Second forced orgasm session in three days [MF]

_I write these as soon as Master is done using me. I like to keep the memories fresh. While perhaps difficult to believe for some, not a single detail is exaggerated. I try to articulate it the best I can, but every last thing he does to me in these stories happened verbatim, usually within the hour._


Tonight I begged him to fuck me like the desperate slut I am. He came home late, the smell of beer on his breath. I was drenched after being alone; he’d been busy all day and out all night. We started making out and I begged to be fucked. He told me to open my legs, but he was on top of me, straddling my legs and preventing me from moving them, a cruel smile on his face.

He teased me and laughed, “Open your fucking legs bitch, I thought you wanted to get fucked.” In agony, I begged and pleaded and he finally gave in to my greedy little cunt. He plunged in with a sloshing noise and fucked the living daylights out of me. Eyes rolled back, uncontrollable bucking, flailing like a rag doll, breathless. It was heavenly, but before I knew what was happening, he forced the vibrator into my hand. I was ordered to hold it against my clit while he mercilessly fucked my throat. Getting my throat used like a cunt while vibing myself was heaven. I love the feeling of cock buried into the depths of my mouth. The sounds alone make me so proud of myself, let alone knowing how amazing it must feel for him. But it was only four days ago that he had thoroughly wrecked me in this exact same way. I couldn’t bear the wondered of disobeying him and cumming without permission, but honestly I didn’t know if I could handle this again. Terrified whines began pouring from my worthless mouth. I’d beg and moan to be allowed to cum, but he denied me over and over.

Finally, he told me to fucking cum and as I writhed and trembled, he tightened his hand around my throat with an iron grip and repeatedly spit into my mouth. His eyes were cruel and darkened, burning with a lust that looked like hatred. His lips were tightened into a grimace, pulling back occasionally to bare his teeth as he choked me. The evil smile was back as he watched me greedily swallow his spit. He didn’t let me stop cumming for at least two agonizing minutes. Even as he allowed me to pull the wand off, he continued to fuck my throat like a cunt.

I was then flipped over onto my stomach, where I laid limp with exhaustion as he relentlessly pounded my pussy from behind. He pounded fast and hard, holding tightly a fistful of my hair, my arched back feeling like it would snap. As he crushed my tailbone over and over, I knew my lower back was gonna be on fire for the next few days. But I didn’t care. I was blissfully living out my pathetic existence as his slave.

“Good bitch”, he breathed—the two words that drive me wild. The two most valuable words he could ever utter to me. The two words that melt my mind into a puddle and make everything else meaningless. I will do anything, anything to hear those words. Just writing about it makes my heart race and my cunt wet.

He put his weight on me, leaning into my ear. His hand clasped over my mouth as he kept pounding me and through my muffled shrieks, he whispered in my ear that he was gonna cum in me and I was gonna take it like the fucking slut I am. He did, and though I’d been fucked senseless, I was still desperate for his cum. I clenched my pussy walls, trying to squeeze every drop out of him, for which he called me a good girl. Hearing that, knowing I had made him happy, I knew I’d served my purpose.

We cleaned up and I curled up naked next to him, where I listened to him quickly fall asleep nice and content, my lower back sore and throbbing.

NSFW: yes

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