Sex with my son’s friend – Short Sex Story

June 2011

My husband and I had just moved into our new home which was very much a fixer-upper. My son’s friend was home from school for the summer and needing things to do so we offered to pay him to help fix up the house. One day he came by to help remove nails from the ceiling of one of the bedrooms. At one point my husband took off to get some supplies from the hardware store leaving us alone. I was painting the hallway wall in view of my sons friend who was on the ladder doing his job. I was wearing a tight purple top and black yoga pants that day and I could see out of the corner of my eye him checking me out. When hubby left I decided to go check in on him in the room and we wasted no time getting down to company. We flirted and I could see his cock growing in his gym shorts right in my face as he was above me on the ladder. I put my hand on my cock and began to stroke it. I then climbed under the ladder, pulled his shorts down and began to suck his big, throbbing cock. Slurping on it and making it all wet and sloppy I looked up at his face and could tell I was gonna make him cum quick. I told him to get down and fuck me against the ladder. He ripped off my shirt and bra and pulled my yoga pants and thong down, placed me up against the ladder and spanked my ass. I could then feel him slapping his dick against my pussy before he finally shoved it in and started to fuck me as I held onto the ladder. He started slow but quickened his pace as I moaned his name loudly in mine and my hubby’s new empty house hearing the echo of it. Continually spanking my ass and squeezing my breasts he was fucking me harder and harder his cock getting so deep inside me I knew he would cum soon by the grunts he was making. Finally, he told me he was close and told me to get on my knees. He pulled out and I dropped to the floor as he stroked his cock furiously cumming all over my tits. I cleaned up and he went back to work with hubby arriving home 10 minutes later.

NSFW: yes

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  1. Maleficent-Egg-6734

    That’s suuuper fucking hot, my absolute fantasy🥵 was this the first time you’d ever thought of him sexually?

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