She never knew what she was missing…(4 minutes to read and worth every second). A true user account of a fantasy come true

His hands rose along the horizon of her hips, waking her gently from a restless sleep. Soft caresses made figure-8’s up and down her bare legs. Moving her body with unspoken commands, his touch was her guide to roll this way and that. His fingertips knew, as if instinctively, where to touch her and just with the right pressure to arouse her, teasing her while not tickling.

The room was beginning to fill with light as the shadowy figure at the foot of the bed began kissing her feet. The brush of his whiskers against the delicate skin of her feet and inner ankles shot up her legs and into the rest of her body. How long had it been since she felt the patient affections of a man? His touch was tender, generous. Taking his time, he methodically kissed and suckled each of her toes, one after the other, one foot to the next, until he started his trek north.

As his mouth advanced, so too did his hands. Only, as they did, she now became aware that she was bound at her wrists and knees. Just as this fact became apparent, she heard a noise that sounded like rope being rubbed heavy against the bed frame. As the noise continued, her arms were pulled down to between her legs and her legs were spread open. How he had managed to tie her up with such an elaborate pulley system both surprised and excited her in that instant.

She felt the tightening of the ropes over her skin. The motion twisted the knots against her skin and felt like a rope burn. He pulled and released several times causing the ropes to dig further and further into her skin, rubbing her more raw each time.

She moaned an approving sound as he now positioned himself to be on his knees between her spread legs. Giving a heavy pull, her knees were yanked aside and her hands pulled to between them to rest over her now swollen mound.

On cue, she spread herself open, exposing the hot pink slish of flesh that now glistened with her nectar. His mouth carefully danced around her hands and lips, slurping her lips into his mouth and swishing them between his lips and tongue. His elevated breathing was hot against her skin and his mouth was on fire, setting ablaze her already inflamed pussy.

He skillfully licked and kissed and sucked up and down, back and forth, careful only to graze her clit as his hungry mouth pleasured her. “Eat me,” she whispered. Rocking her hips up and down, her pleasure was rising as his mouth followed her directions. Raising and holding her hips up, she reached her hands up to take hold of his hair, and in so doing, pulled her own legs farther aside and giving herself an even more intense rope burn.

With his hair now in her hands, she pulled even harder, smashing his face into her quim, centering his fluttering tongue directly on her fully erect and swollen clitoris. Each time she pulled a little harder, the ropes dug a little deeper, deepening the pleasure his mouth gave her.

She was sloppy and dripping wet and on the verge of climax when she felt his finger massaging her from behind. While the entirety of the rest of her body was in a heightened state of flex, she was relaxed between her legs.

The viscous lubrication of the honey gushing from her pussy and his hot saliva made his massaging finger feel amazing against the delicate perimeter of her ass. She had all the time recoiled when touched there, having unpleasant memories of past experience and the distorted vision of brutal pornographic representations of anal sex, she was surprised by how gentle his touching was, how tenderly he massaged her.

Continuing to kiss her lips and inner thighs, his fingers continued to work in circles, patiently loosening her muscles and her resolve. As the pressure grew, so too did her enjoyment. The farther his finger plunged, the more intense the feeling.

She could hear his other hand rustling around before she felt the cool liquid drip down her crack. The lube instantly sent a pleasurable jolt up into her pussy as his little finger slowly penetrated her. His mouth was hot and wet on her clitoris the moment his finger was inside her. After the intense pressure, he held his finger inside her motionless as his tongue worked feverishly against her lips and clit, kissing and sucking.

Without moving his hand, he repositioned himself and shoved his fully erect cock inside her pussy. The thrill was instant. The extra pressure of his finger inside her ass as his cock thrusted was unlike anything. As if he sensed her approaching her climax, he pulled his cock out. A moment later, his finger was out, replaced immediately with something slightly larger.

The lube made her ass accept the beginner training plug with ease. She had never known this feeling of such intense pressure could produce such tremendous pleasure. She had never wanted this before this moment. She had never wanted to experience a man so wholly, so completely, so absolutely as this. The head of his cock now had to be forced inside her pussy because of the plug up her ass. It felt like his cock was gonna rip her legs aside as he pushed only the head inside her.

“Go deeper,” she whispered.

He went in an inch. “Deeper,” she said louder. He forced his cock in another delicious inch. “Deeper!” she demanded. In one powerful thrust, he slid the full length of his cock inside her sending a wave of pre-orgasmic pleasure throughout her body.

“Deeper,” she insisted again, adding, “the dildo. Go deeper,” she asked. She couldn’t believe she had asked for it and she couldn’t believe how amazing it felt when the widest part of the dildo penetrated her ass and sunk in. She let out an audible gasp as the pressure increased, pressing his cock even tighter inside her already constricted pussy.

The plug fully inserted, his hands were free for a moment. His hips went from slow, precise thrusts to a hard crashing against her pelvis. She had never experienced such pressure before, the sensation of his cock feeling as though he would tear her whole body aside. Pounding her hard, her breathing reached a fever pitch, her eyes looking up to him signaling she was close.

Slowing and then pulling out, she saw him smile fiendishly at her as he pulled out the plug and immediately began inserting the next trainer inside her. The generous lube allowed the tip to slid in with little resistance. Now his cock was penetrating her pussy as the trainer went further and further in her ass.

The feeling was even more intense than before. In her relaxed aroused state, she was ready for him. Wanted him to go further. She needed him to push her further. She begged him to go further. “Deeper!” she pleaded. The plug was now fully inside, triggering her. She breathed out heavy and demanded, “Fuck me, damn it. Fuck me hard and don’t stop!”

His cock forced its way in and out of her, his full weight crashing into her with each thrust. As she began cumming, she lost all control of her lower body. Her orgasm shivered across her whole body. For the first time, she was cumming from every point of her body, waves of ecstasy rippling over her again and again, seemingly without end.

Releasing the pulley, he allowed her body to come to rest in a heap.

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