Secret Love

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Perry’s stepdaughter is distraught because of the distance he has put between them in the last few years. It comes as a surprise to Perry to find that she feels that way, but what comes next is a bigger surprise. Bonnie loves him, and it’s a secret love, one she has no qualms hiding from her mother…


“Why won’t you let me sit in your lap any more Daddy?” Bonnie asked. Perry looked up at the anguished face of his stepdaughter. Tears were lurking behind those gorgeous violet eyes that he had no defense against.

Just turned eighteen, Bonnie’s body was lithe and pliant. She always wore a perfume that drove Perry wild. Around the house she was not very particular about the clothes she wore and he frequently got glimpses of flesh that was strictly forbidden to him. Over the course of the last three years, their relationship had suffered, and it had been Perry’s own decision to distance himself from the young woman he was so strongly attracted to. She was Stephanie’s daughter, but his dick could care less.

He had made his decision consciously, and he had known that it would hurt Bonnie when he stopped the cuddling and kissing that they had shared from the time he had married her mother. It was Stephanie’s increasingly sharp reminders that Bonnie was getting too old for that kind of relationship with her stepfather that had caused him to pull up short and realize what was happening. The change had been immediate, and Bonnie had been hurt and confused. Her relationship with her mother had gotten better for a while, but teen angst and human nature eroded that as well and Bonnie had become a little distant from both her parents. It had saddened Perry, but there had been little he could do.

Now he was faced with a dilemma. Bonnie had grown into a very bright and attractive young woman. She had posed him a question as an adult, and she was shrewd enough to be able to tell if he was bullshitting her. Suddenly he was very uncomfortable.

“Sit down honey,” he sighed, folding his newspaper and laying it in his lap. He tried to collect his thoughts before starting, but Bonnie had simply sunk to the floor at his feet and her hand was resting on his upper thigh while she leaned her head against his knee. She wasn’t going to make it easy for him.


“I had to stop because you were becoming a young woman Bonnie, you were getting too old for me to hold you in my lap. It just doesn’t look right, and it was beginning to bother your mother.” There was no doubt that the last part of the sentence had been an attempt to slough off some of the blame on Stephanie. Perry figured it was the coward’s way out, but he was feeling a little awkward. How could he tell his eighteen year old stepdaughter that he hadn’t raised a fuss about Stephanie’s objections because he had been getting a little too fond of her budding body?

Bonnie’s clear violet eyes looked deep into his own, searching for any hint of untruth. When she found it, her eyes widened. “Why would you lie to me about that?” she whispered. “I’ve always been truthful with you and mom.” The hurt look was worse than the tears he had been expecting.

“Look Bonnie,” he said, angry with himself, “You can’t sit on my lap and cuddle like we used to because you’re older, prettier, and sexier. How would I ever be able to explain getting an erection to my own daughter? How would I be able to explain to my wife that you gave me a hard on because I felt your gorgeous ass rubbing up against me through something as thin as a pair of your panties?”

He had said it to shock her into silence. Her response was not at all what he expected. Bonnie got to her knees, and now both her hands were on his thighs. “You really think my ass is gorgeous daddy?”

“Oh geez,” Perry said, holding his head in his hands.

She stood up and turned her butt towards him, the thin fabric of her shorts pulled taut across the firm cheeks of her ass. Bonnie had put her hands under the hem of her tee shirt and lifted it high, exposing her bare back and the flesh of her hard belly in front. Perry looked across the back of her tee shirt and saw no sign of a bra beneath the thin material.

“Come on daddy, did you mean it or not?” There was a coquettish tone to her voice that troubled him. He was getting in deeper by the moment and he was very uncomfortable. “I don’t mind if you find me sexy daddy, really, I don’t.” Bonnie sat down on his lap, shoving the newspaper away. She slid across his lap until she felt his cock begin to harden, and she wriggled until it found a comfortable spot beneath her. “It’s not as if you’re my blood father or anything. Why shouldn’t you get little worked up if I excite you? What’s wrong with that?”

God he had missed feeling her soft body up against him! “Come on baby,” he said, trying to push her off his lap. “Your mother’s going to come home and see us like this and I’m going to be in the doghouse for sure. Even if I could find a way to justify this, she would be severely pissed.”

Bonnie’s body twisted sideways until his swelling cock fit neatly into the crack between her ass cheeks and she moved her hips on him until they both knew he was fully erect. He could feel the damp heat through his pants. “There, now you have a hard on. Is that so bad?” she asked, leaning back against him and turning her head so that her soft mouth was inches from his own. “It doesn’t bother me at all,” she said. She was clenching the cheeks of her ass on his cock, driving him crazy.

“Honey, I don’t think you’re aware of what you’re doing…”

“Oh yes I am daddy,” Bonnie whispered. “And I’m enjoying it every bit as much as you are.”

“Oh fuck Bonnie, this is too damned dangerous. Your mom…”

“Mom won’t be back until her garden club meeting is over daddy. That’s another two hours before she even leaves, and then she has to drive all the way across town.” Bonnie’s hands lifted her tee shirt and Perry got a look at her soft strawberry nippled breasts. She left the shirt high on her chest and her hands went to his hips and thighs, rubbing up and down as she wriggled her cleft over the length of his cock. Every iota of brain and rational behavior fled to the head of his cock.

“Oh god,” Perry breathed as his hands cupped her naked breasts. “I’m going to hell…” Bonnie turned to face him, crossing her arms and lifting the tee shirt over her head. She stood and eagerly stripped off her shorts, and then straddled his lap. Her mound was shaven smooth as a baby’s ass. Perry’s breath caught in his throat as she leaned forward and offered first one and then the other rosy nipple for his oral caress. Her fingers ran gently through his sandy hair as he suckled her.

Perry had no way of knowing that this was Bonnie’s first time naked with a male. Her boldness had shocked and excited her, and she was already close to the first orgasm she’d ever had that she hadn’t wrung from her body with her own fingers. The feel of Perry’s cock pressing against her bare sex through his soft jeans was maddeningly erotic. When she had initiated the conversation she hadn’t been at all sure where she was going to allow it to go, but there was no doubt in her mind now. When she was through with daddy today, she wouldn’t be a virgin any more.

Bonnie was making little mewling noises in her throat as Perry sucked her nipples to hard points. Her hips made little jerking motions as the first of her orgasms coursed through her belly. “Ah god daddy!” she moaned. “Good! Good!” Bonnie went rigid, pressing the nipple in his mouth even farther in. She was reluctant to take it from his mouth and she stayed where she was until she stopped cumming.

When it was over, Perry started to extricate himself from her, afraid he was going to cum in his pants and terrified by what he had just done. Her bare arms encircled his neck and her breasts pressed hard against his chest as her soft lips sought his. “No daddy,” she said, her voice very adult and very sultry, “Take me to bed.” It was said quietly but there was no denying the desire in her voice. Perry stood up and Bonnie wrapped her naked arms and legs around him tightly. He put his hands under the smooth cheeks of her ass and carried her into the guest bedroom downstairs.



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