Sensational Spring Break 2007: Unforgettable Adventures and Thrilling Encounters (Sex Stories Included)


Now both in our 30’s and happily married, my cousin Emma and I reminisce about the wild times we had during one unforgettable spring break back in school.

Growing up near each other, we were inseparable. From childhood to school, we shared everything, including schools.

During our senior year in school, my buddies and I planned an epic spring break in Florida filled with non-stop partying. Just a couple of days into our trip, as I strolled along the beach, a familiar voice hollered my name.

To my astonishment, it was Emma!

What made this encounter even more surprising was that we never mentioned our locations to each other.

She rushed over, giving me a tight hug. At first glance, she appeared to be wearing a regular bikini. However, when she invited me to join her and led the way to her spot, I caught a glimpse of the daring thong she was truly wearing.

And let me tell you, it wasn’t just any normal thong. It was one of those jaw-dropping, string-disappears-in-your-ass-crack sort of thongs that left little to the imagination.

Emma had at all times been stunning. Her tall, athletic frame and olive skin radiated sexiness. While her breasts weren’t overly large, her captivating smile made up for it. I found myself undeniably turned on by her newfound confidence and her mesmerizing physique.

In a swift move, I texted my friends, instructing them to carry on without me. The rest of that day was dedicated to Emma. We continued lounging on the beach for another hour before heading back to her hotel room.

As Emma gathered some clothes for our dinner plans, I, already dressed in my swim shorts and flip flops, felt completely at ease.

But when we entered her room, I couldn’t help but notice the striking jacuzzi tub right in the middle of the bedroom. Emma playfully referred to it as her “porn room” and explained that she only discovered it upon arrival. As she tossed some clothes on her bed, she swiftly changed before my eyes, completely unphased by the fact that I was there.

I turned away briefly, managing to maintain an appearance of giving her privacy, yet indulging in the temptation to steal a glimpse. Emma at all times underestimated her own beauty, and until that day, it never occurred to her that a cousin could be attracted to her.

Clad in thong panties, a pair of skimpy shorts, a bra, a T-shirt, and a ball cap, we were ready to hit the town.

Our evening consisted of delightful dinner and tantalizing drinks, followed by a leisurely stroll through the vibrant, quaint tourist shops. As the night grew late, we eventually made our way back to her room.

The suggestion came tantalizingly from Emma’s lips, “We should hop into the jacuzzi.” More time spent with Emma in that seductive thong? Yes, please.

While chatting, I busied myself with filling the tub and getting the jets started. To prevent the room from becoming oppressively humid, I opened both balcony doors.

Just as I stepped away, Emma, with a mischievous smile, warned me not to peek. She didn’t feel like putting on her wet suit from earlier, so she was opting to go completely naked.

To make it easier for me, she explained, “You should do the same, that way you won’t have to walk back to your hotel in a damp bathing suit.”

Nodding in agreement, I quickly complied.

Once Emma immersed herself in the bubbling water, I discreetly shed my clothes and joined her. The jacuzzi was designed for two, with seats facing each other. Initially, I offered Emma a foot rub. Her feet rested perfectly in my lap, and I was careful not to let her feel my rapidly growing erection.

As the foot rub progressed into a calf rub at her request, Emma then made a daring request, “Would you mind giving me a shoulder massage?”

With an affirmative response, I had the perfect opportunity to admire her breasts as she sat up and turned around. Nestling herself between my legs, she unintentionally pressed against my throbbing erection.

“Why are you so hard?” she inquired playfully, her giggle filling the air.

Continuing to massage her shoulder, I decided to be honest, “You’re incredibly beautiful, and ever since I spotted you in that thong on the beach, you’ve turned me on.”

“I had no idea I had such an effect on you,” she responded, her eyes sparkling with newfound confidence.

“Oh, believe me, you certainly can,” I replied, savoring the intimate moment.

While still caressing her shoulder, Emma surprised me by reaching back, awkwardly grasping my erect cock.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, her voice slightly muffled, my throbbing member remaining in her mouth. “Can I see it?”

“Of course,” I chuckled, allowing her a full view.

Drawing herself closer, she moved towards me, her hands subtly gliding up my thighs as she walked on her knees. Never once did her gaze waver from the sight of my pulsating shaft. Her hands traced their way upwards, and just as she neared me, her head lowered. I watched in sheer awe as she engulfed my cock in her mouth, expertly pleasuring me.

Mesmerized by the spectacle before my eyes, I couldn’t tear my gaze away. The rhythmic movements of her naked body bobbing in the water, combined with her oral skills, left me dumbfounded. The jets ceased, and it was just the two of us submerged in clear water, accompanied by the sound of her passionate slurping.

Emma’s technique was so practiced, so skilled. It was evident she had done this before. As I held onto her hair, taking in every inch of her incredible form, I lost myself in the moment.

Overwhelmed with desire, I forgot to give her warning before I climaxed. The intensity surged, and I exploded inside her mouth!

“Holy cow!” she managed to express, with my cock still lingering on her lips, and my released essence now mixing with the water in the jacuzzi.

As she resurfaced, a playful grin played upon her face, and she eagerly swallowed what was left in her mouth. Leaning in for a warm hug, her naked body knelt in the water, as I remained perched on the edge.

My throbbing cock pressed between her breasts, causing a gentle moan to escape her lips. “That was incredible,” she murmured, resuming her position on her knees in the water, her beautiful naked form on display.

Smiling, I agreed wholeheartedly, “We probably should drain the water now. That was an amazing blowjob.”

“Thank you,” she replied, her voice filled with satisfaction. “I haven’t done it often, but it’s a lot of fun.”

We climbed out of the tub, drying off before settling onto her bed together, still naked. Engrossed in our conversation, we ignored my persistent erection, choosing instead to revel in the sublime intimacy and connection we shared.

We made plans for the following day, both fully clothed, and bid each other goodnight with a warm embrace.

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