Sex with former friends mum has become an problem

I 23m initally started having sex with a friends mum f47. Long storey short i made sure he never found out.

The other day she told me to come round his sister stillvlived at home and there was a car I assumed was his. ( it was summer time here in Australia and they had a pool) I already had some clothes in her roomvincluding board shorts.

I was esxtremely caught of gaurd by him being there and was in shock as to why
A) she would invite me over while he was there we ( went on bad terms just driffted aside)

B)what was i to say? His mumvsaid to me josh ( josh her son was moving back in to save money & that woukd change things between me and her (sarah was her name).
Josh asked her straight out what wouldnt change?.

Sarah told Josh that since I was 19 we were having sex 1-2 times per week. He made eye contact and started laughing he didnt belive it. She said ok then and asked me what her bust size was i gave the answer she then went to the laundry picked up a bra and showed him the size.

She said to him we would both try and be respectful abd minful of the sittuation but we were intitaled to a sex life just like anyone else. I was so rattled he punched the wall and left.

He got up and literally slammed thr door I asked why she did that she said ” better him knowing then us getting caught. He texted me 20 mins later saying “not right thats my mum”

I said I know and that I would stop seeing her but when she found this out she said to him if I cant gave a sex lufe you cant save money for a house.

I feel like the mum had set md up there wasent reallg a need for him to know ?
Any thoughts

NSFW: yes

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