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NSFW: yes

Hello Readers,

I’m back again, and hopefully this story sacrifice to the horny gods will apise them 😀

as per usual names of people and places changed for protection.

Had to swap out the letter “A” in some words for @ in order to post this.

This story begins in the bygone year of 2016, I had just started working for a small firm doing niche application support, when I met Jenifer, a beautiful BBW metal girl who, the following story is inspired by and based on…..

.. Jen how to describe her, I am not a tall man i come in at a whopping 5’11, 6ft in boots, and if looked at in the right light and angle! Jen was 5’9-5’11 she had a pair of big round captivating hazel eyes, the sort of eyes that had light brown specks through them, they were warm and intense, sweet and enquiring. her hair was a raven black, sometimes different colors ran through it, purple or crimson red, that were subtle and only noticeable when the sun shone through the office windows. her skin was alabaster with cute freckles that dotted her soft smooth surface. she had the most delicate features, dainty nose, big eyes, puffy lips, which were coated in a glossy clear or wine red, or a black when i new she was heading out to a show. a slender neck, and a metal chick aesthetic she put the gorgeous in BBW!

she was not petite, i will not try and paint a picture of her being a small dainty little thing, truth be told it would do her curves and amazing body a disservice, she was thiccc, her body was ample in all the right places and frankly she looked like she could finish burger and not pass out in a food coma.

what drew me to her was not just her badonka donk booty or German tavern girl bosom, it was that she was very smart and quite good at banter, truth be told beside metal, she was a bit of a book worm, which was all the time a plus for me ( sexy librarian anybody?), she had helped me with my orientation and setting up when i joined, i remember her hair was lush and the way it fell reminded me of those 80’s music films where the babe would be rolling about on the hood of a car, she’d leaned over and gotten me to sign a few pages, for access and such, she was wearing a low cut top and i got a full view of those amazing breasts, easily a f cup or higher, i of course pretended to be a gentleman and only stole a few glances, as she sung in the sweetest voice about how great the firm was, she then exited the room and i then saw her big round booty.

it was amazing, the sort of booty that fills out a pair of jeans nicely, it wasn’t a “fat persons butt” her ass had the perfect curve and roundness to it, defined cheeks and full, think kardashian but bigger, sadly as captivated as i was i wasn’t prepared for her to turn around and catch me staring slack jawed at her phat ass! well i felt my cheeks flush and darted my gaze up to her before deciding it was better to just look around the room as if i was searching for a clock!

she smiled, and said she would be right back with my welcome packet, ‘whew! saved…right?’. i was left to finish up my paperwork, as she walked back into the room i could swear, she seemed to have a different sort of smile on her beautiful face, naaah…. she [email protected] over and leaned in close letting me smell her scent, floral, sweet … and something else…intoxicating, ” Okay! ^.^, now that you’ve signed your life away (* something about her scent her smile and those eyes, made me feel like i just might’ve done so, but i wasn’t complaining) this is your welcome pack! anymmmore questions. ..?” as i somewhat [email protected] out of my stupor i muttered a ” umm no, nothing more from me” ” Okay! we will see you Monday, i’ll… walk you out” and she turned as i followed behind, eyes transfixed on that amazing ass, she walked slower and swayed it a bit more.

i felt like a cartoon dog following the elusive tasty steak. she then suddenly stopped in her tracks “OH!” being on planet booty made me bump into her, part of me was “OH Crap! nice one dingus your cock’s going to get you fired even before your first day!!” while my ‘dingus’ side was “thankyouthankyouthankyou” her ass was firm and full being semi errect i knew she must’ve felt me bump into her, ” sorry Jenifer!” i apologized taking a half step back and trying to calm my growing erection, she smiled and said ” oh no promblem i thought i forgot the OHS Form, but here it is”, lucky, she walked me to the meeting room door and bent down exposing something that i would remember later that night, a black gstring! “these doors KNOBS get stuck sometimes and are HARD to un-JAMMED” yea..yea knobs-hard jammed. . “Uh! oh that umm sucks” i mumbled.

