Scouting for Daddy

So.. this is going quite differently than I’d planned. I expected to do the vetting so when I introduced them, Daddy and his treat could get right to it. Lol I guess I should have expected my DOM to take more control than that. So Daddy’s talking to her: comparing kinks, getting to know each other.

This started as just trying to arrange a hook-up for the man who fulfills me in so many methods naturally and goes out of his way to give me even more. This profile is less than three months old and I met my Daddy somewhere in that time frame; but I feel like this is the sex/ relationship I’ve waited a long time for. And it’s strange: there are games we play that I wasn’t into just a short time ago. But it’s all different with my Daddy.

Seeing him makes me happy. Hearing him makes me wet. Playing with him makes me feel.. satisfied, centered, relaxed. I’ve started wanting lately to distribute that feeling. I discover myself aroused to imagine my Daddy having a few daughters to take turns satisfying him, maybe playing with each other when Daddy’s busy. Or playing with each other to satisfy Daddy.

So I want to (help) discover him a handful of girls, sweethearts who are submissive and pretty. I guess I’ll leave it to him for exact qualifications. They can talk about what games they like to play and see if they’re a good fit.

And yes, I do hope to all the time be his favorite. I just think there should be more great sex in the world lol

NSFW: yes

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