Scared I made a massive mistake

I recently got out of an 8 year relationship and into a co-parenting situation over the summer. Obviously During the separation I went from sexually active with the wife to nothing literally overnight.I have a pretty high sex drive and have all the time been stream but now considering bi-curious.

Last night was my birthday, I went out with friends and drank alot, decided to leave solo and head to a swingers club me and my ex use to go to, but a single guy in a swingers club is a hit or miss, last night was a miss, I was a spectator for alot of great but no dice.

To wrap the story up on the way home at 4 am I passed a very trendy video store in Philly called Venus, I HEARD stories about the back “live girls room” where precarious stuff happens and upon entering the store the front desk told me no girls are there between 10pm and 8am, but the parking lot was packed, so I knew the rumors were true.

I stepped inside and there were about 8 or 9 men, dead silent, all walking from video booth to video booth, when I stepped in a vacant one I saw it, a glory hole leading to the next booth. With liquor heavy in NY system I sat and before long someone entered the other booth and put their manhood through the hole and before I knew it I was servicing them, but not to completion.

The thrill of it got me excited enough to enter another booth and put myself in a glory hole where another stranger serviced me, and orgasmed in their mouth and the post nut clarity sobered me right up.

I left the video store immediately and in hindsight I didn’t even enjoy servicing or being serviced it was the excitement and the liquor. But now I’m afraid in such a seedy place I may have contracted something. It was literally hours ago but I woke up and got an Oraquick HIV test and I’m typing this now as I wait for the results.

The test kit said it’s best to wait 3 months and not to test when your anxious but I cannot stop thinking about how stupid I was and need some type of proactive result.

As I sit here and read online I’m seeing oral is low risk but thats still not no risk and just wanted to vent to others about the seriousness of the situation as this was my first sexual act with other males. I’m super stressed out and the HIVAID subreddit doesn’t accept stories like these so I decided to distribute here.

NSFW: yes

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