3 months later…

after working for a while Jen and i had fallen into a pretty sweet routine, since we shared an open office, my desk was adjacent to hers .. ” Goood morning Work-wifey !” ” good morning work Hubby” she would sing back, we would laugh and i would complement her outfit and ask her if she had a coffee yet, which was all the time no and we’d sneak off to the cafe down the street. over the months our flirting started of sweet and innocent, but it wasn’t until one fateful Friday night when we got invited to after work drinks that things changed. . ” hey you coming tonight?” she asked, with a smile and a quizzical gaze, “uhh i don’t know Jen.” “aww! you’re not going to let your little work wifey go out alone are you” she smirked ” ha, ok fair point, i’ll come along, lets just hope things don’t get too out of hand” “YAY! ok i will meet you there i just need to ready ;)” … i arrived at our local, with the rest of the usual crew from the office i ordered a wildturkey, neat, and proceeded to mingle with the rest of the office boys, when i saw Jen, and a few of the girls from sales appear, Jen had changed into a corset top under a leather jacket torn black jeans and long “rocker boots” she looked hot, although as much as that was enough to get me hard, it was the smile she flashed me, she had redone her make up and looked amazing, that smile, the kind that i would come to learn meant “play your cards right and you’ll get lucky, and if you are really good, i’ll keep the boots on”. i gave her a calm and collected smile and nodded to my side, she laughed and motioned that she was gonna get a drink.

next thing i felt was a hand slide around my waist and a “heeyyyy!” ” hey boo” i teased and she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. . . i might have held her closer, her body against mine felt so delicate and small, like i could throw her around. as the night progressed and the drink flowed, we ended up getting more handsy, as the local band played she dragged me to the dance floor, it being a thinly vailed excused to grind up against each other. it was nearly 2 am as things were winding down, by this point i had my raging hard on firmly burried against her amazing ass, and i would get the occassional wriggle and satisfied sigh from her as we cuddled, with occasional pecks from one another as we made drunk talk with random patrions of the bar. my hands rested on her waist occasionally moving to her thighs and running them upa dn down to which i would hear her take a lull in her conversation and her breathing get a little jaggered. we continued like this until closing time to which, as we stumbled out, she confronted me and asked if i would take her home, i agreed and we called an uber.

as she crawled into the back seat i gave that phat ass a spank ” Oi quit it” she laughed, i spanked her again slightly harder this time no protest [email protected] back just a little gasp i climbed in behind her and she smacked me “i SAID quit it” she smirked, “oh sorry i couldn’t hear you” i teased, “ooohh i’ll make you hear!” “oh yea?” i challenged her ” yea!” she said as she got up close, her red lips looking delicious, and full i wanted nothing more than to devour them there and then, she caught me looking, as she ran her tongue over them and smiled evilly, before breaking into an evil teasing laugh! “Oh man you’re tooo Easy!” she giggled ” excuse me?” i chuckled back, ” you heard me! this is not the first time i have caught you looking :P” having forgotten our first ever encounter. ” what do you mean” i asked.

“the first day we met.. .memba?” i stared blankly at her “uugghh i saw you checking out my ass?” she giggled. . Ah crap! so i wasn’t as subtle as i wondered! ” oohh umm about that. .. ” “did you like the little surprise? ;P” ” you have noo idea” i basically growled back. . she blushed ” just here is gud?” the uber driver interrupted our whispering.. ” uh yea” we chimed back in unison, as we got out i helped from the car and followed her to her place suddenly the atmosphere had gotten quieter and serious, in an a poor attempt to lighten the mood as she unlocked the side entry door to her complex, i enquired “do these doors get stuck too?” she laughed “uhh umm sometimes” wriggling her ass i spanked it again, partially cause it felt great and because it made such a great sound “fascinated with it aren’t ya?” ” a little” this time i smacked it harder and this time she didn’t conceal her gasp, as she looked back at me with an intense stare .. we basically raced up the stairs only stopping to make out me biting her neck or smacking her ass to make her gasp, despite being relatively the same height, she felt smaller and lighter i was able to pin her against the walls and kiss her or feel her up we busted through her door, and ignored the entire place and dragged ourselves into her bedroom.

