Sex in the sea

Sex in the sea

We couldn’t help ourselves. The chilled summer music in the background, the taste of mojitos on our lips, the warm sun on our backs and the gentle rocking motion of the waves carrying our bodies
I swam up and wrapped my legs around his waist. Instantly felt his gorgeous hard cock pressing against me. Sending tingles through my body from my lower lips to my upper ones.

I wrapped my arms around his strong shoulders and let him hold my hips with one hand while the other pulled my bikini bottoms to one side. I slid his shorts down with my feet. The cold water felt amazing as I felt our hot crotches press together.
Looking around we noticed a few men swimming close by and another couple. Then I looked into his eyes giving him permission to slide his delicious dick inside my hot yoni.


The sensation was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The cold ocean water inside me while his dick slid in and out slowly was divine.
Sending ripples of pleasure through my whole body we let the waves naturally move us back and forth and carry us to climax.

The pleasure was so divine it felt like we just dissolved into the ocean and all inhibitions left us. We made love like nobody was watching yet the whole could have for all we cared.

We kept talking, carrying each other to the edge and back, until we were both ready to climax together.

It was so hard to not let the pleasure roll of my tongue and groan out loud. A little one came from both of us, enough to get a little more attention from the swimmers close by.

Our bodies stiffened as we reached the top of our climax whisking each other really close and tightly, every cell of me scattered into the ocean as I fully surrendered to him, to our energy entwining. Surrendering, softening, collapsing into divinity.

As we came around, we just held each other for a while. Noticing how far we had drifted as we let the ocean waves and waves of pleasure carry us.

The beach and waters had got pretty busy it seemed haha!

Swimming back to shore we just lay in the beach letting the waves wash over us for a while. Plus I couldn’t stand anyway, my legs felt like jelly!

From that day on, we had sex in the sea every day…

Jess x

NSFW: yes

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