Sammy Summer – Short Sex Story

My long time friend and I decided to go swimming, because it’s just been so hot lately. Sammy had a ‘secret entrance’ to a nice little swimming hole that she couldn’t wait to show me. I packed my swimsuit and hopped on my bike to meet her near the ‘secret spot’. She greeted me with a stupid grin as I arrived. “It’s just this way” she told me, pointing directly into a large patch of bramble, bushes, and rocks. I raised my eyebrows and half mocked “ya, just through all the thorns and jagged rocks”. Sammy laughed “You don’t have to walk through them, just hop on the safe parts”. She pulled herself up onto a fallen tree nearby and began jumping between some smother rocks. She made it look so easy, giggling with that sweet little chuckle of hers. I hoisted myself up and began to follow.

The foliage cleared up quickly and revealed a nice little pond with a tiny little waterfall. It was a beautiful spot. The sun came through the trees just right and made everything look so enchanting. Sammy dropped her pack on a long rock by the pond and made a nice little tanning spot with her towel. I followed her example and then dipped my toes into the water. It was ice cold, and so refreshing. I closed my eyes and leaned back. When I opened them again Sammy was taking off her shirt. She had no bra underneath. Her tanned breast sparkled in the sunlight, I couldn’t help but blush. “Sammy!” I half laughed and half shouted. “What?” She replied. I blushed, unsure what to say “Oh, ya” she smirked, “It’s safe enough to go topless, no one will see. I sunbathe here quite often” she must have noticed my red check because she added, with just the hint of a question in her voice “If it makes you uncomfortable I can put something on?” I shook my head “no, you’re good I was just surprised” I grabbed my shirt and took it off to show her I wasn’t bothered. Sammy splashed her feet in the water as I took off my bra and placed my things in a nice pile. I couldn’t help but notice little goose bumps popping up all across her breast. My face grew hot and I began to feel a little turned on.

Sammy shot me a smile and splashed some water at me. I flinched and held up a protective hand as I shrieked playfully “I’m going to get you for that”. Sammy laughed as I splashed her back. I then dove at her and grabbed her wrists so she couldn’t get me back. Her squirming threw me off balance and I collapsed on top of her. Both of us were breathing heavily. Her skin felt hot against my chest. Our eyes met and my heart skipped a beat. How had I never noticed how adorable my bestie Sammy was. She smiled and gazed at me with soft eyes. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned towards her face, my mouth slightly parted. Sammy closed the gap between us and met my lips with hers as she wrapped a hand behind my back.

I instantly got hot all over. My skin felt like it was being slowly burned from the inside. Sammy’s smooth lips caressed mine as I gasped for air. I felt her tongue slide against my teeth. My mouth widened as I let her dart into me. Her hand slid down my back and grabbed my ass. She was so forceful but in a lovingly gentle way. I adjusted my legs so I was straddling her waist and grasped the back of her neck. She let out a soft moan as I lowered her head and began thrusting my hips into her. Everything felt so fast I could hardly think. I remember pulling off Sammy’s shorts and pressing my hand against her thigh. She nodded in approval . Her moans grew deeper as I slid my palm across her panties. After a while I could feel them becoming slick. I pressed my fingers against where I wondered her clit should be. Sammy pulled me close and gasped. I could feel her nibbling my ear but I hardly noticed. My mind was in a trance. Fingers rubbing Sammy’s wetness across her underwear as she clung to me. The haziness of my thoughts only cleared as I began to approach climax. My breath was hot and heavy. Sammy squirming body writhing. I just noticed that my hips were thrusting into her leg. The friction rubbing my pussy through the fabrics of my clothes. I let out a long moan as Sammy and I began to convulse in unison. I pulled her close as waves of ecstasy overtook my body.

When we finally stopped Sammy stared deep into my eyes and whispered softly ” I need to take you here more often”. I kissed her forehead and smiled back “We definitely should have done this sooner”. The rest of the day was nice. I cuddled my bestie half naked for a while. Eventually we rinsed off and headed home, both aglow with newfound appreciation for each other.

NSFW: yes

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