our kissing hot and heavy, deep and slow again pinning her to her wall and restraining her hands as she panted and writhed against me, i pressed myself into her having her grind back into me as i made my way to her neck teasingly brining my mouth close but not on her skin, lightly brushing my lips against her hot skin before kissing that little spot behind her jaw line deep and hot swirling my tongue and hearing her moans, damn it was like music, the sexiest sound to this day. letting go of her hands i moved to take her corset top off ( boys pro tip .. there are buttons and hook thingies!). releasing her amazing enormous breasts, they felt warm and heavy in my hands so soft to the touch as i massaged her breasts and kissed her neck i could hear her moans become louder and her breathing become heavier, i kissed my way down to her nipples, they were thick and erect with little piercings, i took her hard nipple into my hot mouth sucking and teasing my tongue around it, flicking her piercing with my hot slippery tongue as i sucked, she moaned louder and ground into me, i continued to play and tease her nipples swapping between them both as she gasped, lightly grazing my teeth, or pulling on her piercing with my teeth as my other hand and fingers teased, twisted and pulled on the other, after a little she pulled me from the breast and kissed me deep and hard, our tongues wrestling in our mouths before she pushed me on the bed, as i sat on the edge.

she looked at me with lust filled eyes, the sort of eyes women have when they have decided to make you their prey for the evening, no matter how confident or dominant you are or how submissive and bubbly the woman that look never ceases to excite me. she smiled while undoing her jeans and then bending at the waist ( you know that really sexy stripper move?) she slide her black jeans and hipsters down, while my cock was fighting to get out then she dropped to her knees and crawled up my lap resting her amazing tits on me, she slyly un zipped her boots and slid them off as i leaned over and kissed her once more then smiling she told me in a seductive whisper to lean back, as she undid my belt and unzipped me. the sound of the zip was all that filled the room, then a gasp and moans from the two of us once she had pulled me out, stroking me i could fill myself pulsating in her hand, her touch was light, and cool, gentle and firm. her hands looked smaller than before black nail polish as she placed a second hand that gripped the based and locking eyes with me licked up the palm of her other hand and began stroking me making me groan that turned into a growl as she twisted and stroked my thick hot leaking head ” like that” she purred ” Mmmhhmmmm” was all i could utter.

“Mmmm so thick! and hot and harrrddd” she moaned as she kept stroking her hand now slick with saliva and my precum, she then stopped held her hand behind the head as a barrier and spat on my cock, as she began jerking the head in short little strokes, i groaned and grabbed a fistful of that raven hair tilting her head back and looking at her with hunger and desire, then kissing her deeply and while i broke her kiss pulling her towards my burning and aching cock. she took me straightway, her whole mouth taking me in, it felt heavenly in that hot mouth soft lips the tongue doing gymnastics as her lips locked and sealed behind the head. moaning as she suckled eyes closed and face like a slutty angel. as she pulled off of me a ring of wine-red lipstick was left “Fuck that was good!” she said wiping the corner of her red mouth ” i’ll say” i offered back. ” oh look, that looks hot as fuck” she said half seductively half excited ” OH Wait i have idea!” she squealed getting up and pulling off her jeans she rushed out of the room, having 99% of my blood away from my thinky brain place, i sat there half bewildered and confused before she [email protected] flouncing in, she quickly turned on some music, Rocket queen began to play, before reapproaching me.

she had something in her hand ( oh protection! right!).. ” so i have wanted to try this for a while” she said giggly and excitedly, she put down her lipstick and some tissue paper, she picked up a new lipstick case( Case? box? tube??) and applied a new color, purple this time ” ok hold still” she ordered as she grabbed the base of my cock giving it a couple of complementary strokes, ensuring i was still hard ( i was) and again enveloped me sucking and then squeezing her lips around, ensuring the purple left a ring on me she then swirled her tongue and pulled off me changing her purple lipstick for black, after applying giving me a playful air kiss before once more taking me deeper and sealing her lips around me as she sucked and teased and self-gagged on me she had her hand in between her legs stroking and playing with herself, causing her to moan while i was in her mouth.
the sounds of the electric guitar wailing, while her moans and wet sucking sounds filled the air, it only heightened the experience intoxicating me more.

i could not wait any more i wanted to taste her, i stood up pulled her off me slowly as i pulled her up, we kissed as i spun us around to have her back to the bed and then returned the favour threw her back on to the bed as i crawled towards her spreading her legs with a gasp, as she pointed her toes, Halestorm- i get off began to play as my tongue landed on her erect clit, causing a gasp to escape. my mouth explored her clit, and pussy, normally i would kiss and tease as i tortured her. taking my time kissing her inner thigh lightly flicking my tongue over her lips, and breathing on her sensitive little clit, but the music the dim lit room a woke a hunger and desire, more dominating more uncontrolled that made me dive in mouth on her as Lzzy Hale’s vocals spurred me on i began to devour her deep long strokes, i was starving, my tongue snaking its way inside her, my arms pinning her and her legs in place as i ate her, i felt her bucking and i just doubled down grinding my head into her mouth and tongue lapping her up tasting her not getting enough, i moved a hand to get a finger into her as i felt her shudder and writhe in sexual agony, i slid two fingers in ( barely) and tease her clit with my thumb brushing and rubbing as i curled and found her Gspot, swollen and ready to be teased.

