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The Love of a Good Dryad – A Short story

It was a warm summer’s day and with rain not expected until the late arvo, Steve decided to take a hike up into the high rainforest country. Lower down the forest was mainly Blackbutt and White Mahogany, their gigantic ancient trunks towering towards the heavens, stretching into the infinite blue sky. The higher he climbed the denser it got until eventually the old logging trail he was following petered out. It was easy to get lost up here so he stored a GPS pin and looked around for somewhere to head next.

Steve had been hiking these hills frequently since he’d moved to northern New South Wales following his marriage break-up. In his mid-thirties, tall and slim, he covered distance readily, his long loping gait eating up the kilometres.

Off to his right was a trail he hadn’t noticed before. It looked to lead down into a valley. Taking a few steps along it, he pushed past a fallen limb and looked out over a vista of lush green trees and towering tree ferns. In the distance was what sounded like a waterfall. Spotting an animal trail leading in the general direction, he decided to follow it.

After the sun-baked heat up on the eucalypt ridge, it was cooler and more humid as he descended into the valley and he undid the buttons of his shirt to cool down. The trees here were short and obviously deciduous but gigantic in girth and very old. Their gnarled branches spread out horizontally just metres above the ground, creating cool glades surrounded by rings of the green fronds of tree ferns, before the next tree spread its branches.

Across the next glade, Steve spied the reflection of sunlight on water. He walked towards it and stepped out into the sunlight. A pool of crystal clear water spread out in front of him with a rock outcrop beyond. Water ran down the rock face. Laughter rippled through the air but as he stepped out into the sunlight and stood still it was suddenly silent. Really silent. Even the water seemed to have gone quiet.

A large log lay conveniently beside the pool and having checked for snakes and leeches, he sat down.

Off in the very far distance, a Bellbird called. Then quiet. He looked around again and when he turned back to face the pool, she was standing in front of him.

Small and delicate yet exuding solidity, she was clad in almost transparent samite that sparkled in the sunlight and did nothing to hide her body. Long golden hair, like evening sunlight through the trees, flowed in curls over her shoulders and down her back. She moved the way branches sway in the wind and her body was clothed and naked at the same time.

“Whoa, where did you come from?”

“I am here.”

Her voice was soft and like psithurism, the singing of the wind in the trees.

Steve’s eyes were drawn to her. Her feet and arms were bare. Confused by her answer, Steve reached into his backpack and took out a flask of tap water and went to take a sip.

“Poison!” she hissed and snatched the flask from him, flinging it so it disappeared into the distance.

“Hang on there, that’s my water flask.”

His voice sounded different, loud, harsh and out of place here.

“You need it not here, all is provided.”

Her hand held out a golden goblet to him and he took it from her.

“What’s this then?” he asked.

“It is of me, of the forest, you would call it… sap.”

Cautiously, he took a sip. Nothing right now was making any sense and accepting drinks from strange women didn’t seem incredibly sensible. Steve had tasted a few women in his time and they didn’t taste like this. And now he could feel warmth and energy surging through him.

“Oh, that’s really nice, sweet, refreshing, what is it again?”

“Come,” she held out her hand, pale, delicate and almost ethereal.

Steve took it and she not so much pulled him to his feet as commanded. As her fingers reached his, he was drawn upwards.

“Come, you must meet the others.”

“Others? Other who? Where are we going?”

Although he voiced his concerns, his body followed her as she led him across the glade, under the shading canopies of some enormous tree ferns and into another space.

Except it was as dark as night now. Looking up, Steve could see stars above him, in a crystal clear sky. The branches of the trees sparkled with lights like glow flies and torches burnt with silent, smokeless flames ringed the area.

Now more women flowed into the area, apparently just appearing from between the trees.

“Hang on, what’s going on here, where am I, who are you and why is it suddenly night?” he said, standing still and trying to withstand the urge to move further.

Turning around, Steve found he was surrounded by the women. They were all dressed the same, all young yet ageless and all gorgeous in different methods.

