She showed my old military buddies all the things she used on herself then became Freeuse for the week. Part 3 The week that followed.

Monday morning, coffee on, Anna is in the kitchen with me, she has one of my tee shirts on and nothing underneath, we had discussed whether she wondered the guys would take her up on her announcement that they could use her whenever they wanted. She just looked at me lifted the tee shirt and said “Could you refuse this if you were a stranger?” I told her I wondered they would chicken out, She bet me 24hrs with my credit card that they would. Stupid fuck here went and took the bet, within 10 mins she had already won.

Shiner was the first to come into the kitchen, said good morning to me went over to Anna grabbed the tee shirt and lifted it over her head “I really do think while you are indoors you need to be naked all the time” He said before pressing his lips on hers and forcing his tongue down his throat. As he kissed her he grabbed her nipples and gently pulled at them, I saw her knees buckle slightly (Damn sensitive nipples) he then spun her round and bent her over the counter and thrust inside her he fucked her hard and fast, she was already screaming at him to fuck her harder I really didn’t think it was efficient but all credit to him he tried as he was fucking her Phil came in saw what was going on and started stroking himself, with a loud grunt Shiner began to fill her, Phil grabbed him and pulled him out of the way and pushed straight into her when she was orgasming this only made her cum even harder and louder than before Phil didn’t take long before he filled her. She stayed in position looked over her shoulder and told me to come lick her, I had just got on my knees when we heard Max calling her name, “Hold that position Johnny, I may as well have you clean me when I’m full” and with that off she went to the bedroom, We knew exactly when Max entered her because she screamed “Oh my fucking Christ” we later found out that while she was trying to lower herself gently on him he grabbed her and forced her down on his cock until she was sat on his balls. He certainly wasn’t holding back, which was not very cool when her mother suddenly turned up to discover three naked guys in the kitchen and her daughter somewhere in the house scream blue murder while Max fucked her. Bless her mum though she just smiled as she eyed up three packages all sporting erections. Now her mum was attractive to a degree a little on the heavy side so to try and distract her Shiner started flirting with her and she was loving it. Me and Phil stepped outside at that point for a smoke We were outside for a good 10 minutes, we go back in there’s no sign of Shiner and Anna’s mum, Anna was still screaming blue murder but I think at that point Max was filling her When the screaming stopped Anna appeared from the bedroom and asked what we were looking at, I moved apart to show her Shiner, on top of her mom and his cock pistoning in and out of her. Anna was about to say something but I put my hand over her mouth and lead her to the kitchen. We were all naked and talking When Shiner came in and told Phil it was his turn. He disappeared and soon we could hear Anna’s mum swearing as much as her daughter had been. This was all getting a bit too much for me I grabbed Anna bent her over and fucked her. When her mum came into the kitchen I was still fucking her and Shiner’s cock was in her mouth. She was naked when she came in, she said she was gonna use the shower, we were too busy fucking to care after I shot my load into Anna I suddenly realized Max was in the shower. Her mum came back about 20 minutes later a little flushed but smiling “Best darn shower I have had in years” then she went into the lounge and got dressed. The whole plan seemed to have gone pear shaped. When she came back into the kitchen we had all calmed down, she looked at Anna, “well baby I only have Johnny to go and I have had the full set” Anna just looked at her “No fucking way mother his meat is mine” Her mum just smiled “We’ll see baby girl, never say never”.

Thankfully the week passed pretty well, her mother came round a couple of times but nothing happened. The guys were due to fly back on the Sunday, on the Friday night we threw a small party, Anna had been getting fucked by all three upwards of four times a day, I had fucked her once all week, but eaten her used pussy more times than I can remember. I needed some sort of release and although Sylvia had been round she was having her period. So as you can imagine my balls were fit to burst. As the party wound down there was just me, the guys, Anna and her mum left, Her mum had kept disappearing during the night and she admitted she had been fucking most of the night and was horny for more. These last two days would turn out a free for all where even I got to play.

I’ve decided to do a part 4 or this would be too long to read after writing about the last two days so bear with me part 4 will be up soon.

NSFW: yes

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