Second time I was shared

So my BF decided that I needed to be used by another stranger after the beach incident, he found some location online and told me to dress in a mini and a shirt. After being used on the beach I was interested to see what would happen and at about 9ish we jumped into the car and headed to this mystery location. The suburbs kept getting less and less appealing then we turned into a side road along the beach and into a deserted car park. He tuned on the car light and told me to recline my seat.

It felt a bit strange but my BF was in charge. After what seemed like an eternity he said some one is coming I started to feel very nervous and I jumped a little as he wound down the window.

A heavily bearded guy appeared at the window seemed to take it all in said something like “what we got here” then he reached in and started playing with my breasts through my shirt. He was really rough mashing them squeezing them and pinching my nipple then his hands disappeared and he reached under my skirt and started working his way under my panties. It was all happening really fast it went from nothing to him fingering me in seconds. My boyfriend told me to sit up and lean out the window. As I did I noticed that the guy was heavy set muscular and his beard was the about all I could see.

He started by grabbing my breasts again and then reaching over the shoulder pulling my half way out of the window and feeling my arse, running his fingers along my arse through my panties. He then opened the door an kind-of pulled my out, pushed me to my knees then told me to suck his cock. I was a bit unsure as I fumbled with his shorts. He seemed frustrated and took control pulling down his shorts then as his cock flopped out his pressed it to my lips. I tried sucking him slowly licking and playing, his cock tasted salty like stale sweat. He didn’t want that slow stuff he grabbed my head and slid his cock down my throat.

I could hear my BF masturbating in the car so I knew I would have no option but to service this guy. He had a firm grip on my head with both hands and he was using my face like is was a pussy. I really just knelt there and kept sucking as best I could manage he face fucked me. His pubes hitting my nose as his cock slid down my throat over and over. I started to taste his salty precum and I was half expecting to get a throat full of his seed but he had other plans he lifted my up and dragged me to the front of the car and bent me over the bonnet. I remember the engine of the car was pretty hot as he lifted my skirt over my back pushing firmly down and then he slid my panties down. His cock shoved against me seeking my pussy a few urgent shoves and he found his mark , no condom, no nothing just raw animal sex.

It was a little bit weird he didn’t say anything at all, just seemed to enjoy fucking a tight random Asian girl. I was really stretched but it was so fast I didn’t have time to really adjust, he just slipped it and pumped. I could hear his haggard breath and his grunting as he grabbed my hips really tightly and used it for leverage. Pulling me towards him the shoving my against the car with each thrust. I felt him cum almost straight away a flood inside me, strangely he didn’t stop pumping and soon his seed was running down my thigh to a rhythmic wet slapping sound and still he pumped a bit more, he must have liked the sensation, I could feel the slipperiness of his cum as it acted like a lubricant. After a few more pumps he stopped out of breath, he stayed there inside me, I could feel his cock start to soften. After about another 30 seconds of pinning my against the bonnet his cock inside me, he pulled out, some of his cum leaked out of me dropping to the ground.

He then pulled me up and spun me around and again pushed me to my knees. I instinctively knew what was coming, he shoved his salty cum covered cock back in my mouth. Not fully hard he shoved it in anyway and just held me there until I sucked the juices and his cum off. I could tell he liked me slurping on his mess because he watched my eyes as I looked up at him and run my tongue over his cock. Satisfied he leaned down grabbed my panties off the ground and stuffed them in his pocket and then he gave thumbs up to my BF who was still in the front seat and wandered back down towards the dimply lit street.

My BF threw me a towel and told me how awesome it looked , I cleaned myself up then we drove home

I did have this encounter videoed but I’m not sure I’m quite ready to post that yet.

NSFW: yes


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