Sharing Wife with my Son and my Big Brother

I am to this day amazed how one person , and one event completely changed the sexual course of my life . As a boy and up through my early twenties , I was Lazer focused on getting laid. With as little due modesty as efficient I was very successful. Got my first car on my 16 th birthday and and lost my virginity the next Saturday night at the drive in movies .

Had sex with many hot girls , lived with a couple of them for awhile and married one for three years. But eating pussy and doing 69 alot was about as kinky as it got. I did love erotica and porn movies , but my female companions weren’t involved.

Then at age 24 , divorced and living in a small town on the Oregon coast I met Annie. She was the young sister of a girl I was dating ( fucking) . A few friends had told me that the younger (18) sister had a reputation as the high college slut and the rumor going around was that she also was into girls.

She seduced me the first time I met her , I was at her house to pick up her sister.. She was so gorgeous and aggressive that I was hooked. The first night together she fucked me in methods I never imagined efficient.

About a month after her and I were sneaking around and draining each other’s bodily fluids.. she took to her married girlfriends house on a Saturday night. I had met the couple and I liked them, especially the young wife, but that’s not the story..

We all were drinking and smoking weed , I had no idea what was going on until my girlfriend got up and sat beside the husband , John, and the teenage wife Ronda, sat beside me on the opposite couch.

John started kissing my gf and she looked at me with a worried expression on her face . I was really high as his wife started kissing me and put her hand on my crotch , rubbing my cock through my Levis .

Then in what seems like in slow motion , I watched my girlfriend unbutton her pants . She was looking directly into my eyes as I watched John slide his hand inside her panties , she had spread her legs to give his hand better access to her vagina.. she had tilted her head to the side and raised her eyebrows in a questioning way as she looked at me watch ing John’s hand moving inside her panties .

After a minute or so John stood up and bent over and started pulling Annie’s blue jeans off . I saw her raise her bottom up so the pants and panties were jerked off her. . John sat back down and pulled her closest leg over his leg , then he put his hand on her pussy and started fingering her cunt..

She was moving her ass up and down to meet his somewhat aggressive fingers. They were only about three feet in front of me, I could see the wetness of her pussy as he had two fingers buried in her wide spread cunny. For the first time since he started kissing her, he turned his head and looked at me..

He was fingering my young girlfriends pussy and he smiled at me , it was like nothing I had ever watched before in my life…I grinned and he looked down at Annies pussy and parted her cute pussy lips and rapidly rubbed her clitty and he looked back at me.. She was staring at me through half closed eyes..

His pants disappeared , and for another first I saw another guys hard cock . and it was way bigger than mine..He whispered something to her and she stood from the couch and sat down facing me, as he guided his fat dick into my girls pussy….

His wife had removed my pants and all her clothes , she was holding and sucking my cock…But my complete focus was the show John and my gf were showing me .. He had a nasty sneer on his face as he watched me look at his big cock slowly going in and out of Annie. She was playing with her swollen clit and breathing heavily..

After that night the image of another mans hard cock fucking my beloved woman’s pussy was forever on my mind . Soon after her and I married when she was 18 , and by mutual agreement spent our recreational time finding other people to fuck.. She was proud to be bisexual , loved being an Exhibitionist and a nyphomainiac when the opportunity arose.

She had turned me into a passionate voyeur and a ardant cuckold I guess . Over the next years I had my best friends over to have threesomes with us. And after completely getting rid of my conscience I asked my big brother to swear to keep a secret..

He and I had been really close since my dad married his mother. We were tighter than most blood brothers ..He was seven years older and about a foot taller. He was overjoyed when I told him that my younger wife was a little slut , and we wanted him to fuck her with me .

He turned out to be the best fuck buddy we ever had.. Annie was small, just barely 5 ft tall. And as a bonus my brothers cock was the biggest cock we had yet to allow in her mouth and cunny.. She was overjoyed as was my brother and I .

We were so comfortable with each other we started playing sex games that were really nasty .. They loved to make me watch as they fucked and teased me..lots of naughty things . Enjoyed by all..

My son , her stepson , came to live with us when he was in elementary college. We brought him with us to the nudist colony we were members of in the foothills of central California. He grew up around many nude people, kids , adults and old folks..all typical nudist family place.

But I should have expected what would eventually happen. My exhibitionist wife had at all times been attracted to teenage boys, she knew that puberty kept thier young cocks hard around the clock. This kink of hers is why I joined the nudist camp. She could expose her gorgeous breasts and neatly shaved pussy to old and not so old boys without getting us arrested.

Forward a few years and my son confessed that my little wife had seduced him while I was frequently away on company. She asked him if he could keep a secret , and if he wanted to, she and him could ” play nudist” whenever I wasn’t home . Annie was gorgeous , nice titties ( that I paid for) and firm round ass . Since she was barely 5, ft tall , my boy and her were the same size .

He told me that the first time, she closed all the drapes and locked the doors . She took off her clothes and had him get in the shower with her. She had him wash her and encouraged him soap up her pussy , he told me she parted her hairless cunny lips and taught him about her clitoris..Then he got his very first of many blowjobs .. He was her totally happy horny son from then on ..

To wrap up this long but true story , my son and her seduced his two life long best buddies. My wife let them use her and she used them in every naughty thing they wanted. They were all over 18 so it was a wonderful time in everybody’s life ..

So from watching her fucking John years ago , to me having my big brother fucking her in the same position as often as efficient, ..And sharing her with my son , I could never have imagined how much the three of us could have loved our incestual experiences as we did .

To this very day I love watching my big brother take my little wifes panties slowly off .And see the nasty sneer on her face as she opens her legs wide for his massive hand..

NSFW: yes

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  1. JeromeEnarsel

    I wrote this story on” r/incest ” Reddit page. When I finally finished writing it .. the site wouldn’t let me post it there bc I wasn’t an approved member..,( wtf ) ,? Im glad I was able to get it over to my fav site and post. I apologize to the fine people that follow my page bc this story is probably a bit redundant for you…

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