Seduced by the Teenage Babysitter

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A man driving to the gym in the pouring rain spots his teenage babysitter trying to take cover from the deluge. He gets her in the car and can’t help noticing how her clothes are sticking to her skin to reveal her cute figure. When he offers her the towel from his sports bag she seems to be teasing him by flashing her bra and panties while drying herself. It gets him hard and when the girl notices she takes an interest and before he knows what is happening he is being sucked and fucked in his car by a babysitter slut.


Even with his nose pressed right against the windscreen, Aaron could hardly see five feet in front of his car. The windscreen wipers tried valiantly to clear the deluge, but the rain was so heavy that they were struggling to make any sort of impact. Not that Aaron needed to worry about crashing as he sat in the line of vehicles slowly edging along. The downpour seemed to have come from nowhere, with the sky darkening and the rain starting to fall in what seemed like a matter of minutes. He slumped back in his seat as the traffic came to a halt again. He suddenly wished that he’d gone home after work instead of taking the decision to visit the gym. The roads leading to home were usually quieter and he suspected had he done that he would already be sitting in his house rather than being stuck in his car. There was nothing he could do though and knew he just needed to sit it out and wait for the rain to stop so that the traffic could get moving again.

As the minutes passed the deluge seemed to ease off a little and he reduced the speed of his windscreen wipers. Rain was still falling, but suddenly he could see a little further ahead. He guessed the build up of traffic would take a little time to clear and settled back to wait. He cleaned some condensation from the driver side window and then did the same to the passenger side window. His eyes narrowed as he caught sight of a girl sheltering in a doorway. Her clothes were drenched and it looked as if she got caught in the downpour to the point that she was soaked to the skin. The girl was holding a book over her head as she tried to shelter, but as the rain eased off a little more she finally moved it away.

“Fucking hell,” muttered Aaron under his breath as he realized the girl was his babysitter. He quickly wound down the window and shouted her name. Shelley didn’t appear to hear at first so he shouted louder. The sudden tooting of horns caught his attention and he turned to see the cars in front of him finally starting to move. When he looked back at his eighteen year old babysitter she was glancing in his direction. He waved her over and she finally stepped up to the car.

“Oh hey Mr. Carter,” she said as she saw who was driving the car.

“Get in,” he urged. “I’ll give you a ride home.” The teen girl quickly opened the door and slumped in the passenger seat.

“What a day,” she said as Aaron put the car into gear and edged it forward. The traffic was traveling slowly, but at least it was finally moving again. He stole glances across at his babysitter and saw the way her hair was plastered to her forehead. Her white t-shirt stuck to her skin and he could see the bra through it. The short skirt was soaked and water was dripping from her naked legs onto the seat.

“Couldn’t get out of the rain?” he asked.

Shelley giggled. “How did you guess,” she answered. “I decided to walk home rather than ride the bus. It wasn’t my best decision of the day to be honest. When the rain came down all I could do was try to shelter in a doorway, but as you can see it didn’t give me much protection.” Aaron looked across at his teen babysitter again and a slight flash of excitement lit up in his mind at the way the t-shirt clung to her skin. It was a sexy sight that brought his fantasies of the teen girl to mind, but he tried to shake them off and concentrate on edging the car forward. “Where’s your daughter tonight?” Shelley asked.

“She is staying with my ex-wife tonight,” he answered. “I decided a trip to the gym might be a good idea. That wasn’t my best decision.” Talk of the gym reminded him that there was a towel in the bag on the back seat of the car. “I think I’ll pass on the gym now though,” he went on. “You can use the towel in that bag to dry yourself.” He pointed his thumb over his shoulder as he talked and the teen girl turned to look.

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“Oh great,” she said and reached between the gap in the seats. She couldn’t quite reach he bag and eventually unclipped her seat belt and got to her knees to try and lean over the passenger seat and reach to the bag in the back. She unzipped it to search inside and as she did so Aaron turned to look. His excitement surged as he saw the way the teen girl’s skirt was riding up the back of her thighs as she leaned over the seat. It was almost bringing her panties into view and he moved a little to try and get a glimpse. His cock stiffened a little as the girl leaned forward further and the curve of her ass cheeks was exposed. Shelley finally found the towel and straightened up. Aaron pulled his eyes back to the road as she worked to turn around and sit down on the seat again. He glanced across though as she dried her hair and his cock stiffened further when she dragged the t-shirt up to dry her body. It almost brought her bra into view and he kept stealing glances as she worked to dry herself. Shelly then brought the towel to her thighs and rubbed it on them. She lifted her ass up from the seat to drag her skirt higher and Aaron got another glimpse of her panties as she dried her thighs. She finally pulled the skirt back down. “That feels a little better,” she said.

