Self-care Part 1 [M/F 25-30] [Massage] [Foreplay][Oral][Slow Burn]


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Fine! She relented and looked up the day spa Maria had told her about. “Cucumber eyes and and oil is not going to solve this contract” Eve wondered as she finally closed her work laptop. They never tell you about the 6 hours after work you have to put in at law college, the infinite nights pouring over documents while your friends make memories & live their life of party, starting a family “hell even good sex has passed me”. Without energy to even grab her favourite toy from the top drawer to get some well needed, albeit boring, stress relief Eve went to bed dreaming of hands exploring her body & mouths exploring deeper places.

Enjoy your experience! The receptionist said as Eve walked into the massage room. “Nothing fancy or time consuming just a good old massage” she wondered as yesterday’s workload was stuck in her mind. A man greeted Eve as she came from the dressing room and a very unfamiliar flutter in her stomach arose. She smiled back and tried to drive her attention from his strong arms, the deep brown eyes and hands that could hold mountains. “Lay on your stomach for me” he instructed & as Eve was settling he asked ” Do you want it hard or soft?”. “Excuse me?!” “the massage, do you want me to dig in deep or keep it light?” The man replied back looking puzzled. “Wha-whatever you feel is best” Eve stammered back. He began with oiling her back and arms and pressing lightly, working his way up, then down both. He stopped as he felt the top of her neck & shoulders. Boulders of knots formed by stress were there and he grunted as he worked at them increasing the pressure each time he massaged into them. Eve felt each drive into her stress more and more, not just the knots being unwoven but the feel of this man’s fingers on her skin the shallow grunt of effort he would make as he worked on her made her nipples stiffen and her legs almost involuntarily open more, inviting him in. Eve wanted this man and her body waged war against her mind but the release of pressure when he was done on her shoulders & the ever growing wetness she felt on the towel told her who had won it.

He gently massaged her as he finished and began to work on her hips ever lower. Good news he couldn’t see how red her cheeks were, bad news the leak had become a flood as she felt him kneel closer to work on her thighs and legs. Her pussy throbbed almost physically to have him so near, she even could feel herself drip ever slightly onto the floor below through the hole in the massage table. He stopped suddenly maybe only for a second then resumed on her thighs then gently, lovingly placed his hand onto the towel, almost cupping her pussy with a thin wall between it and his hand. He leaned over her and whispered so close that Eve could smell him, could feel his breath on her skin. “You want more”. Was it a question or a statement? But the answer was the same. “Yes” Eve whimpered. He used the towel to rub her up and down, each motion the towel would soak more and as he moved the towel away he used two fingers between her clit. Each time it rolled, rubbed, moved Eve responded with a gasp, a shudder or a moan. Those knot breaking hands caressed her thighs and back as he played with her and as he entered those two fingers inside Eve she could feel his lips kissing the small of her back, then her neck. The furnace of heating coming off her pussy pulsed higher and higher as he massaged that spot inside her and used the motion to rock her clit back and forth, rubbing & rolling till the dam was breaking and Eve’s feet curled and eyes rolled. He then stopped. Anger was the first instinct till she could feel his breath on her pussy. Till he lapped at her pussy almost tasting her, breathing her in before devouring. Finally he lifted her legs slightly up and from behind started to eat her pussy. He would almost devour her, letting her clit into his mouth to roll and rub, mouth his and face up and down, but as Eve felt the dam pulse and her body shudder or stiffen he picked up the pace ever slightly and kept at it, worshipping her with his mouth, Eve had kept her mouth closed to avoid noise but this was too much and as her body shook she convulsed in pleasure, moaned loudly and shuddered. Waves crashed onto her as he continued and she could hear herself telling him more! And he obliged..

NSFW: yes

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