Sensual Encounters: Experiencing Bi-curiosity

My wife has a charming gay friend named Lee. Occasionally, they go out together with some of his fabulous gay friends. One night, they decided to have a delightful meal together. Let me tell you, my wife has a stunning figure, accentuated by her mesmerizing 38DD breasts. She dressed to showcase her beautiful body, looking absolutely breathtaking.

As the night progressed, my wife gave me a call, requesting a lift back home. Arriving to pick her up, she whispered that Lee would be joining us for some more drinks at our place. Excitement filled the air as we returned home, and the drinks began to flow. We found ourselves comfortably seated on the sofa, with Lee on one side of my wife and me on the other.

In a sudden surge of passion, I felt my wife’s hand gliding over towards me, expertly teasing and caressing my hardening cock. The intensity of her touch set my desire ablaze, and without hesitation, she unzipped my jeans, freeing my pulsating member. With a hunger in her eyes, she began eagerly pleasuring me with her skillful mouth.

A glance in Lee’s direction revealed his undeniable eagerness. My wife, sensing his longing, paused momentarily, removing my shaft from her mouth. Locking eyes with Lee, a mischievous smile danced across her lips. Before she could utter a word, Lee wasted no time in joining the erotic escapade. My wife stood up, emanating an aura of undeniable arousal, as Lee skillfully took over, granting me an unforgettable oral experience.

In the midst of this heightened pleasure, my wife, consumed by insatiable desire, slipped off her panties, revealing her glistening, soaking wet pussy. With every touch, she amplified her own pleasure, igniting the flames of our passion to uncontrollable levels. It was an exhilarating sight, her flawless beauty on full display, her nipples enlarged with anticipation.

The intensity of the moment overwhelmed me, causing me to release with sheer bliss into Lee’s awaiting mouth. The room was filled with a symphony of moans and gasps, a testament to the raw passion we had collectively unleashed.

Glistening in triumph, my wife shed her clothing, revealing her magnificent assets that defied expectation. Her breasts were a sight to behold, her nipples standing firm and pronounced. Sensing the desire pulsating through the room, Lee rose from his seat. My wife gracefully dropped to her knees, her lips eagerly enveloping his well-endowed cock.

To be continued.

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