Rough sex in the barn

Back story, My gf lived on a goat ranch and we would take her little ATV across the creek to the barn to feed and take care of the goats.

It was pretty early, a really nice morning and we were feeding the goats as usual. She liked to tease me by stopping in front of me and pushing her ass back on me. We were talking and feeding the goats and she stopped to do this, just get in front of me and push her hips back on me and slowly rub on me. Except I was getting super horny this morning and she definitely noticed how hard I was getting from it. She turned around and looked at me for a second, turned to make sure no one could see us from the house, and got down on her knees. She unzipped my jeans, took my already hard dick out and slowly started to suck on it. She made perfect eye contact while she slowly licked from the base all the way to the tip a couple times before taking all of it in her mouth. Slowly picking up speed and taking it deeper until she was audibly slurping on it. She tried to take it all it but gagged pretty hard so she just used her hand for a little while sucking on my balls instead.

As much as I wanted to let her give me head till I came I really needed to fuck her so I told
Her to get up and get her hoodie off. I uncoupled her bra and threw it to the side so her tits were fully exposed. I bent her over some bay bails and pulled her jeans down around her and ankles and rubbed my dick on her until she started to moan. I asked her if she wanted it and she immediately responded “please daddy” I had to tease a little bit more so I said “please what”.
“Please fuck me” she responded and I gripped her hips and pushed my dick in all the way. She let out a loud moan and I started to fuck her with long deep strokes. Pulling her hair back and spanking her ass until it got red, just how she likes it. Her legs started shaking and she moaned that she was cumming. Her legs couldn’t hold up anymore so she laid down on the floor do the barn and I kept pounding away, having her put her hands back to spread for me. I started playing with her ass and slipped my thumb in and she squealed “daddyyy”. I asked her who that ass belongs too and she said you daddy. I pulled out of her drenched pussy and slowly slid my cock into her ass and she moaned super loud. I held her head down in the hay and fucked her willing ass hard until she had to beg me to take it easy. I kept fucking her like that for a little bit longer until I was going to cum and I pulled out and had the most insane orgasm and came all over her ass and low back. She had to lay there for a minute to recover before getting up and putting her clothes back on. I asked her if she was okay and she said yeah it was really good she just needed time recover.

She complained her ass hurt for a few days but said it was definitely worth it. We did a little bit of anal before that but not a lot. She kinda got hooked on it after that tho and asked for it a few times. We went back in the house from the barn and she had to talk to her parents as if she didn’t have cum running down her back and ass. Definitely a crazy experience. Thanks for reading!!

NSFW: yes

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