Sgt’s Course, part 2

We were prepping for land nav, and a small field op. In the classroom my study partner bounced over and asked of I had a partner for land nav yet. “No” I said. “I’ll be your partner” she smiled, “I’m not good at it, but I’ll do anything you ask me”. “Anything” I asked playfully?” Staring me dead in the eyes she replies ” ANYTHING”.
Fast forward a couple days, we are put in the field, working the day nav course, too many people around to play. ” Wait untill tonight” I tell her. As we set out on the night cours I use her as marker. I send her out in front of me and line her up with my heading. “Drop something right there and continue forward”. She turns back and looks at me as she drops her trousers to her ankles showing me her gorgeous tanned ass and no panties. Hearing voices she pulls them up real quick. She drops her camo blouse on the ground, and continues forward. I line her up and have ask her to drop something else. This time she takes off her bra from under her green t shirt, and drops it. I send her out a little further and line her up, this time, I have her freeze. I grab her stuff as I walk to her. She turns off her light, it’s dark in the woods of Virginia, can see shit, I walk towards the last place I saw her. I walk right into her, grabbing her so she doesn’t fall. Immediately my hands feel her bare skin. She had taken off her shirt and dropped her pants again. Her skin felt so soft. The sense of touch was heightened as we couldn’t see anything. I feel her hands unbuckle my belt and snake her hands around the waist band as she grabs my ass as we kiss. My hands grabbing her ass, noting how perfectly her ass cheeks fit into the palms of my hands I squeeze hard and she let’s out a sharp moan. I slap her ass and tell her to je quiet. The slap echoes in the night as she kisses my neck and pulls out my cock. Soft tugs of encouragement and my cock is raging hard. She bends at the waist and goes to work with her mouth. Her mouth feels amazingi look up and notice the starsglinting through the trees. Ooking down i can make out the silhouette of her firm petite body. Her tanned skin blending her in with the dark. The sound of her sucking on my cock seem to be louder than what they are and rememebering the instructors have night vision goggles get my heart racing. “Get up” I tell her. I spin her and shove my spit covered cock insode her from behind. I grab her t shirt and gag her with it. Her moans were gonna give us away. I fuck her hard and fast, anyone close by knew excatly what the fuck we were doing. Her moans were getting louder through her shirt as I exploded inside her and her knees buckled. She struggled to stay standing and I kept pounding her, holding her up as I continue pumping my cum deep inside her. I pull her back and wrap my arms around her, my cock slides out and you can hear my cum drip out of her on to the leaves on the ground. I slap her ass and urge her to get dressed we have to finish. We ended up being the last to finish the nav course….but we found all our points…and few others…..

NSFW: yes

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