Set my wife up with my friends husband

I have known Shannon for years, we have become closer since we see each other at the gym a few times a week. We usually just make small talk, nothing inappropriate or even serious. One day she came in I saw she had a new tattoo along her back, when I commented she said it goes around her ribs as well. She got her phone out to show me a picture of it complete. As she scrolled through in between pictures was one of a large cock. She blushed from embarrassment and apologized, I commented how big it was and said my wife likes them like that. We laughed and went about our workouts. As I was leaving Shannon left at the same time, she asked if I was serious about my wife liking larger men. Half blushing I admitted she did and said we have been with others. Shannon explained that sometimes he is to large and uncomfortable for her, she wanted to try to discover a friend who could accommodate him. She actually told me her one friend agreed but backed out right before. I told her to send me the picture and I will show my wife. She forwarded me the picture and I immediately sent it to my wife asking if she would like to make a new friend. My wife responded right away saying it looks great and she would love too. I showed Shannon her message and we would agree to set it up.

About a week went by and my wife asked again about this new friend, she said she keeps looking at the photo. I texted Shannon to see if she was serious, she told me some times that work since we all have jobs and kids. Luckily enough we all had an afternoon free. Shannon and I texted again about how excited we were for this to happen, I told her that we will come over and they can get right too it, Shannon agreed. We drove over to their house, my wife was wearing a little cotton dress with a black lace bra and no panties. They welcomed us in, Shannon’s husband Scott is an average looking guy, about 6 feet tall, he’s not in good shape but not sloppy. His create looks like he may have played football growing up, he was wearing mesh shorts and a t tshirt. Shannon was wearing little workout shorts and a sports bra, I wasn’t sure if anything would happen between us. After a quick introduction we walked into the basement, it was a large finished room with a pool table and big couches, it was slightly awkward at first but my wife went over to Scott. She made it clear that she does not kiss and he was fine with that, I could see her running her hand along his shorts, me and Shannon took a seat next to each other on the couch.

My wife looked back to us and we gave her the green light, she dropped to her knees pulling Scott’s shorts down with her. Out popped a large semi erect cock, it was around 9 inches long and very thick. My wife said how gigantic it was and began to work on it, sucking as much as she could while jerking his shaft. He grew even harder in her mouth, I was getting hard myself. My wife stood up and pulled off her dress, she unhooked her bra and let her gigantic tits fall, Scott grabbed them and began to suck her nipples. My wife grabbed Scott’s dick and led him to the other couch. She laid down and spread her legs far aside telling him to begin slow. He gently pushed into her taking her breath away. He kept inching in more and more until she had taken the whole thing, Shannon was loving what she was seeing too. Scott began with small slow strokes my wife was getting used to the feel. I could see her cum all over his cock as he pulled further out for longer strokes.

My wife now used to the feeling told him to go faster, he did pummeling my 5 foot tall wife into the couch. She was letting out yells of passion, screaming “more”, “ fuck me harder”, “don’t stop fucking me”. I couldn’t take it and pulled my cock out and started stroking, Shannon looked over wide eyed and moved even closer. I told her she could touch it, she looked to Scott and he said to go ahead. Shannon began stroking me as my wife was screaming for more. My wife then stood up again and bent over the couch, Scott grabbed her hips and began to work into her again. With that came more screams of passion, Shannon had now leaned over and started to suck on me.

Her husband looked over slightly concerned and slowed his pace a little. My wife asked if he was ok, he said his wife has never been with another guy, she asked if we all should stop, he said fuck no and kept drilling my wife. I told Shannon I was about to cum, she didn’t slow down and swallowed every last drop I had. Scott said he was about to cum, Shannon went right over to him pulled his cock out of my wife and finished him with her mouth swallowing his load completely too. The sight of her just reclaiming him even with my wife’s juices on his cock was so hot.

My wife began to get dressed as shannon and Scott went the couch. I had to help my wife up the stairs since her legs were wobbly from the fucking. I texted Shannon later that night, she said they had a great time and would like to meet up again. I let her know my wife would like to as well. Shannon said she is looking forward too next time since me and her will get to fuck too.

NSFW: yes

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