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“Mia Thompson.”

The blonde shivered at the sound of her name. She kept her eyes on the ground, her voice coming out meek. “Yes, ma’am?”

“Tell me the definition of power.”

Mia hesitated. She’d studied non-stop for months in order to prepare for the entrance exam, but she hadn’t bothered to sit down and learn definitions of words. She felt the fear bubble in her stomach. “I…I don’t know.”

“Power is the ability to direct another person or the course of events,” the upperclassman answered, stepping closer to Mia. “That’s what we have here.” She continued walking before eyeing another meek freshman. “Natalie Nguyen. Tell me the definition of seniority.”

“Seniority. The fact or state of being older or higher in position or status than someone else.”

“I see someone’s done her homework. Not too bad.” The senior returned to the front of the crowd. “Welcome, all incoming freshmen, to Aurelia Hall, the most prestigious women’s university in the country. You all were once brilliant people, top of your classes. Now, all of you are the same here. You may have been special in high school with perfect GPAs and graduating with honors, but here, that’s everyone. You’ve got to find something else to make yourself special.”

Mia looked around. Some people looked excited to be there, while others looked like they were gonna piss their pants in fear. She wasn’t quite sure where she was on the spectrum.

“I am the student body president, Scarlett Montgomery. I was in your shoes once. Know that here at Aurelia Hall, we strive for greatness. Also know that while you must strive to be a better version of yourself and continue to rise up, you must also respect those who came before you.”

Maya began to zone out as the President spoke. She wondered about what she would accomplish and whether or not this sort of chance was exciting or terrifying. Receiving her acceptance letter had certainly been exciting. Arriving on campus to see the towering building that was several times the size of her old high college was terrifying.

She’d framed her acceptance letter, and it sat in a cardboard box, ready to be unpacked and put on her dorm wall. It read:

*Dear Mia Thompson,*

*From the administration of Aurelia Hall, we are pleased to offer you admission to Aurelia Hall’s graduating class of 2028.*

*Your application, essay, and extracurriculars show that you have what it takes to blossom at Aurelia Hall. We read over twenty-thousand apps, and yours stood out to us due to your academic excellence, service, and dedication to society. We are pleased to welcome you to Aurelia Hall and look forward to seeing what you will do as a student at our institute.*

*We await your decision, as we know big decisions like these are best done with the council of family and friends. There are several events being held on campus and online that we encourage you to visit to help with your decision. Whether or not you decide to enroll, please complete the enrollment response enclosed in this letter and mail it back by May 5, 2024. If you choose to accept, we will send you your enrollment information in late May or early June.*

*Your application makes us confident that you will flourish at Aurelia Hall, but please be aware that your admittance is still dependent on your academic performance and ability to follow the law of Aurelia Hall. Figure out that the student body operates on seniority. Our college is among the best in the world, and our unique policy allows graduates to graduate with no student debt due to our **free use seniority policy**.*

*Congratulations and welcome to the Aurelia Hall Family.*


*Elizabeth Hawthorne – Admissions Director of Aurelia Hall*

While the acceptance letter was exciting, the rules of the college and the terms of being a student there was even more exciting—and terrifying. Originally feeling like she could take over the world, Mia now felt nervous after being asked how comfortable she was with her sexuality. Despite the odd questions in interviews and questionnaires, Mia knew that she should be proud of herself for getting into her dream university with a horrifyingly low acceptance rate.

“You look nervous,” the girl beside her whispered.

“I’m a little bit nervous,” Mia admitted quietly. “You?”

“Not at all,” the girl grinned. “My mother went here, so did my grandmother and my great-grandmother. What would they call that?”

“A legacy?”

“Yes! That. I know a lot of things because of it, but there are some things Mama couldn’t tell me. Sworn to secrecy or something. She was the student council president back when she went here.”

“Right,” Mia said, suddenly feeling underprepared.

“You two,” the President snapped. “Do you realize how many people would kill to be sitting where you’re sitting now?”

“Sorry,” Mia stammered, feeling her palms start to sweat.

The President stood up, addressing the rest of the freshmen. Because of the exclusivity of the university, there were only 30-40 freshmen. “Let this be a lesson to all of you. Understand power, and understand seniority.” She began to walk down the aisle, coming to a stop in front of Mia and Legacy Girl. “Summers, I expected better from you as a Legacy.”

“I apologize, President.”

“I will accept it soon. Both of you, take off your shirts,” the president ordered, towering over both of them, arms crossed.

Legacy Girl grinned widely as she unbuttoned her white blouse. She wore a lacy white bra beneath it, and Mia found herself wondering if she had expected to show it off today. She watched as the girl beside her obediently—almost happily—removed her shirt. The President turned her head to stare at Mia, who had not moved at all.

“Are you waiting for the grass to grow?”

Mia shook her head, hands shaking as she glanced around the room. Dozens of eyes were on her as she began to pull her T-shirt off, leaving her in her plain triangle bra.

“Very good. Talk during this again and you’ll take those off too.”



Mia made it to her dorm after orientation, spreading herself over her bed with a sigh. She’d known what gonna this college entailed. She’d signed the contract. But now it was all real, and it was no longer just out of reach within the future. She was living it now.


The college was old-fashioned, and its legacy dated back longer than every current student had even been alive. The only thing that was valued higher than seniority was respecting the professors, of course. Other than that, the hierarchy was set.

Freshmen were paired with juniors in the dorms. Sophomores were paired with seniors. It didn’t take long for Mia to realize why. The price to pay to go to the most prestigious and best-rated university was to spend two years knowing your place. For many with high dignity and fiery attitudes, that was out of the question, but nobody at Aurelia Hall ended their programs with student debt.

The door swung open, and her roommate walked in. The girl was significantly taller than Mia, and her create was somehow more delicate. She had black hair that was pulled into a messy braid, and most importantly, she had kind eyes. “Hey.”

“Hi,” Mia said quietly. “Welcome.”

“Thanks,” her roommate replied. “How was orientation?”

“I think I got on the President’s bad side,” Mia confessed.

“Don’t worry,” her roommate said with a gentle tone. “You didn’t. She’s just strict. She takes the rules and the hierarchy seriously. A lot of people respect and like her, and I’m sure you will too. As long as you follow the rules.”

Mia slumped on her bed, messing with the picture frame her acceptance letter inhabited. “I understand.”

Mia couldn’t help but feel a little unsure. All she knew was that she was determined to get through her first two years as an underclassman. Despite all the feelings of confusion and anxiety that pent up inside of her, she couldn’t help but notice how the exchange during orientation had left a tiny wet spot in her [panties](

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