She didn’t want to taste herself

The other night I was having sex with my wife, but I wanted to cum from a BJ. After penetrating her i decided to lie down for her to suck me. She started stroking me and focusing on my tip. Licking the tip while stroking. I wanted her to deepthroat it.. and she answered she didn’t want to taste herself. But still went down a bit ..definitely getting her juices in her mouth. My fingers found her ass, as I know she loves anal play. I put a finger in and started going slowly…her breathing increased ….which only met one thing…she started taking my cock fully into her mouth…forgetting about her juices but enjoying her ass being fingered.. by this time it only took me a few seconds…she must have fetl my cock get harder …and she pulled her mouth off as I started cumming.

NSFW: yes

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