She Though I Was Her Husband. Part 1

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It was the last night of a weeks-long camping trip. I had decided to spend one more night at my campsite, and boy am I glad I did.

I was relaxing in the shade by my tent when an RV pulled into the sight next to me. I had been hoping for the spot to remain open so I had a little more privacy, but what could I do?

I watched as a small family piled out of their RV. I gave them a quick wave hello and watched as they set up. The mother seemed to have her hands full with a couple of youngsters, the youngest seemed to only be a couple months old, while the father got the RV leveled and things set out.

After hearing her name yelled out, I discovered that the mother’s name was Lynn. Lynn was very attractive and had kept her figure very well, especially after having a couple of kids. She also had some very large knockers, most likely because her youngest was still breastfeeding.

As the evening progressed I watched as the children played and Lynn and her husband had a few beers and made dinner. After dinner the oldest slowly wore themselves out and Lynn brought both of the kids into the RV and put them to bed.

“Finally getting some peace?” I called out to Lynn as she exited the RV. “We sure are,” Lynn called back. “Traveling with kids can be mentally draining, not to mention trying to make sure they don’t kill themselves or each other once we got here.” “Well, everyone is still alive, and that’s what matters,” I said back. “Hey, would you like to join us and have a few beers?” Lynn asked. Without hesitation, I jumped up and started walking over saying “Sure, sounds like fun.”

As we sat down and had some beers, I discovered that they were from the Midwest and really enjoyed camping and hiking.

As the night went on, Lynn and her husband continued getting more and more drunk. With every drink, Lynn was getting more and more frisky with her husband. He played along a little bit but didn’t seem too into it. From my perspective, he was too tired from the long drive, combined with the fact that after years of marriage and a couple of kids, he probably wasn’t as interested in her as he used to be.

I, on the other hand, was very interested in her. I couldn’t help but catch glances down her shirt when she would lean forward, or stare at her ass when she bent over to grab another beer from the cooler. Eventually, it got really late and Lynn decided to stumble off to bed and left me and her husband to continue drinking. She was so drunk that she nearly fell a few times and as she was heading inside she called out, slurring her words, “When you come to bed, feel free to get you some of this,” Motioning to her body.

She then disappeared into the RV leaving her husband and I to talk. By this time he had gotten himself pretty smashed and began talking about their sex life. He told me about how she had recently told him that she wanted him to go down on her while she was sleeping, or spank her with his belt. He told me that he did try the belt, but felt awkward about it and worried about actually hurting her. After all, she was the mother of his children.

He had even come home to discover she had handcuffed her legs and feet to the bed and had some little whips and riding crops sitting there to hit her with. He was eager to help fulfill her fantasies, but it was a little outside his comfort zone. I tried to tell him that he has a keeper and to take full benefit of her kinks, but he was just too worried about hurting her.

After a few more beers, he eventually passed out in his chair. I slowly got up and gave him a shake and told him to go to bed, but he was out like a rock.

“That poor woman,” I wondered. She was looking forward to getting some tonight, and he is passed out with no chance of waking up anytime soon. Suddenly, my mind got a wicked idea.

“I’m about her husbands’ size and build,” I wondered. “And she was pretty drunk herself. I bet I could sneak in the RV, give her the fucking she’s been needing, and leave without anyone suspecting a thing.

After giving her husband another shake to make sure he was out cold, I snuck into the RV. I quietly made my way to the back and found the bed. Once I found the bed, I quickly stripped naked and climbed in next to Lynn.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found that she was naked as well, and my hands immediately made their way to her large tits. As I grabbed them, I realized that they were way more than a handful, and rolling over on top of her, my mouth quickly found one of her nipples and started sucking.

Suddenly, my mouth began to fill with a liquid. It was warm and tasted like sweet milk. That’s when I realized that it was her breast milk. “Mmm,” I wondered. “This tastes pretty good.”

I began to suck even harder and more fervently, filling my mouth with her milk, and sucking her dry. As I suckled away, I slid my hand down and slipped one of my fingers into her soaking wet, perfectly smooth pussy.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she lay there, and I felt her begin grinding her pussy into my hand. Switching tits, I began to drain the other one as I played with her clit, and to my surprise, within a few seconds, she started moaning and convulsing with a powerful orgasm.

Her body shook and her muscles tightened as she came in her sleep. My mouth almost struggled to keep her tit in as she flailed under me and I kept going until she finally relaxed.

Without skipping a beat, as soon as she relaxed, I grabbed my dick and guided it straight into her pussy. With a hard stroke, I sank myself balls deep into her, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was still incredibly tight, especially after recently having a kid.

A gasp escaped her as my balls hit her ass. “Oh wow. Why do you feel so big?” She moaned, waking up. I started sliding back out, and I knew her pussy was in desperate need of some good dick and I was prepared to give it to her.

I sat up a little and began pounding her pussy like my life depended on it. Driving fast and deep, the echoes of our bodies slapping together combined with her moaning filled the room. After getting my pace set, I reached up and wrapped my hand around her throat, and gave it a good squeeze. She grabbed my wrist and within a few more pumps, she started convulsing again with her second orgasm.

It was obvious that it had been a long time since she had some good pipe laid in her, and I was more than eager to fill that need. Unfortunately, it had been a long time since I had pussy as good as hers, and watching her cuming on my dick quickly sent me over the edge.

I felt my load starting to grow and I suddenly became aware that I didn’t know where her husband would normally cum. Would he cum in her, pull out and cum on her stomach, blow it on her tits, did he finish in her mouth? I had no idea what I need to do, but my cum was building fast, and in the last seconds, I made my decision.

Continues in part 2

NSFW: yes

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