Sample from ‘June at Home’ – couple chatting bed – [M42][F40][adultbreastfeeding][adultsex]

“Yes, rekindling our relationship was a bit, well rekindling is wrong for a start, reigniting is a more accurately descriptive word, but even as horny teenagers I don’t think we were ever this passionate.”
“I think we were, you were,” reflected June. “I think that we just didn’t know enough to get the most out of each other. Your ultimate was for me to have an orgasm before you had yours. Neither of us imagined having several. I’ve changed through. I’ve changed since we got back together. Suddenly I’ve become multi-orgasmic.”
“You mean you weren’t before.”
“Sweetie, suckle, please.”
I assumed the position and latched on. The milk flowed very quickly. June must have been waiting for me for hours.
“Yes, Sweetie, that’s nice. I don’t ever remember having more than one when we used to make love. I know sometimes you’d finger me and I cum, then we’d make love and normally I’d cum again. And all those twenty years, even when I used a vibrator, I’d use it until I came and then stop. No, I think the first time I came more than once on a single bonk was Day Two, at my house. How momentous was that, that I remember it. It was suddenly like blinkers had fallen from my eyes. Once I’d decided I wanted sex with you and that I was finished with Barry, well finished ever having sex with Barry, something inside me was released. And this is what I don’t think I’ve ever told you, not in these past nine months. Well, after we made love at the farmhouse, that first time, I told myself I was never having sex with Barry again. Even if you and I didn’t happen, even if I stayed with him, I’d be celibate rather than ever have him come near me again. The moment you pushed inside me, I wondered that.
Actually, I wondered, bloody hell, this is what I’m made for, not Barry’s waste of time. You see, I’d settled for what I knew was inferior. Looking back, I have no idea why. Why didn’t I leave him during the honeymoon? I could have just got a flight home the next morning. If anyone asked I could have said he was hopeless, I could have told my girlfriends that it turned out he’d got a tiny cock, I’d have got tea and sympathy. Mother, ah mother, what could I have told her? I don’t know, I did try and she just said I’d made my bed, I had to lie in it. Makes me wonder what my father is like. But I didn’t. I bottled out and put up with him, Barry, not my father! Twenty ‘kin years. Twenty FUCKING years of my life, when my body was young and at its peak, I wasted it in misery and disappointment. No, don’t stop. Keep feeding. I cannot change that now, you are right, what is gone is gone, and the past is the past. I don’t feel sorry for myself, I feel mad at myself. I know it gave you time to go and get all this experience that you bring back to this relationship, I can see that. And sometime, when you are not suckling, you must try and tell me how much you discovered and how much you were taught. I’ve taught you that you can be multi-orgasmic, which gives me a sense of pride and empowerment. Even though I’ve nearly damaged you by going too far, it means I, June, did that. Thirty-nine years I wondered that sex and love-making were things I received. These nine months you’ve blown that preconception to smithereens. If I suddenly have an idea for something new to try, I know I can suggest it and you’ll want to try it. Not, you’ll go along with it. You’ll want to try it just because it is new but also because I’ve suggested it. I really think you’ll try anything I suggest. That’s so liberating.”

I had finished suckling the first breast a few minutes before, but I’d let June keep talking. Now I swapped breasts.
From ‘June at Home’ – Book 3 in the June trilogy:
The trilogy:

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