Seduced by the slutty goth girl. [MF]

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NSFW: yes

I wanted to give a break to all the stories about my ex so I wondered it would be fun to distribute this one that takes place when I was in school.

I was maybe around 22 maybe 23 years old at the time. It was a few of us in this arts program at our school so we tended to be a tight-knit group seeing as we spent most of our days together. There was this goth woman who was about a year younger than me in the group with us. She had dark hair of course, a petite frame, perky b-cup tits, and cute, tight little ass who we will call Isabel. At the time, I had a crush on another, older woman in the group so I really wouldn’t think of Isabel much other than as just a friend. Isabel had recently (and surprisingly) broken up with her boyfriend and seemed to be just happy being on her own.

It was close to the end of the semester, so we were in the middle of finals that were beginning to quickly wrap up. I had been accepted to another college and was set to transfer for the next semester, I already had a new apartment reserved in the new town and was planning to go at the end of the summer closer to when the term began.

It was during one of the afternoons that we were all hanging out and everyone in the group decides to get lunch, and as I get up to follow. Isabel stops me and tells me she wants to ask me something.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Well, I just wanted to tell that I think you are a cool guy, and I like you. It’s a shame you are going to be moving away. But if you want to hang out before you leave that would be cool.”

The she leaned in and kissed me. When I felt her tongue slide in my mouth, I got immediately hard. I’ll admit , I wasn’t expecting anything like this, not the confession, not the kiss and I was feeling conflicted. I was a little worried my crush had seen us, but I let it go and decided to let her down gently. I told her that it would be cool to hang out as friends but nothing more. She deflated a bit, but reluctantly agreed. A couple of my friends (rightfully) called me stupid for turning Isabel down, asking me how I could reject such an hot goth woman, but I young, and really was holding out hope that something would work with my crush.

I assume that Isabel had never been rejected or something because starting from that point she began to jump at every chance to hang out with the group outside of college. She would call to borrow musical equipment I knew she owned, purposefully missing her ride or bus to ask for a ride home which I didn’t mind doing if I was able, but the one thing that would annoy me was that if she saw me talking to my crush (it was obvious that I had a thing for her I suppose) she would insert herself into the conversation not really allowing me to spend time with her one-on-one.

Well at some point shortly after the semester ended, we all headed out to see a friend’s art exhibit. On this day, Isabel was wearing a low cut horizontal striped black and white shirt, her dark bra would be semi visible at the white striped parts of her shirt, black goth type skirt with fishnets of course and converse shoes.

At the end of the night everyone was going their separate methods and I lived relatively close to the venue. Isabel calls out to me and asks what I was gonna do now.

“I’m going to head home; you need a ride?”

“Yeah, but can I just come and stay at your place tonight? My house is too far out to drive, and I think my sister has her boyfriend over, I don’t want to walk into that.”

It was obvious what she was doing, and it’s not that I didn’t think she wasn’t attractive but seeing her actions after I rejected her did have me worried that she would get more possessive. So, I told her that I would just take her home and that I didn’t have an problem with the drive.

Again, dejected we begin making our way to my car, but I at some point she decides to do a hail Mary of sorts: Once inside the car she leans back against the door looking up at me with a submissive look on her face, all while squeezing her tits together with her arms.

“Can I please stay with you sir?”

The way she pushed her tits out would pull her shirt down at little to expose her cleavage and push-up bra.

“Please sir?”

That is the moment when I broke down and my dick won. Years later this image of Isabel is still seared into my mind.

“Yeah, you can stay.”

“Thank you, sir.”

She leans in and gives me a wet kiss, and we start to make out in the car as I make my way down her neck to the exposed part of her tits. Since we were downtown and there were people around, we drive to my little apartment.

Once we get to my place, we go out to the little balcony I had and sit down on a bench with some beers. As soon as we sit down, we begin kissing again but instead this time I begin undoing my jeans. She lets out a little excited giggle and goes down to suck my dick as I lean back and place my hands on the back of her head as she keeps a steady rhythm.

“Can we go to your room?”

I look at her and without saying a word I just push her head back onto my dick so she could continue sucking.

When we get in the room I sit on the edge of the bed, and she drops her skirt, fishnets, and black panties to reveal her shaved pussy. She took her shirt and bra off to reveal her supple tits.

I pull out a condom and put it on, and she straddles me and begins to ride me. Since she is so light, I feel like I can move her around any which way I want. She rides me with an aggression that can only come from someone who listens to a lot of NIN. (I don’t know which other way to put it.) I can feel the wetness of her pussy on my balls. She would bring her pussy up on my dick and slam it down as hard and as fast as she could only slowing down at times to grind on my dick when it was at the base. I would bring my face close to her perky tits and suck on them as she would rides me.

“Thank you, sir, thank you…”

She would say in between moans, over and over as her body would writhe around. I pushed her off and placed her on my bed so that she on all fours and I began to fuck her from behind. My dick would emerge from her pussy glistening, only to be returned as I continue my movements in and out of her body. Until she lets out a longer louder series of moans and pushed her little ass all the way up against my body as she began to shake slightly.

“Can I ride you again sir?”

she says as she pulls forward off my cock. I lay down on the bed and again Isabel begins riding me in a grinding/ swirling fashion. The sweat on her chest made her tits glisten in the light of my room as she rode my dick. Not being able to hold on much longer I tell her I’m close to cumming. She springs off my dick and pulls the condom off and strokes my dick near her mouth.

“Can I have it sir? Please?”

I push her mouth on to my dick and release my load in her mouth. She swallows it and says:

“Thank you, sir.” I loved it.”

We hung out and talked until we fell asleep. We fooled around in the morning for bit before I took her home.

That kicked off a fun summer before I officially transferred to the new university. I quickly came to the realization that nothing was ever gonna happen with my crush, so I let it go and leaned into sleeping Isabel that summer and we did, every chance we could get. We even experimented with anal a couple of times, but one of my favorites was when we did some light bondage stuff that in true goth fashion she loved as well. Which would involve me using my necktie as a blindfold, or to tie her arms to the bed while I ate her out then fucked her.

The summer came to end, and I moved away. Luckily once I did leave, she took it well enough. After that would keep in touch via social media but not actively and we never really hung out again after I left. I had heard rumors that after I left, she began an affair with a professor at the school, everyone had their suspicions, but no one really knew for sure. By the time I moved back to town she moved away to another state where she continues to live to this day.

I hope you enjoyed!

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