She(24) accused me(30) of ruining the intimate moments with her husband.

For the last year I (M30) have been working one on one with my coworker (F24) a sexy latina with a nice ass and deceivingly big tits. Our job tends to have us being alone together for most of our shift and because of that I have gotten to know her very well. She is young but is in her first year of marriage to a military guy, as we got closer she would tell me about there arguments and while I tried to give her a balanced perspective took her side most the time, he is honestly not that great of a guy tbh

During our closing shifts we started to play a question game with each other after we finished our work which quickly ended up with us talking about out fantasies preferences and sexual experience’s, I would often end up with a boner at my desk. Us becoming so close to each other she ended up confiding in me that sex with her husband was terrible and that it didn’t last long and that he hadn’t made her orgasm for months, I was super surprised she was telling me this but I can be pretty thick on cues sometimes (thick in more methods then one 😉 )

One night about a year ago I woke up at 1am to a call from my coworker, I know she had her husband had gone clubbing not that far from my place and immediately wondered they must have gotten super drunk. I picked up and my coworker sounding pretty tipsy said she needed a place to crash and I of course said she could. Me being thick went and got my guest room ready assuming her and her would be here, I ended up texting her asking if they needed a ride since I figured they couldn’t drive. I didn’t hear back which sort of worried me

I got a text a hour later that she was outside and soon heard her knock on my door, I answered and saw her dressed like she had just came from the club, she had this sexy top that showed her mid drift and these tight yoga pants/ tights that showed of her ass. My eyes were all over her I was honestly pretty stunned. I could tell she had been drinking she gave me a big hug pushing her tits up against me. We talked for a bit and I gave her the tour of the house since it was her first time here, When we got to my bedroom she went and sat on my bed and I joined her.

I asked if everything was ok and even though she was smiling and acting silly she told me how her and her husband had another fight and this one sounded really bad, He had even said that her family didn’t have good values since they were Mexican, what a guy. We talked for a bit and then she put her head in my chest and I hugged her, my heart was pounding I was so hard. while hugging we both sort of fell onto our sides laying down in the bed. She’s married I wondered, I told her I had made up a bed for her in the other room and she laughed and said we could both sleep here, our faces were close to each other my arm was under her neck and I moved my hand on her lower back. As soon as my hand was on her lower back she arched her back pushing her tits into me and sliding a leg between mine, for some reason this was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me and I new then I was gonna fuck the shit out of her

I lightly pulled the back of her hair raising her lips up to mine and we started to make out while my other hand went from her back to her plump ass, when we pulled away from our kiss she said she had been waiting a long time for this, I was so horny that just grinding my cock on her was insane feeling, I grabbed her armed and pinned her beneath me making out with her while I slipped a hand up her shirt and pinched her nipples, It was like she turned into my fantasy immediately moaning and saying to me “please daddy.” I started rubbing her pussy and worked her tights off while letting her tits spill out of shirt when I pulled it up

I love eating pussy, I should probably write a post just about eating pussy. I get so horny when eating pussy letting my tongue slide over a wet pussy moving through the folds sucking on her clit while she pulls my hair and begs me to keep going. Its my favorite. When I ran my tongue over her pussy for the first time that night it was so wet it was like biting into a nectarine, she later told me she came just from that. Poor girl had not been given the attention she needed. I spent thirty minuets sucking her clit, running my tongue lightly up and down her pussy, sneaking a finger in her while lightly biting her clit. It made me so hard and she told me she came several times.

I moved up her to her face and didn’t need to ask, she told me her pussy was mine so I helped myself to sliding my cock in, another thing about taking time to work a girls pussy is that it is primed for your cock and has them begging for it. I cant believe the things she was saying while I fucked her, “Your cock is better then my husband”, “fuck me daddy”, “this pussy is yours”. It was so erotic pounding her little pussy. Not trying to brag but I can fuck for a very long time especially when its the first time with someone. I ended up fucking her all over the house even taking a break to make us a couple drinks. one of my favorite memories is when I put her in my office chair with her legs on my shoulders fucking her, she ended up Cumming so hard her legs were shaking.

It was 5am and we were lying next to each other I was lightly rubbing her pussy while she stroked my cock, I still hadn’t came yet. Maybe because of performance anxiety? idk. She ended up saying ” dont take this the wrong way, but I love you.” hearing that lit a fire back in me and I was back to fucking her hard on my bed choking her just pounding her hard. I finally pulled out and came on her chest then rolled over I was so out of breath. we jumped in the shower and then crawled back into bed, we both only had a couple of hours to sleep before work that morning. We were both caught up in it all and slept like we really did love each other, maybe we do. I have a video from that night I still jerk off too.
Were still close and she is still with her husband. The first week after it happened she told me I ruined sex with her husband. Sometimes I catch her looking at me and I smile at her and she smiles back

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