She sat bare-ass on my balls while I jacked off

The other day my wife and I were having sex – it started with her on top of me, slowly taking in my cock (which was extra hard as I had been edging for days). She moved up and down my shaft, then shifted her hips and grinded me until she came.

She smiled but I could tell something was up, so I asked if everything was okay. She said yes, but it was a little more painful today and she was extra sensitive after cumming.

I told her not to worry, and that she could get me off another way. She climbed off me, bridged over my body, and jacked me off while I was grabbing her ass with my left hand.

She then swung her leg over as if she was gonna ride me reverse cow girl, but leaned forward and put her feet in the air a little as she very sloooowly moved her perfect ass up and down, left and right, while I stroked myself.

She then sat back, her gorgeous ass sitting on my balls. I could feel the warmth of her ass and pussy. I told her to look back at me… and I jacked off, her watching me as she sat directly on my balls until I came hard all over my stomach.

It was a first for me, and it was hot as hell. She liked it too, saying that it was fun… might need to revisit that in the future!

NSFW: yes

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