Sasha Slurps Ep 1 – Short Sex Story

He eased back into the armchair cushions, hips sliding out slightly diagonally. Sasha’s lips also cushioned his cock as she rhythmically bobbed her head up and down the length of his shaft, her unseen tongue gliding along his shaft until it reached his tip, where it swirled and made soft slurping noises. If not for the stillness of the hotel room, that small piece of her masterpiece might have gone unnoticed. His eyes rolled back into his head causing the view of the moonlit room to flicker in and out. The light sensation of her fingertips gently cupping and supporting his balls brought him back to consciousness.

Her gorgeous doe eyes looked back up, her long thick black hair with all its waves draped over her left shoulder and swayed with the motion of her head, the glint of a gold nosering enhanced the soft brown skin of her lovely face. She wanted to be watched and enjoyed as much visually as she was physically. He obliged. As she continued her soft sucking, slurping, and licking of his member it was if she communicated telepathically with him. She sensed the cream rising from his tightening balls, felt the throbbing pulses of his shaft and adjusted the tempo of her mouth to accommodate the soon arriving cum.

He was gone, lost in a state of bliss, the pleasure increasing to the point that he could not hold back and released his load with a long, low moan. Sasha wasn’t phased. Her rythym was so perfect that she swallowed each time his cock pulsed, her suction so masterful that she never once overstimulated him in his orgasm. Her release of his cock was so intentional that she swallowed the last of his cum as the head of his dick left her mouth. Not a drop of cum was left. She swallowed one last time for herself, relishing the taste of his seed.

Her dark brown eyes stared into his through the moonbeams that sliced through the hotel room air. It was a look of dominance. She had risen to take her place as a master of her craft. She stood and slowly walked to the edge of the king bed in their room, turned to mount it, and positioned her slender brown body. Sasha tossed her raven black hair over should and laid her head and breasts on the duvet, her back arched and her ass up high. The pink of her slightly parted, glistening lips and her clean dark asshole looked delicious. She smirked and swayed her hips slightly for him, “Think you can top that, Bechara?” She asked. He rose from the chair to greet her challenge with excitement.

NSFW: yes

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