Sexy Forbidden Maintenance Man

I’m (30f) crushing hard on the sexy maintenance MAN at my residence (probably late 40s, early 50s).

I dream of him and I in very erotic situations, literally. Hes.So.Fine.

We had a few conversations before he mentioned he had a wife (at the tail end of a LONG convo, before I was about to take my shot), albeit he wears a wedding

A leasing agent was talking about him and made a opinion about how him and his wife have been together forever, for the kids type of thing, hes not happy, and she’s morbidly obese.

Lately, we’ve been running into each other more and more, and I discover myself wanting to tell him how fine he is. We catch each other looking at one another.

This is the best and worst forbidden fruit experience that I’ve had.

I’ve been so wet for him and I can not do anything about it. I feel so dirty that if he made a move, I might engage in it. It turns me on so much.

NSFW: yes

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