Seducing my Daddy

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I want to first clear the air on a couple of things.

1. I was not groomed in any way, shape or form
2. I was definitely 18 when this started, I’m 19 now
3. I didn’t go into this lightly as you will read below
4. Everything you read from us is 100% real

So yeah, I suppose I’ll begin from the beginning and try to remember all the juicy details.

I decided to seduce my daddy a few weeks before the story above all happened. The last few years had been really hard on both of us with mum going and stuff. Me and daddy didn’t really talk or anything for a while which was really hard to deal with at the time so I sought out my own father figures. It was good and bad though, I learned a lot about myself and what I liked and didn’t but I came to realise that they only wanted the good stuff and couldn’t or wouldn’t deal with the bad.

Through all that I realised that the only one who truly cared was daddy. Even when we didn’t really talk besides basic small talk stuff he all the time provided for me, he all the time cared for me. He pretty much did everything for me. About 6 months before we got together, it was a few weeks after I had turned 18, he sat me down and we finally talked properly. I had tried a few times before because I hated him being so distant but he would all the time shut off and change the subject. What he said was not what I was prepared for though.

He told me the main reason was because I was almost exactly like mum. The way I look, my mannerisms, my personality, my voice. They had been high college sweethearts and that I reminded him so much of the woman he had loved for about 20 years that whenever he saw me or talked to me he would just want to cry and breakdown but felt like I wouldn’t see him as the big strong father that he imagined I saw him as. In my mind I had wondered that I was a burden on him or something and he resented me. Hearing what he said gave me back my self worth and made me find out I really didn’t need these guys anymore.

I think the thing that set this whole thing in motion was one particular night. We had finished dinner that daddy had cooked for us, I went to my room for a bit and then decided to have a shower before bed. After my shower I was in my room putting on my panties when I wondered I heard a noise outside my room so I stood up and turned around and realised I had left my door open, I walked out into the hall way but didn’t see anything so figured I imagined it. I went back in my room and finished putting on my clothes, went down and said goodnight to daddy and went to bed.

Later that night I woke up and went to get a drink from the kitchen but when I got down there I could hear noises coming from daddy’s room. They weren’t clear to make out so I creeped up closer to the slightly open door. I could now clearly hear what was going on and I recognised the sounds immediately. Daddy was jacking it.

This wave came over me. This rush of excitement that I’ve felt many times before but never this intense. My pussy was instantly wet, my clit throbbed and begged to be touched. I’ve never been so instantly horny in my life. I couldn’t help it. I slipped my hand into my panties and the first touch of my clit made my knees buckle.

I could hear daddy getting faster and his moans got a bit louder. I could tell he was having fun and so was I listening to him. I bit my lip to keep quiet as I rubbed my clit harder and faster. My panties were soaked. I was about to cum.

That’s when I heard it. The thing that would eventually lead to me having the idea to seduce daddy. I heard daddy begin to cum, he let out a deep grunt, followed by something I’d never imagined I’d hear from my father, mmm, fuck yeah Kayla, you take daddy’s cum like a good little slut.

What the actual fuck!!!!! Daddy was imagining me while he was jacking off.

NSFW: yes

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