gave me goosebumps from my stomach, across my breasts, and down my arms. My nipples became hard and extra sensitive (I’d learn later on in life my nipples were perfect for nipple rings and being tugged on, but that’s for another story). At first I just laid there, awkwardly trying to find out how to begin, not knowing what the “right” way to go about making yourself have an orgasm was. After awhile, I started thinking about the porn videos I had watched, the women sucking big, fat cocks while touching their pussies, pinching their nipples, and just enjoying their mouths being full. I wondered about what my friends had told me about how their boyfriends like seeing them rub or fuck their pussies, putting a finger, or two, inside and curling into the g-spot. And finally I wondered about my own boyfriend, the gentleman, the virgin, the guy that would kiss me for hours but also get uncomfortable when I put his hands on my tits.

As I wondered about all these things, I started to run my hands and fingers across my chest. They were small with perfect pink nipples and equally perfect areola’s. I pinched my left nipple and it sent waves of sensation through my body, I loved it! I started pinching and pulling on both and wondered for sure I would cum right there. While I continued playing with my nipples, my left hand slowly made its way past my stomach, past my freshly shaved mound, until I reached my clit. As I hit my clit, another shock wave ripped through me; it was almost too much at first because I wasn’t expecting it.

I slowly inched my way back to my clit and started to rub it in a circle motion, changing the pressure I used as the sensations moved through me in waves of different intensity. I was really enjoying this part, pinching and pulling on my nipples while massaging my clit, until I felt something wet begin to slide down the inside of my folds and pooling on my asshole before leaking onto the bed. Now I had been wet before, when daydreaming about my boyfriend, or one of the many boy bands from back then, but never anything like this. I decided it was now or never and slowly started to slide my finger off my clit and down through the folds of my freshly shaven, virgin cunt. As I reached my wetness, I started to push my fingers around the different spots trying to find out what felt good.

After a minute or two, I found my hole and my finger just slipped in, the sensation was unlike anything I’d ever felt. I had never even used a tampon at that point, so when I say that that finger was the first thing ever inside me, I literally mean the very first thing. It felt amazing and I just kept pushing it further and further inside myself until I was at my knuckles and out of finger. I moved it around my insides, feeling the softness of my walls, the wetness dripping out of me, the numerous contractions as I hit different parts, and then I curled my finger and ran across my g-spot. This whole morning had been filled with firsts…new sensations, new feelings, and new exploration.

As I slowly became more and more comfortable with touching myself, I started to get into a rhythm alternating between fingering myself, rubbing my clit, and playing with my tits. Every combination providing a different set of sensations, some more intense than others and some just down right made me melt. I finally found what would eventually be my go-to combo, a mixture of rubbing my g-spot as I slid my middle finger in and out of my virgin hole, my thumb grazing across my clit every now and then, and tugging on my nipples.

As I did this I could feel the sensations building on top of one another, I began to lose track of time, my surroundings, I just laid there, playing with myself and replaying all the dirty thoughts I’d had leading up to that point. Then, just like that, my body was overcome with intense sensations from my head to my toes. My pussy squeezed my finger tight, my clit became impossibly sensitive, and I began to leak even more pussy juice out of myself. I had had my first orgasm!!!!

I laid there, slowly playing with myself, content, relaxed, and disappointed that I’d waited this long to experience such a thing. I called my best friend to tell her about my experience, her only response, wait till it’s your boyfriends cock! After we got off the phone, I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about what it would be like to have my boyfriend take my virginity.

But that’s a story for another day. IF you guys liked this one and want me to continue writing about my transformation, let me know in the comments!

NSFW: yes

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