Sarah’s Late Night Adventure (Part 1)

Saturday Night 8:30pm

Sarah watched as her family pulled out of the driveway, heading off for the week to go to their vacation home in Switzerland. As the car drifted down the street, Sarah began thinking of all the fun she will have while her folks are away and the true freedom of an empty house. Sarah laid back on the bed and checked her phone and wondered of who she wanted to have over first. She saw Alice had messaged her and so she told Alice to come by since her parents were officially on the road. Alice said she’d be over at 9, so Sarah decided with her half hour she’d have some much needed rest and relaxation with her favorite vibrator. She reached over to her nightstand and pulled out her vibrator, a 10 inch magic wand and turn the dial on to about what she deemed medium. She slowly slid down her jeans and ran it up and down gently along her thighs towards her panties. She began rubbing it slowly up and down her panties watching start to get slightly wet as she was truly feeling good. Continuing with her current situation she slides her panties to the side and gently begins to rub the vibrator up and down her decently wet pussy, sighing in relief that no one would barge in on her. Just when she was close to a good and well overdue orgasm, she heard the front door unlock, Alice had let herself in with the key Sarah had gave her.
“Shit!” Sarah said as she quickly shoved the vibrator back in her nightstand and pulled up her jeans.

Saturday Night 8:55pm
Despite ruining what was gonna be an amazing orgasm to begin the week of freedom, Sarah was not suprised that Alice had shown up early. She walked down to greet her and give her a hug.

“So what kind of fuckery are we getting into this week Sarah?” Alice asked.

“Whatever we want Alice, we can do whatever.” Replied Sarah.

“Care for some truth or dare then? Or you scared?”

“Me scared Alice? You seriously think I’d back down from a good time?”

The two girls head upstairs and sit on Sarah’s bed and start their truth or dare. They begin with some simple truths and easy dares like what sort of boys they are into at the university and dares of taking off socks as a joke. Alice finally broke the prude game they had been playing and dared Sarah to remove her jeans. As Sarah pulled down her jeans Alice noticed the wet spot and was amused that Sarah didn’t even wait 5 mins to get it going.

“Laugh all you want Alice, it felt fucking bomb.” Sarah sneered back.

“I’m not judging, I just think it’s kinda hot.” Alice replied.

Sarah decides she wants to up the ante on Alice and told her to strip completely naked. Alice complied following up with the same dare for Sarah. Now that both girls were naked, Sarah decided to see just how far Alice would go.

“Alice, I dare you to head to the construction site down the block and stay there for a while with me…Naked” Sarah asked.

Alice looked at Sarah with a slight curiosity of is she serious or is she screwing with me type look. “Sure Sarah I’ll take that on, I hope the neighbors don’t see us haha.” Alice replied nervously.

Both girls set out for the construction site completely naked only carrying a bag with keys to the house and their cellphones. The girls slinked along the dark street over to the construction site of a new house that was being built on Sarah’s block. Alice and Sarah squeezed through the chain opening to the gate and proceeded to wander about the site looking for a good spot to hang out for a few hours to fulfill the dare. The girls walked inside the contractors bungalow and proceeded to sit in the chairs admiring one another’s naked bodies. Both girls decided they wanted to spice things up so they grabbed the contsruction vests and hard hats and began to tease each other a little. Both girls had gotten so turned on that they wanted to go back out into the site and really get this dare as risky as they could.

Saturday Night 10:30pm

They proceeded to pass through a tarped area and with it being so dark decided to lay down and play right there. Alice laid flat on her back with her hands submerged in what she believed was mud. Sarah got down on her hands and knees also submerged in what she believed was mud. Sarah began gently kissing Alice’s gorgeous pussy lips slowly getting closer and closer to her clit. Sarah leaned forward and pressed her mouth closer to Alice’s clit and began to suck and tease her soft shiny clit glinting in the moonlight. Sarah’s pussy began to drip as she was enjoying the pleasure she was giving to her friend. Both girls were enjoying themselves so much that they had forgotten that they left their phones and keys in the contractors bungalow and had now come to the shocking realization that they were not in mud but what had truly been freshly laid cement and were now stuck in these awfully erotic positions.

“Well at least it’s kinda hot though right Sarah?” Alice said nervously.

“It will definitely be a suprise for the construction workers in the morning that’s for sure.” Sarah said knowing something like this would happen with her luck.

The girls would have to wait for what Sarah called the cute foreman to show up so they best make the most of it while they can, as Sarah proceeded to continue eating her friends beautiful and juicy pussy.
Part 2 soon, let me know what y’all think. I’m new to this and am expressing a lot of my sexual daydreaming and fantasizing haha.

NSFW: yes

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