Senses and Sensations [M30s/F20s][Oral]

I close my eyes and I remember how you knelt before me, spread my legs and kissed my thighs. All the while you watch me, your eyes full of lust and desire. Enjoying my reaction. My little gasps and moans. I lay my head back down, completely lost in the incredible sensations. Running my hands over my breasts. Pinching my nipples. My moans filling the room.

Kissing my thighs getting lower and lower. I know what’s coming but it feels like a distant wondered. So caught up in the feeling that I am literally here with you. We planned this day for some time. And now it’s finally here. I am so hot and wet it’s impossible to not notice my sweet musky scent. I gasp suddenly when your tongue licks my folds. So incredibly erotic. You enjoying me. I look at you. Eyes closed, completely lost in my taste, my scent, my moans and the feel of me. Enjoying me as though you’ve never tasted anything so sweet and addictive.

I am throbbing and dripping. Completely mindless. I love the feeling of being enjoyed and ravished. That my body is something you crave and want. I close my eyes and let the delicious sensations take me. You drive your tongue into me. I arch my back up. I at all times dreamed of this, but this is better than anything I’ve ever imagined. My whole core feels like it’s melting and about to explode. You slide one finger in, then two and begin thrusting. Slowly. Hooking your fingers into me.

“*harder and faster babe please..*” I feel like I’m drowning. I part my legs wider for you. Thrusting your fingers harder into me, hitting all my sensitive spots and I cry out in pleasure. “*babe! d-don’t stop*”.
I look like I’m about to come aside. I feel like I’m about to come aside.

Wrapping my legs around your head I keep you there. I feel the pressure building up inside me. Ready to explode. “*Harder.. Pl-please*” I moan. You indulge. Oh my God! I scream your name. I am hot liquid and about to explode. Your tongue circles my bud over and over and your fingers keep hitting my gspot.

“*Baby I’m soo -about to cu-… ohhh!!*” and just like that my walls contracted and like a wave crashing, my body gave way to a mind-shattering orgasm.

NSFW: yes

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