Sex in the cabin with my boyfriend

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to a place called Valle Escondido which means Hidden Valley. It’s a resort type of place on the north side of our country. We wanted to spend some alone time together so we rented a cabin for a week and a half. That night we were outside in the cabin porch listening to the sounds of the river and making out. I got super horny and started to undo my boyfriend’s jeans and then pulled them down alongside his boxers. I started giving him a handjob while I kissed and licked his dick all over until his dick was hard like a rock. I started to suck his dick very slowly while feeling my boyfriend’s hands play with my hair and I heard him swear a few times say how good it felt. I increased the speed of the blowjob and after 15 minutes my boyfriend exploded in my mouth making me almost choke on his load. I managed to swallow it all and I kissed him while wrapping my arms all over his neck. My boyfriend took of my jacket, unbottoned my shirt and taking it off and he gently grabbed my breasts and squeezed them softly. He started to suck my breasts while wrapping his arms around my waist while I lovingly caressed the back of his head while I moaned a lot and told him my breasts belong to him. My boyfriend continued sucking my breasts until he needed some air. He undid my shorts and pulled them down along with my panties and he proceeded to pull me closer to him and he started to eat me out making me moan so much. After I while I couldn’t hold it anymore and I squirted all over my boyfriend’s face, and playfully said he loved the face shower. I was breathing heavily while on the floor and my boyfriend kissed me all over my body going up until he kissed me on the lips and I once again wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him close to me and we made out with a lot of passion. I felt how my boyfriend rub his dick against my pussy and I broke off the kiss to tell him I wanted it already. My boyfriend smiled and he proceeded to slide his dick inside me making me pull him even closer to me while moaning and even swearing a bit. My boyfriend started moving back and forth on top of me making me moan and swear non stop and I felt in heaven as he fucked me. After 20 minutes my boyfriend told me he was about to cum and I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer to me and told him “cum inside me baby” and he exploded inside me again. I was still so horny that I got up and kissed my boyfriend again and pinned him down to the floor while I still kissed him. I used this opportunity to slide his dick inside me again and I started to ride him while we made out. I grabbed my breasts while I bounced up and down my boyfriend’s dick feeling so good and happy. My boyfriend also played with my breasts while telling me how hot I was. He proceeded to sit up and wrapped his arms around me and suck my breasts while I also wrapped my arms around him while bouncing up and down on him until my boyfriend once again told me he couldn’t hold it back anymore. Once again I surrounded his body with my legs and kissed him and seconds later I felt him explode inside me. We both continued making out until we both needed air and we collapsed to the floor of the porch breathing heavily, but really happy and satisfied. We both cuddled together on the floor until we went inside the cabin when it got too chilly. It was one of the best sex I’ve ever had in my life and it made me so happy.

NSFW: yes

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