“Do you want something dry to wear?” he asked. “If you do, just take the t-shirt from the bag. It’s freshly laundered.”

“Really?” the teen girl asked. “You don’t mind?”



“No it’s OK,” he answered. In truth he didn’t mind at all, with the thought of getting a better view of the teen girl’s body and bra uppermost in his mind. He watched as she got to her knees on the seat again and leant over to search in the bag. She found the t-shirt and quickly turned to sit down. Shelley giggled when she unfolded it. “This is huge,” she said. “It will reach down to my knees.”

“You can take your skirt off as well then,” he said. The words were out before he could stop them. “Umm…, if you want to that is,” he added.

Shelley looked across at him, but said nothing. Aaron desperately wanted to turn and look as the teen girl stripped her top off, but kept his eyes on the road. As she pulled the large t-shirt over her head though he snuck a glance and caught sight of the white bra encasing the pert tits. His cock came fully erect, but as Shelly pulled the t-shirt lower on her body he returned his attention to the road. The teen girl lifted her butt to pull the t-shirt down and then worked her skirt loose to pull it off.

“Feel better?” Aaron asked.

“I’m certainly drier,” she said. “I really need to find a way to thank you for your help.”

He heard the slight tone of excitement in her voice and turned to look. Her gaze was resting on his lap, but then moved up to her face. “You certainly seem to like looking at a teen girl,” she said.

“I wasn’t…,” Aaron stammered, but as he looked down could see the obvious bulge of his erect cock was showing.

“I don’t mind,” she said. “It’s kind of exciting that an older man is getting turned on for me.”

Aaron flinched as the teen girl’s hand reached out and rested on his pants so she could feel the stiff cock pushing through the material. He edged the car forward in the traffic, but his attention was on the hand touching him.

“Just you keep watching the traffic,” the teen girl urged and bent her head down.

“Oh hey Shelly, wait…,” Aaron spluttered, but the zipper of his pants was already being pulled down. He couldn’t stop the shudder as a hand slipped inside and fingers encircled the hardness. His cock twitched and throbbed as it was pulled free of his pants and he gasped as the teen girl’s mouth rubbed on the tip. She sat back and he turned to see her licking her tongue over the sticky wetness on her lips.

“Tasty,” she teased as she grinned at the older man. “I want some more.” Another shudder rocked Aaron as the mouth touched on the head of his cock again. His pulse was racing as he felt the tip of the tongue lick around the small opening.

“Fuck,” he gasped quietly as he shifted in his seat. The pleasure slowly spread through his body as the teen girl went to work on his cock. She continued licking on the tip and then bent lower to kiss on the wet skin. Her lips quickly parted and Aaron felt his erection being engulfed in the warmth of Shelley’s mouth. She closed around it and sucked while her fingers pushed inside the zipper and stroked on his balls. Aaron clenched his ass cheeks as the thrill of the touch grew and he groaned as the head began to bob in his lap so that the teen girl’s lips stroked along his length. He rocked his head back as the blowjob became more intense and the teen girl worked a more forceful touch on his cock. She brought her hand to the base and wrapped her fingers around it while her lips flew up and the down the remainder of the stiff length. Aaron could feel the cum rising in his balls and worked to hold himself back. “Shit,” he finally groaned. “You’re going to make me cum.”

The teen girl moved back and giggled. “Don’t you want to unload in a teen girl’s pretty mouth?” she teased.

“I’d rather lose it in her pussy,” he joked and laughed.

“OK,” said Shelley.

“What?” asked Aaron and turned to look at her.

“I said OK,” she said. “Find someplace quiet to park up and I’ll let you fuck me.”

“Are you serious?” he asked.

Shelley grabbed his cock in her hand and giggled. “Sure,” she said. “I always wondered just how good an older man would be. Now is my chance to find out.”