“We are Dryad. Spirits of the trees, nymphs of the forest. Tonight, on this night of nights we take a human male to produce the next generation of trees.”

“Sorry, I don’t understand a word of that. And what do I call you anyway.”

“You may call me Willoris, Willow in your tongue,” whispered the beauty that had led him there. “This is Lilacia and Valeriana, Lilac and Valerie.” She indicated two other similarly beautiful women stood beside her. Lilac had deep red hair, like an Japanese Acer in autumn and Valerie’s was raven black.

They turned and gestured to a long comfortable couch that was Steve hadn’t noticed before. Things kept appearing and disappearing, apparently at their need. Willow handed him another goblet and they sat, Steve in the middle, flanked by Willow to his right, Lilac and Valerie to his left.

“Willow, why did you say my water bottle was poison?”

“It contains many things that injure us and prevent other creatures of the forest from growing. It harms your seed.”

Valerie pressed the goblet to his lips and after a sip or two everything seemed more plausible and less worrying.

Lilac rose and stood beneath the stars.

She too was gorgeous, possibly the most womanly he had ever seen. As she moved her dress shimmered, seemingly in and out of existence.

Like the others, she was both young and old. Her body seemed that of a young woman at the peak of her fertility, but something of her exuded age and wisdom. Large, rounded breasts sat on her chest as if supported by an underwired bra, but they were unfettered. Her nipples looked firm and begged to be sucked. Steve’s eyes followed the lines of her body down, a flat belly and good child-bearing hips sat framing a naked vulva. Steve felt he was falling in love or lust. A touch on his arm snapped him out of his reverie and he turned to look at Valerie. Now she was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Her raven-black hair fell straight down her back, and the light glinted on its sheen. Her breasts were also full and heavy and unnaturally high and firm but her nipples and areola were much larger and darker.

“Lilac should recount the histories.”

Steve turned to his right and the beauty that was Willow. Her golden locks topped a slighter figure than the other two. Her breasts were slightly smaller and she had nipples like young rosebuds, just ready to busy into bloom.

Lilac started her tale.

“Millennia ago, it is told, that the earth was covered with forests. All the oldest trees had Dryad spirits to preserve them and look after the forests. Only the oldest trees develop a Dryad and only when the tree becomes old enough and wise enough. There were male Dryad then but they were rare and travelled slowly. Then arose men, with fire and first stone and then iron, axes. They cut down the biggest trees, killing the Dryads, and creating deserts between the forests so that the male Dryads died out. None have been heard of in our lifetimes. Now, the forests of the earth are isolated from each other, Dryad and the knowledge of the forests is waning. Only once in a generation, on a night such as this, mature Dryads may take a human male to fertilize their seed for the next generation. We three are the only ones in this forest old enough.”

“Oh, the three of you, and there’s just me? Lucky me! And that will make three new Dryads?”

“Only us three, but our time here is not your time outside. You may seemingly pass many days here, but only a moment will have passed in your world. And not one seed per mating. Each of your seeds will fertilize one of our seeds, we grow thousands of seeds per season, but so very few make it to mature trees.”

The couch seemed much wider than it had been and Valerie pulled his head down to lay in her lap whilst Willow removed his boots and socks and lifted his legs. Valerie looked to have the most amazing pair of breasts he had ever seen. As he looked up, he could see their shape through the samite. Full and heavy. Seeing Steve looking, she reached between them and pulled, her dress fell away leaving her completely naked. Gently she removed his shirt whilst Willow worked to remove the trousers.

“We are not of your world,” said Valerie, “our matings are normally by pollen, all and every tree sharing fertilization at once. It is millennia since any took seed from a human male, only the oak histories tell of the need. Without the vitality of a male, each year’s new saplings become less.”

“Will you willingly help us and do you wish to be with one of us at a time?” asked Lilac, returning to kneel beside the couch.

“All three of you.?”

“Yes, and many times each. We must hold reserves for the decades to come,” added Willow.

“But do not fear, our sap will sustain you,” Valerie said, offering another sip from the goblet.

Willow looked at the human and then at the other Dryads.

