She Stripped For My Groomsman [MFM] – Short Sex Story

This started a long time past, at a friend’s house in High College. It was late at night, we were young, David’s parents were gone and we were very drunk. Everything began with a pin toy. A bunch of pins held in a frame that retained the impression of anything pressed against them. The sort of thing that executives have on their desk to show that they are whimsical, but not too whimsical. They’re trademarked under the name “Pinscreen.”

The toy was on the desk of his father’s office when Anne found it. She became obsessed with it. Hands, Face, ears. She loved making impressions in the cold steel pins. I think they felt new and exciting against her skin. Anne escalated from her own skin to mine and eventually to David. She started with his hands, but moves up to his ears, then his face. He was obviously uncomfortable, not with the attention, but with how to handle the attention. David didn’t have a girlfriend. He’d never had a girlfriend. Having Anne this close, focusing on him, touching him, was leaving him flustered. He kept looking over at me for guidance. I was happy to just watch things unfold.

There was music playing softly and Anne was swaying in time with it as she flirted. Anne undid the first button of her blouse. I began to grin when she undid the second. David didn’t know what to do with his eyes. He wanted to look, he wanted to look very badly. But he still didn’t know what he was allowed to do. His eyes slowly settled on Anne’s chest.

The music changed in the background. It was still soft, but a little more aggressive. Anne took the pin toy and made an impressive of her cleavage. The gesture moved Anne’s flirting from confusing for David to outright sexual. He blushed deeply red. Anne said something then, I can’t recall exactly what, but something about wanting him to be able to keep looking after she was gone. A note of panic crept in to David’s expression. He wanted to keep looking. But he’d suddenly remembered that the toy wasn’t his and the impression from a pair of breasts would not go unquestioned. He swallowed hard and meekly suggested that this wasn’t the best idea. Anne backed away a little. David looked heartbroken. Whatever had been happening was something that he did not want to end, but he didn’t know how to recover.

I spoke up from the couch.

“How about you dance for us instead?” The room fell silent and suddenly the music that she’d been subconsciously moving to was the only sound. Anne locked eyes with David.

“Should I dance for you?”

David looked trapped. What he wanted was clear. What he need to do wasn’t. Finally he looked uncomfortably over to me. It was clear he was torn. He wanted, above all else, to be a gentleman.

“I don’t know.”

It wasn’t the answer Anne was looking for. She wanted to be wanted. She straightened up and redid the buttons on her blouse.

“Not tonight then, I guess.” She put away the pin toy. The moment passed. The night was over.

Except it wasn’t over. Not for me at least. I would keep remembering the night. I loved how flush with sexuality Anne had been. She’d known her power over the boys in the room. I played the night over in my head and envisioned how things might have gone if David has seized the moment.

It wasn’t over for David either. He brought it up frequently. Never directly. He didn’t have the confidence to that. But he would often bring up aspects of that night and talk about them wistfully. He would talk about how playful and fun Anne was. He would talk about how he wished he had a pin toy of his own. But nothing ever happened. Years passed and we stayed close friends, but there was never a similar moment. Anne and I got engaged and planned our wedding..

In the weeks leading up to the wedding we were working closely with David to get the wedding playlist right. A couple of days before the wedding we were hanging out in his basement, working out the final details. He was still living at home. He was still a virgin. Still no girlfriend. There was nothing wrong with David, but he had no confidence when it came to girls. Anne took a break from the playlist and went the washroom while we continued to work away. I suggested a song, I can’t remember which, and David laughed.

“Are you sure you want that one?”


“It was playing when the stripper tried to shove your face between her breasts. Might make for a weird moment at the reception.” We’d had the bachelor party the week before. I was surprised that David remembered any of the music. He’d spent most of the night playing the arcade games at the back of the club. I said as much.

“Yeah, it wasn’t really my thing.”

“You didn’t enjoy watching women take off their clothes for you?”

“It’s not that. It’s that they weren’t taking their clothes off for me. It didn’t matter if I was there or not. I’d love to watch a woman strip for me. But I’d want her to be really into it. Really in to showing off her body for me.” He suddenly became intense about it and stared hard at the computer screen.

“Well.” I said softly. “You missed a chance on that one.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I was pretty sure he knew what I meant.

“That time Anne offered to dance for you. She was in to it. She wanted to show off for you.”

“Really?” He still didn’t look up. “I thought she was really drunk. I didn’t want to take advantage of her. I wanted to be a gentleman.”

