Sex with my highschool teacher and her friend, lust or love?

(Sorry for the broken english and long story)

This story is 10 years old, I was in highschool with 18 years old, the first girlfriend I had on that college was very pretty, but she was 16 years old, so we never had sex. A time later she moved to another city and we lost contact eventually.

When that happened, I did’nt feel so bad, because there was a literature teacher, she was not so hot, she had small boobs and ass, but a pretty face, and that’s what I like from a woman (the first thing is the hair type and haircut, short and straight).

I was a good student of her class and we started to talk on the recess time for a few minutes because I asked about the class (obviously just because I wanted to speak with her) and the conversations eventually were longer. One time I bought a Coke and I gave ger in front of other class, I just saw her face, not the class reaction.

The thing scalated when we saw outside of college just for coincidence, and she was with another teacher talking, they were friends and I liked her class too, but she was too woke, so I just had fantasies with the other teacher, but I was in love already with the other teacher (we will call her “Jacqueline” it’s not her real name, but just for reference purposes) so her friend (“Amanda”) Jacqueline and me went to a park nearly there (2 blocks) and we talked about our ideas about the society, then about books. 1 hour later, Amanda left us because she went to another class, and Jacqueline and I started to talk about my classmates and eventually about my ex girlfriend (“Greta”) and she told me about her ex boyfriend of the school (she graduated 1 year ago) and she asked me if I was feeling something for her, so I said yes and she laughed, I was really nervous and she told me “I apreciate your feelings, but you’re my student” and I said “Sorry, but I can’t deny my feelings”, she smiled and left me.

I was feeling akward on her class in the days after, and she looked me too much. About 2 weeks after she send me a message on Facebook telling me about how she was thinking about what happened that day in the park, and how we need to talk again outside of college. So, the day after that, we went to the same park, and she said that she was feeling something for me too, but she was not sure to confess it because I was her student, and there was an age difference (7 years) between us, then she asked me “what exactly do you feel? is it love or just a crush” and I said “love”, and then she asked me “are you virgin?” and I said “why do you ask?” and she told me “just curiosity” and I said the truth, yes, I was virgin, then she told me, well, “I need to know what exactly do you feel for me and what I’m feeling for you, so, if you agree, I want to have sex with you right now” and I was very nervous, but I said “Ok, but can we kiss first” and she said “yes” and we kissed for a 10 minutes (At this point, I’m thinking that she did it on purpouse because I was really horny after the kisses) and we went to a motel nearly there, so we entered to the room, I will never forget that day, I was very very very nervous, but I kissed her again and one thing lead to the other, she was very gentle with me, she asked if it was my first time touching a girl’s boobs or pussy (no, it wasn’t) and she asked me if she can suck my dick and if it was my first time receiving a blowjob (yes, to both answers) after 5 minutes, she wanted to me to lick her pussy, and I did it, she asked me a lot of questions about her pussy, and then I layed down on the bed and she said “I don’t have condoms, so let me know when you will come” and, really, guys, I won’t forget that scene, I was having sex with a girl that I liked, but she was my teacher too”, we did two more positions, doggy and missionary, after 15 minutes, I accidentally came insider her because it was my first time, and I never masturbate until that, so she got a little upset, but she told me about the pill. She asked me about my feelings again, and I answered the same thing, “love”, and she told me the same, we stayed there for 2 hours, we took a shower and she asked me to be her boyfriend but we needed to hide it on college and to everyone, and I obviously said yes.

So, we were teacher and student on college, but we were dating and gonna the theatre, to the park and being in a good relationship, she was all the time carring a condom and about 1 month later, she told me “Amanda is suspecting something, If you agree, I’ll tell her about us” and I said yes. We talked with her and tell about our relationship, she was happy and made student-teacher and age difference jokes.

Days after she wanted to make a video of us having unprotected sex and upload it to some porn site, we did it in a motel and record the video on her phone and she uploaded it the day after, we got so many comments.

1 week after that, she wanted to do a threesome with Amanda (2 years older than Jacqueline) because she saw our video on the Jacqueline’s phone and she got horny, but I wasn’t really confident about it, because she was Jacqueline’s friend, and we were having a serious (at least for me) relationship, we talked about that form a week, then I put some conditions like I’ll all the time wear a condom, no kisses with Amanda and some more.

We did the threesome on the Amanda’s house, we did the “warm up” thing, they sucked my dick at the same time, I licked her pussies, we took photos and videos, I felt the malest man in the world, and then, on the moment of the penetration, there was no condoms, but I was really horny, so I didn’t care about it, I did it with Jacqueline first, then with Amanda, I was gonna cum, and I wanted to do it on the girls faces, but Amanda crossed her legs and I came inside her, they just laughed and Jacqueline told me “I’ll give her a pill, don’t worry”, I didn’t worry because she all the time had a pill because we had unprotected sex from time to time.

A few days after that, the college’s principal knew about the video of the threesome because it was on the Amanda’s phone, they called to us on the principal’s office (Amanda, Jacqueline and me) with my parents (they didn’t know nothing about my relationship with Jacqueline) and my mother was shocked, and I was very ashmed, I didn’t say a word except “yes, no, idk” and principal fired the teachers and I was grounded by my parents (my father congrated me on private :P).

Weeks after that, Jacqueline send me a message, she was sent to Spain because she wanted to be far away from everything (Mexico) and I didn’t knew nothing about Amanda… for a couple of years, I saw a picture of her with a baby, and yes, I suspect that, he’s my son, I really don’t know, she didn’t tell me anything after the day of principal office, then I lost contact with both.

I still remember Jacqueline, but I don’t know about her feelings about me, if she just wanted sex or something, and I still doubt about my feelings too, if I was really in love with her, a crush, lust or what, but I want to be with her, marry her and have a life with her, nothing was the same with the following girls that I was with, I’m in a relationship of 4 years right now, and we are gonna have a baby in 3 months, but I cannot forget Jacqueline.

And that’s my story, what do you think? it was love or just lust? You can ask anything about this on the comments.

NSFW: yes

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