“He is human not nymph, fertilization is singular.” Then to Steve, “Do you wish to be alone with each of us or may we stay and share in the fertilization together?”

To Steve, this was so obviously a dream. He just couldn’t understand when he last went to bed. Everything seemed to flow on from the walk he had started out on this morning and that felt real. Still, if this was a dream, he wondered, he should go with it.

“Yes, I’ll help and yes, you can all stay. This might be fun.”

“Fun?” asked Lilac, “Fertilization is serious and rewarding and sharing. Not a game.”

“I’m sorry, perhaps not for trees. How do you normally make love?” Steve asked, perplexed.

Willow looked at the other two.

“He doesn’t understand. Steve, we are the trees, we are the spirit of the trees. Only on this night have we taken human form to receive your seed.”

“So you’ve never made love with a man before?”

“No, but we all have many thousands of progeny scattered across this forest, they will all feel the fertilization.”

Valerie addressed the other two.

“Willow is the eldest by decades, she should take the first load of sperm.”

“Agreed,” said Willow and stood up. She shrugged and the dress fell away from her and she was naked. And gorgeous. As she walked towards the couch, Steve sat up and reached forward to take her hands. Willow stopped and took them and stood with a bemused look as Steve knelt before her and leant in to kiss her vulva.

“What are you doing?” asked Willow.

Steve let hold of her hands and placed his on her delightedly firm arse cheeks. Pulling her towards his face, he ran his tongue up between her labia and flicked her clit with his tongue.

“Oh, my roots and branches! Oh, Man, what are you doing?”

Steve repeated the action several times and then gently teased her clitoris with his lips and sucked it ever so slightly. Willow’s knees sagged.

“Oh, this is wonderful, oh, I didn’t imagine humans had such ways.”

Steve stood up and guided her to the couch and sat her down and then knelt before her and lifted her legs over his hips. One hand parted her labia and his tongue delved into her. She tasted sweet, reminiscent of the sap drink. Oh, I could drink this all day wondered Steve, as his tongue lapped at her juices and alternatively probed into her and teased her clitoris.

Willow started to moan, a soft, whistling moan, like a light breeze rustling through leaves.

“Oohhhhh, oohhhhh, oohhhhh, ooooohhhhh, it gets better.”

Steve reached up and felt her breasts. They were both round and firm and his fingers sought her nipples to tweak. As he looked up, Lilac and Valerie had sat beside Willow and were leaning against her, watching her intently.

“Ladies,” said Steve, “if you’d like to hold and kiss Willow’s breasts, I’ll try and stop you feeling left out.”

The two Dryads looked at each other uncertainly, and then at Willow, but her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip.

As Lilac and Valerie bent to sample kissing Willow’s breasts, Steve returned to licking her and drinking her juice. With his hands now free, he reached over and ran a hand up a leg of each of the others, then over their thighs and on to stroke their labia simultaneously. They both responded with a rustling moan like Willow’s. Then at this first touch, they sighed like a wind was coming. In response to this touch, both Lilac and Valerie parted their legs more, welcoming him. The trees around the clearing seemed to be responding with the Dryads. Both Steve’s hands were soon moist.

Willow was now moaning continuously and had her arms around the other two as they sucked at her nipples. Steve kept licking but directed more time to sucking her clitoris and started to concentrate on what his fingers were doing. As they started to moan and he pushed two fingers into each and hunted for their g-spots. Now all three were groaning but Willow’s hips were starting to shake and tremble.

“Oohhhhh, oohhhhh, oohhhhh, OOHHHHH!”

Steven decided this must be her orgasm and it was time for action.

“Ladies, you will have to take care of yourselves, I think Willow is ready for me now.”

Gently he withdrew his fingers from them, noting how wet and sticky they were and got off his knees, taking Willow’s legs with him. His cock had been totally ignored up to this point but it was rock hard. Leaning forward and rubbing it up and down in the sopping wetness of Willow’s pussy he found her entrance and rested his glans there.

“Oh, beautiful Willow, I hope you are ready,” he said softly.

“Please, please fertilize me” she whispered….

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