“She was really drunk.” I replied. “But she was really into the moment and she wanted to show off for you. But she wanted you to be as into it as she was. All she wanted to hear was a ‘yes.'”

“What about you?” He asked.

“I would have been thrilled to go along with whatever she wanted.”

“Oh.” He sounded deeply regretful. We both lapsed into silence. There really didn’t seem like there was much else to say. Anne came back shortly and sat on the edge of his bed, watching us work at the computer.

“So?” She asked. “How goes the project?”

David was quiet. It is an awkward moment. My mind was racing. I needed to seize the moment, as I was sure it would never come again.

“We were just chatting.” Courage fled rather rapidly but I reminded myself that the opportunity wouldn’t come again. “About that time you offered to strip for David and I. David was sad that he didn’t take you up on the offer.”

Silence. David stared at the computer screen. Still silence.

“Is this true David?” She were glaring daggers at me. But David couldn’t see. All he heard was her voice and the tone of her question was genuinely curious.

“Yes.” David didn’t turn around and the answer was barely audible.

“Why didn’t you say so at the time?”

“I didn’t want to take advantage.” There was a pause. “You were very drunk.”

Anne continued to glare at me. I wasn’t coming out of this especially well. She grinned slyly. David’s back was still to her.

“What would you say if I offered again?”


“David. Do you want me to strip for you?”


“David. Do you want to see me naked?”


“Turn up the music.”

The music abruptly got very loud. Too loud. David dialled it back to a more reasonable level. The music for our wedding reception began to fill the room. David still stared at his computer. Anne got up from the edge of the bed. She were wearing beat up old jeans and a baggy sweater. She reached over and turned down the lights. She start to sway slowly in time with the music.



“Turn around.” David slowly swiveled in his chair until he was facing her. He was still shy. Anne pulled off her sweater and threw it to the ground. David stared at the sweater, then slowly raised his eyes to her chest. Anne was wearing a white bra. It was plain, with a little ornamentation around the cups. Nothing special. It didn’t have to be. David was riveted. He glanced at her face to make sure that Anne was ok with it. She smiled at him encouragingly and his eye returned to her cleavage.

She danced slowly for him. She moved in time to the music, turning away occasionally, playing shy, and then jutting her chest forward. David’s attention was rapturous and she enjoy every second of it. The first song came to a close and David looked up her face, not sure where this would go. As the sounds of the second song began she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of the bra. Moving slowly she shrugged the straps from her shoulder and let the cups fall. David was enraptured.

She danced a little more this song. Both to get in the spirit of the moment and to hide a mounting shyness. She hadn’t planned this. But David’s attention was intoxicating. Her nipples got harder and harder. A flush of heat rose in her chest. Her breath got shorter and his breath matched hers. She cupped her breasts as if to offer them to him. He leaned forward, his mouth parting slightly.

By the time the song ended Anne was almost out of breath. The next song began. She slipped off her jeans, casting them to one side. She stood exposed before David in only her panties, a blue thong that didn’t match the bra she had just been wearing. She put her hands on her hips provocatively and smiled when she heard David gasp.

She moved more suggestively now. Not just swaying with the music, but caressing her body. Her hands roamed at will, cupping her breasts, sliding down her sides, back up between her thighs, teasing between her legs. David’s cock strained hard against his jeans. We could see a small wet spot forming on David’s jeans as his precum started to leak through. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. His eyes wandered Anne’s body aggressively. Anne loved to be seen.

Quickly, without thinking about it, she stripped off her panties. She tossed them gently over to me. They were soaked. The smell of her arousal filled the room. David was stunned. Anne had just waxed her pussy for the wedding and she was very smooth. She moved closer. Almost close enough to touch. Her chest was heaving. She bent towards David, letting her breasts dangle in front of his eyes. She put her hands on either side of his face. It was the first time they touched. He jumped a little. She slowly ran her hands down his cheeks. Down his neck. Down his chest. She braced herself against the chair with one hand and slowly caress his cock with the other. It was as hard as iron and she could feel the wetness of his jeans. David looked over at me, almost in a panic and she guided his face back to looking at her.

“Do you like what I’ve shown you David?”


“I want you to show me now. Do you want to do that?”

“Yes.” She unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, taking his underwear with them. Just enough for his cock to come into view. He gasped. He looked at me then back at her. His cock was long and thick. Bigger than I’d expected. Anne smiled at David. Then she kissed him, hard.

