Sex and Candy in a Van

In proper Milf fashion, I have a minivan. With older kids long gone are the days when I needed the extra space to cart them around.. however I have grown accustomed to having an crucial bedroom on wheels. A queen size futon mattress perfectly fits in the back, and many a times I have brought guys back to my van in the parking lot of a pub for some sexy fun instead of bringing them back to my home. Oh the stories that van could tell!!

I was recently sharing a story with my partner after taking one of my occasional fuckguys back to the van for some post-pub fucking and he replied that it had been far too long since we had our own van fuck. He was right, and I wondered there was one thing I had not tried yet that I have wanted to, that was to see if a threesome would work in it! I proposed the idea to him and naturally he was enthusiastically on board, a quick message to our favourite unicorn and she was in as well. She joked “are you going to lure me in with candy?” I replied “Yes! With ring pops and pop rocks and pussy licks and titty grabs!!”. My partner and I had a friend’s birthday/sex party to attend that weekend and we made plans to meet our girl for a little van threesome before we headed into the party.

We drove around her neighbourhood ahead of time and found the perfect dark, shady spot to park. The van was set up with the futon, some cozy blankets and pillows, cute twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling and makeshift fabric curtains cut and duct taped to block out all the windows. A bluetooth speaker playing 70s soul classics, condoms and lube at the ready, and a hidden stash of candy for once we were done. We rocked up to her place and texted we were there, my guy hopped out of the car and I opened the back door so they could easily jump into the back.

She walked out the door and my eyes went wide and I giggled with delight. There she was like double cherry pie. She was fully playing the part, and this is why she is one of our favourite unicorns. She walked up with her hair in pigtails, it made the coloured pink tips of her hair look especially cute, with adorable black framed glasses and wearing black thigh high striped socks. She had a mini backpack on and the tiniest black mini skirt with a cropped harvard sweater showing off all her sexy tattoos. THE sexiest little alt schoolgirl there ever was!!

My guy held her hand as she hopped in, immediately laying on her back and spreading her legs. He smirked a grin and winked at me while hopping in as well and closing the door behind him. I slowly pulled the van away from the curb as he moved on top of her and they started making out. He pulled her little white g-string to the side and slid his fingers into her pussy and started fingering her while they kissed. She gasped and moaned, I giggled and felt my pussy get so wet listening to them. He moved down her soft body and started licking her pussy making her moan even louder and making me drive even slower! It was SO fucking hot hearing them, watching in the angled down rearview mirror. It was so exciting looking at the people in passing cars going about their usual evening company while some wild and kinky shit was going on in my van right beside them. I turned my head to watch at a stop light and she reached her hand out to me, we held hands for a moment while he slipped a finger in again and furiously licked her clit making her cum hard and loud.

I got to the spot and parked, hung up the curtain blocking the front from the back seat and climbed back to join the fun. While he moved to hang up the curtain blocking the back window I slid on top of her, kissing her soft and sweet lips and gently grabbing her tits while I did. He joined us by fingering us both at the same time, making us shriek into each other while with lips pressed against each other. He fingers so good and so hard, I was dripping oceans just from that sexy drive to the spot, it wasn’t long before I came. I moved on top of her and started grinding my pussy against hers. She reacted very loudly to that, and kept getting louder and louder so I kept the rhythm going until it sounded like she came!

I climbed off of her, looking to him, aching for his cock, she moved with me and we gave his thick cock a double blowjob. Licking it along the sides in unison and taking it in turns to take it deep into the throat, we licked and sucked and worshipped his big cock together. I love how much she loves his cock. She gets it, she knows, every time he slides it into her she moans loudly and I think YUP!! That’s the sound I make every time too! After we blew him for a while I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to be fucked, I was gonna burst! She laid back on her back and I started to lick her pussy while he pushed his cock into me and started pounding. A proper slitroast to really get the van rocking. Fucking my pussy with his cock and my face with her pussy, it was an explosion of pent up sexual energy and I was loving being in the middle of it.

He fucked me till I came again while drowning in her pussy and then we switched things around, He asked to fuck her and I asked if I could sit on her face while he did…She giggled a yes and wiggled down, looking at me and flicking her tongue in the air. Lol FUCK she is so fun! This is one position we have never done yet in an FFM and it has been my ultimate fantasy. A perfect triangle flow of sexual energy, him fucking her, me sitting on her face and him and I leaned forward and kissing. We got into it and it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Feeling him fucking her pussy while I fucked her face and sharing passionate kisses together above it all, it was absolutely euphoric, simply sublime. He grabbed my tits while we kissed and she licked me fantastically, I dripped juices all down her pretty face. As he got close I leaned myself back but she wasn’t done and held my thighs to keep sucking and flicking my clit while he pushed his final big hard thrusts and came.

We collapsed in a big sweaty heap, catching our breath again. I pulled out the ring pops and pop rocks and we licked our sweet treats all cozied up together, giggling over all the fun moments in our own personal bang bus. We dropped her back home with a kiss and an ass slap as she skipped her way back into the house, and we rocked into the party already smelling of pussy and cum.

It has been observed by some, that just by looking at us, you would have no clue what kinky motherfuckers we are, lol, it’s true! And it’s pretty fucking cool, when you discover people aligned with your kinks and you spur each other on with more and more exciting ideas and adventures, it’s at all times a hell-yes we need to do that! the fun feels infinite, feels like it surely is a dream, yeah.. And it is in a way, a dream come true! made better and inspired by so many of you sexy kinky people here on Reddit and by magical unicorns randomly found on tinder.

Thanks for reading! now go give Sex and Candy by Marcy playground a listen and vibe with me!!

NSFW: yes


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