Sara pisses on two ladies [F19,F30,F32] [British] [Lesbian Watersports] [Lesbian Oral]

© 2023 Janice James

“What’s your real name darling?”
the red head asked as she let go of Sara’s hand and kissed her again.
“It’s Sara”
“I’m Georgie and that’s Christy”
Christy put the bottle on the counter by the basin and came to Sara. She wrapped an arm around her and kissed her gently for a long moment. Then she kissed her again pushing her tongue into Sara’s mouth. Sara’s hands went to Christy’s waist and she kissed her back. “I’m glad I’m drunk” she wondered.
Georgie took off her dress, the slip beneath it and then her knickers. She came behind Sara in only her Mary Jane pumps and slowly unzipped her dress. She slid the dress aside at the nape of Sara’s neck and the three women combined to allow it to fall to the floor.
Christy stepped back to admire Sara. Her ample breasts, her curves. Christy took her dress off as Sara watched, her nipples hardening as Christy stripped. The slip came off to reveal her elegant breasts and her French knickers. Georgie came behind her and slid the knickers to the floor for Christy to step out of. Her pubes were blonde like her hair and trimmed into a neat bush. As the flappers kicked off their shoes Sara slipped off her thong and then her own shoes.
Christy reached for the bottle and held it out to Sara
“I think this is for you”
She said grinning wickedly.
The three women got into the shower and the flappers knelt at Sara’s feet. They kissed deep french kisses and they all giggled when Sara spilled Champagne on their mouths.
“Ready girls?”
Sara asked feeling powerful and horny. The flappers leaned toward Sara’s cunt cheek to cheek and each with a hand between her own legs, their tongues out and eyes closed in expectation. Sara took a big swig of the Champagne then pushed her hips forward and began dribbling wine over her mound. It wasn’t cold but it felt good and feeling the liquid running over her labia only increased her by now desperate her urge to pee. She let go.
Hot piss started to dribble out of Sara onto the flappers tongues. The flow increased and the flappers started to make lusty pleasure sounds. Their hands were working faster. Sara unleashed and her flow became a powerful focused stream of golden urine spilling onto the tongues and faces of the two older women. Sara reached for her own cunt and rubbed her clitoris then learned quickly that standing up, she could direct her piss by bending her fingers around her cunt and swivelling her hips. She drenched the flappers and then clenched wondering if she could stop and it seemed she could.
As she halted the flow the flappers opened their eyes and looked up at her.
Sara said looking at Christy.
“Love me”
Sara opened her knees and Christy greedily went for her sex placing her hands on Sara’s buttocks. Sara ground down onto her face and lost in pleasure almost dropped the bottle she was holding. She held it out to Georgia who took it and put it between her own legs. Sara swivelled and looked at Georgia
“You now, love me”
Georgia pointed her tongue and went straight for Sara’s clit, her hand came up and she fingered her as Christy looked on masturbating furiously.
“Oh my God”
Christy said as Sara lost control and pissed all over Georgia’s mouth and face then she joined her friend up close to the source of their pleasure. Sara tightened her stomach muscles, pissed hard for a few more seconds and then had no more to give.
Sara sank a little and with her knees open it didn’t take long for the flappers to bring her to a loud and leg shaking orgasm.
Christy reached for the shower lever and for the next ten minutes the three women enjoyed hot water, hot kisses, the bottle and tender lesbian love. Sara had found her people.

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NSFW: yes

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