She slid her face downs his neck. Down across his chest. Down to his crotch. She suddenly took his cock into her mouth. His hips bucked upwards and she pressed them down. We all knew that it was the first time anyone had sucked his cock. She pulled away and looked over at me with a wide grin. A long line of clear precum connected her lips to his cock. It was absolutely gorgeous.

She hooked her fingers in to his pants and slowly dragged them down, tossing them to the side. He stripped off his shirt, leaving him as naked as she was. He was lean and mostly hairless. His cock looked all the bigger on his skinny frame. He blushed and glanced self-consciously towards me.

But Anne wanted his eyes to herself. Slowly and languidly, out of sync with the now ignored music, she lay back on the carpet, stretching herself out like an offering. She writhed suggestively and David forgot about me entirely.

Stretched on the floor, blushing furiously, embarrassed, anxious and aroused, Anne spread her legs. She wanted David to see everything. She moved her legs slowly aside. David was entranced. She knew that he has never seen this before. Not in real life. His gaze was like a physical thing. Pushing inside her. She felt pinned by his eyes, vulnerable, penetrated.

She wanted more.

She spread her lips wide. First her outer lips, then slowly, her inner lips. She was splayed open. On display. Exposed. We watched her pussy getting soaked. She looked at me, enjoying the glazed look on my face. She looked back at David and watched his cock pulse. Getting harder and harder.



“I want you to fuck me.”

Silence. David looked over me. I looked back.

“What about..?” He asked.

“Greg wants to watch you fuck me David. He wants to see you wanting me. Do you want me?”


“Will you fuck me?”

“I don’t think I know how.” He looked embarrassed.

“I want to show you how. Will you fuck me?”


“Come here.” He stood up, then knelt before her. She held her pussy open wide with one hand. With the other she slowly stroked his long cock. It was like hot steel in her hand. She put his head at her lips, guiding him. Then, with a thrust, he was in her. She gasped. His first thrust was very deep. So deep it almost hurt. His cock was a wide shaft of heat, diving inside her, searing a path of arousal. He faltered. It was new to him. It was amazing. He pushed himself up to look at her. She smiled up at him.

My cock was hard, too hard. I pulled open my jeans to free it. I couldn’t touch myself. I was too aroused. I was afraid that the slightest touch would finish me.

Despite his fears, David knew what to do. He started to pump inside her. He tried to go slowly, he knew that, as a gentleman, her pleasure should come first. But he couldn’t hold back. I watched him thrust against her, harder and harder, his pale body moved almost frantically. I knew that he couldn’t last.

Anne’s head was thrown back ecstatically. She held on to his ass, urging him forward, deeper and harder. And he exploded. It was like the release of a flood. He surged again and again. Finally with a push that left her gasping, he finished deep inside Anne.

They lay in a tight embrace for long moments. David was out of breath. Exhausted. Breathing hard. She stroked his hair while he tried to regain his composure. He eventually got up and sat on the ground beside her, still panting, his back against the bed. His cock was soft now, but soaked with her juices.

She put her head on his lap and looked over at me. She smiled when she saw that my cock was freed. She turned her head towards David’s dick and slowly, deliberately provocative, licked her sex from it. His cock pulsed weakly and he gasped. She spread her legs wide again and I could see the same wetness on her pussy. She reached down and spread her pussy for me. The way she had for him. First her outer lips, then slowly, the inner. A pearl of his white cum glistened there, a testament to how deep inside Anne he had finished.

I fell to the ground in front of her and fumbled for her pussy. My cock slid in with amazing ease. She was hotter, wider, and slicker than she had ever been before. I thrust. Hard. Fast. I slid a hand between our bodies, found her wet lips and slid between them. She gasped again.

“Fill me. I want your cum.” She moaned.

I could see David’s cock stiffening again against her cheek.

I found her clit, rubbed it in time to our rocking motion. She gasp and turned her head. Her mouth found David’s cock. She sucked him in as I thrust. I couldn’t last long. All I could see was his cock in her mouth. All I could feel was her pussy slick with his cum. She stiffened beneath me, every tendon getting taunt. Cracking with tension.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, David erupted again, weaker this time, but still intense. He filled her mouth. She gasped as she tasted him. Every sinew in her body tightened as she thrust up against me. She bucked upwards again. Hard. Long. She came against my cock.

She fell back, spent. Her mouth fell open and I could see his cum on her tongue, her lips, her cheek. I exploded. The world stopped. It was amazing.

I fell against her as she swallowed his cum. She look up at me and smiled. I smiled back. It was a moment of perfection.

NSFW: yes

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