i double teamed her clit with my tongue and thumb as i massaged and tickled her gspot, she began to shudder and gasp ” th. .th th heerree” as i snaked my fingers in and out of her as i simultaneously tease her gspot releasing and applying pressure whil the onslaught on her clit and lips continued with my tongue and thumb, and then in a crescendo of moans, guitar wails and vocal i felt cry out ” fFFFFFFFFFUUCCCKKKK!” as she [email protected] to a shuddering orgasm, i continued to pump my fingers in and out of her slowing as she caught her breath. . .” fuck me” she said to me between breaths as she laid back as the Cruel Intensions- borderline crazy started playing, i climb on top of her, and she slid me into her, she was on fire, her heat felt like it would burn me, she soft tight walls spasmed around my thick hard shaft i kissed her and began to push the full length of me into her, her moans only making me push deeper.

i began with slow deep strokes getting her used to me, and making her chest bounce with each meeting of our pelvises. i began to pick up speed and push harder as wriggled under me grasping at the sheets, she met me at every stroke my heavy cum filled balls slapping into her with every stroke, the sound of her and the bed spurring me on to keep fucking her harder deeper, i felt her grind into me, i told her that i wanted to ride me i wanted to cum on my fat cock as she rode me, without sliding out of her i rolled us over and watched as she got comfortable.. placing her hands on my chest as she began to ride and grind on me slow and deliberate at first before deep and hard, she ground herself on me her breathing [email protected] shallow and she began rocking back and forth i grabbed the arms and pinned her down against me as i began to grind back, she began to breath raspy and hard, her body shuddering as i ground into her and holding her down, i ordered her to cum as she shuddered into an orgasm, her body tensed and then went limp but the music and her pulsating pussy only made me hold her upright and continuously keep pumping into her relentlessly, as she cried out ” OOOHHHH SSHIFFUUCKCKKKKK” into another orgasm collapsing onto me and gasping for air. . . she felt soo good.

as we laid there catching our breath for a moment, she pushed herself off me and just before Monster – Reckless Love began to blare, she seductively purred “come and get it Daddy while getting on all fours”. . i mean fuck .. i am only human. .. . i positioned myself behind her and knew i was not gonna last long the view was amazing but the tight hot sensation of her was more so .. . i slid into her and began my stroked deep and long.. hearing her grunt as the metal played had me tapping into something more primal and darker.. i was plowing her as she moaned loudly, but my mined was focused on only one thing breeding her, taking her and dominating her, if it hurt i didn’t care right now she had to be my play thing to use as i like to get off, i pushed her face down as i fucked her, ” MONSTER…MY …MONSTER” rang through the room accompanied by her screams and the sound of skin smacking against skin, i smacked her phat ass like it insulted my ancestors and kept fucking, i was running out of breath but my momma didnt raise not quitter, i kept fucking her like a slut… she moaned out ” Cummm Ah .. oooooooohhh ah ah ah cumm iee inn nn side meee Daddy” Fuck! did she have to moan daddy? ok think of cricket… cricket… ” MMMMMMM PllEaaseee I NNnnEeed it” . . .i mean i am a gentleman. . i was not gonna make a lady beg. . .although? my strokes got irradic and harder and faster, i knew i was not gonna last long. .. so i went for broke, i felt her move forward and i just lost it… i grabbed her hips hard held in place and gave her my all i began to plow away into her as my already fat cock swelled and got hotter inside her tight warmthand buried myself with my last strokes in her and [email protected] . hard. . as she screamed and i growled. . . i gave her a couple more pumps before collapsing beside her and catching my breath. . she looked at me eyes wide, pupils dilated and purring said ” ssssoo no round 2?” i cracked up laughing as we laid there. .. we cuddled and talked before we did go another couple of rounds . . . but that’s a story for another day . .

as usual please forgive grammar and spelling mistakes, i did this on my phone. . hopefully the music will help paint the scenes.

thanks all and until next time

P.s had to swap out the letter “A” in some instances for @ because it wouldnt let me post this..

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