Sensational Erotic Tales: Unveiling the Sultry Adventures of a Golf Course Maiden

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Not my proudest moment.

Monogamy has never been my strong suit, but I have all the time lived by one rule: if I’m gonna cheat, it better be worth it.

I broke that rule.

I reside in a charming little cottage near a small, unassuming 9-hole golf course. It’s nothing extraordinary, more of a down-to-earth, affordable place for golf enthusiasts to have fun.

Recently, they hired a captivating woman named Lauren to work in the restaurant. She’s at least 21 years old, I’ve seen her enjoy a drink with the group. However, there’s something about her that makes her stand out from the crowd.

Lauren possesses a certain innocence. It’s not the ordinary ditzy, blonde kind, but rather the kind that suggests she’s had limited exposure to the world. Perhaps she was even homeschooled. Her job at the golf course seems to be her first taste of interactions with genuine people.

Men flirt with her, but she fails to grasp their advances. Instead, she constantly rambles on about her family when she should be taking orders or delivering food and drinks. Yet, I discover myself strangely drawn to her.

She has long, flowing blonde hair that spills out from under her ball cap. Her physique lacks definition, except for her remarkable breasts that capture attention effortlessly.

She’s not voluptuous, but she carries herself with an air of innocence that suggests she has never prioritized working out. Her face, while not unforgettable, holds an understated attractiveness that would have otherwise escaped my notice, had it not been for the fact that she made an effort to remember my name due to my frequent presence at the golf course.

She all the time chats merrily and attempts to make jokes, even if they fall flat. I assume this is her way of flirtation.

After enduring a long, exhausting week, I found myself with a weekend all to myself. Naturally, I headed to the golf course to unwind. I played nine holes and decided to grab a drink in the cozy clubhouse.

Lo and behold, Lauren was working that day.

“Did you play today?” she asked, her bright eyes locking with mine.

“Yep,” I replied casually.

“How’d you do?” she inquired, her voice filled with genuine curiosity.

“Average,” I answered, trying to hide my growing interest.

She then went off on a tangent about how she had never played golf, despite working at the course. Her monologue bored me to death, but it was then that I noticed her shirt was slightly more revealing than usual. The queen of high-waisted jeans was unintentionally flaunting a hint of cleavage.

Boredom, exhaustion, and desire converged within me. I decided to take a shot.

“Hey,” I began, my voice tinged with anticipation. “When do you finish work?”

“In about half an hour,” she exclaimed, a wide, goofy smile lighting up her face.

I paid my tab and made my way home. I let her know which house was mine, and to my surprise, she claimed she already knew. Instructing her to come to the back entrance facing the course, I eagerly awaited her arrival.

When she finally showed up, we sat at my table and engaged in lackluster conversation. After enduring what felt like the most boring exchange of words in my life, I finally gathered the courage to ask her what I really wanted to know.

“Would you be interested in spending the night together?” I asked bluntly.

Her response was a resounding yes, filled with enthusiasm that mirrored my own desires. She excused herself to the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later dressed in nothing but her underwear. While her choice of big granny panties and a plain white bra was not unexpected, I couldn’t help but notice her soft, yet alluring body.

She began recounting her previous sexual encounter, which happened over a year ago with a now-ex-boyfriend. It was an odd thing to bring up in this moment, but at least I knew she wasn’t a stranger to such experiences.

Feeling a surge of anticipation, I stood up and discarded my clothes. As my erect cock sprung free, she couldn’t help but giggle. Her laughter filled the air throughout the night.

As she undid her bra and slipped off her panties, I couldn’t help but notice that she rarely tended to her pubic hair. It was trimmed and neat, but it possessed a fullness that hinted at her embrace of natural beauty.

Nevertheless, it was her magnificent breasts that truly captivated me. With the largest areolas I had ever seen, they stood tall and proud, defying gravity with their perky allure.

Walking over to her, I couldn’t withstand the urge to grab her soft tits as our lips finally met in a tender kiss.

Unfortunately, kissing wasn’t her strongest skill. She was awkward and playful, her giggles filling the room. But despite this, I couldn’t deny the mutual desire we both shared.

Fingers intertwined, she guided me towards her wetness as I stimulated her with my touch. Simultaneously, she eagerly grasped my throbbing cock, heightening our mutual pleasure.

“Are you ready?” I asked, my voice laced with anticipation.

She nodded eagerly, and I quickly retrieved a condom, taking the necessary precautions. Sitting on my couch, she mounted me with precision.

The tightness of her walls brought a rush of delight, causing us to take a moment to fully connect. Once united, she began to bounce upon me, her movements filled with a youthful exuberance.

As her hands gripped my shoulders, bouncing on me like a trampoline, I carefully cupped both of her breasts, allowing me to savor her nipples and prevent them from involuntarily striking me in the head.

Despite the lack of conventional “sexiness” in the experience, the sheer joy of intimate connection overwhelmed us both. We reveled in the pleasure of the moment, basking in the unspoken understanding that our desires were being fulfilled.

Finally, I reached the peak of ecstasy, but I allowed her to continue her rhythmic motions until she, too, collapsed onto me, spent and satisfied.

Hastily dressing herself, she turned to me with a longing gaze. “Can we do this again?” she asked, her voice filled with hope.

“As long as you understand that I’m married,” I reminded her gently.

A knowing look crossed her face. She leaned in and kissed my cheek before I escorted her to the door.

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