Aaron looked around to see exactly where he was and then racked his mind to think of a quiet place nearby. He saw a side street and quickly turned in to it. The wipers squeaked across the windscreen and he switched the off as he realized the rain had finally stopped. He thought of a nearby park and decided to go to it. Cars couldn’t get inside, but the streets at the back of the park were generally quiet and there were fewer street lights. He put his foot down as he felt the grip tighten around his cock. Within a couple of minutes he was cruising along in front of the park. He saw one of the side streets and turned the vehicle into it. The darkness drew in around them as they made their way further away from the main highway and he finally parked the car next to the curb. It wasn’t exactly private, but he reckoned few people would be out and about walking so soon after the heavy rainstorm. As soon as the car came to a halt Shelley giggled and climbed over the passenger seat to get in the back. Aaron reached out and grabbed at her ass cheeks and his exhilaration surged. The teen girl pulled free of his grip and dropped to the back seat. She looked towards him and pulled the hem of the large t-shirt up to reveal her panties.

“So what are you waiting for?” she teased as she stroked fingers on the silky material. Aaron clambered over the driver seat as best he could and finally worked himself to sit next to the girl. He knocked her hand out of the way and took over stroking on her panties. His fingers worked along the outline of the pussy lips and Shelley slid forward in the seat to push herself against the touch. Aaron wanted more and moved his fingers to the waistband. The teen girl didn’t need to be told to lift her ass from the seat and did it automatically as her panties were dragged down her legs to her ankles. As soon as they were out of the way Aaron ducked down and spread the thighs open. His desire surged as he kissed on the slick skin and tasted pussy. He was quick to push against the pussy lips and open them up so that he could get inside. The teen girl moaned as the eager tongue played inside her and pushed herself against the touch. Her excitement was running wild and she shuddered at the sensation of her pussy being licked out so eagerly by an older man. She slid fingers to her clit to increase her pleasure and the sound of her moans filled the car. The tongue lapping at her slick pussy walls was driving her crazy and her moans got louder as her body responded. She finally grabbed at her employer’s hair so that she could drag him up from between her thighs.

“Fuck me now,” she gasped. “I want your cock inside me.” Shelley kicked the panties away from her ankles. She quickly lifted herself up and turned so that she could straddle Aaron’s lap while facing him. As she lowered her hips she could feel the cock jabbing at her and reached below her body to grab it and guide the tip to her wet opening. When the cock was in place she closed her eyes and slid down so that the thickness split her pussy lips open and fucked all the way inside her wet hole. She leaned forward to a kiss as her desire spiraled higher and the passionate embrace sent a shiver along her spine. Aaron pushed his tongue inside the teen girl’s mouth and it entwined with hers. His fantasy of fucking a teen babysitter was suddenly coming true and as Shelley wriggled around on his lap he felt his cock stroking on her pussy walls. The teen girl pulled back from the kiss and shook her head to send her long hair flying. It whipped across Aaron’s face and he closed his eyes as the teen girl started to ride his cock. She leaned forward so that her chin was almost resting on his shoulder and he could hear her harsh breathing. Her soft moans became louder as she threw herself into sex with her babysitting boss and her hips rose and fell faster so that she was fucking cock frantically.

Aaron leaned back in the seat so that he could thrust his hips up and the action became furious as they both lost themselves in the heat of the moment. The cock slammed in the wet hole harder and faster and Shelley’s moans got louder still as she was pushed towards a climax. When she reached the brink she sat down on the cock to force it all the way inside and brought a hand to the top of her pussy lips to stroke her clit. The shock of the touch caused her orgasm to burst to life and she tensed for a second before writhing around in a frenzy. The thrill of seeing Shelley orgasm led Aaron to fuck his hips up at the teen girl and as she climbed to the peak of her pleasure he sensed his own climax come to life. As the pussy tightened around him, his cock erupted and his cum filled teen pussy. Shelley’s shudders ran out of control as the cum flooded her and coated her pussy walls white. She hugged close to Aaron and felt the shaking of his body as he released streams of cum inside her. The shudders of both finally began to die down and left them embraced together and gasping for breath.

Shelly eventually pulled back. “Could you give me a ride home more often,” she said with a laugh.

“Anytime you want,” replied Aaron. “As long as it’s raining and you need to strip your wet clothes off.”

“For you I’ll get stripped whenever you want,” the teen girl went on.

“My own teenage babysitter tease,” said Aaron. “I don’t think life gets any better than that.”

“I’m not a tease,” joked Shelley. “I put out, I’m a slut.”

“Amen to that,” said Aaron. “I think I have the best babysitter in the world.”



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