Roscoe Forthright. Three Poems (yeah, actual literature…hahahahah) – Short Sex Story


Your tenderness is self-evident

in moist vaginal folds, spontaneously

wet, wet, your joyous viscous arousal,

joyful eyes and moans, as observable

as any miracle of nature.

Sight, taste touch and smell,

the sound of my tongue lapping,

lapping like ocean waves, no human

action being equivalent to a tongue

lapping a vagina, flicking left, right,

up, down, my mouth sucking each

puffy lip, and making quick circles

in the vicinity of your clitoris.

No one taught my this oral technique.

I read these actions in no book, saw them

in no documentary film on public television,

only by trial and error across four decades

have I learned to lick a vagina properly,

with courtesy and tenderness, equal to

the joy of your arousal, to instigate…

To instigate ten to fifteen minutes of intense pleasure,

your cheerful sighs, moans and whispers,

To instigate series of short and long orgasms,

To instigate our tangible love in physical form,

your vagina pressed tight against my teeth.

I expect no awards, no lecture tours,

no scientific entries in medical journals.

My expertise remains a sacred mystery.

In full confidence, like Bible prophets

giving speeches and saying God’s Word.

In full confidence, I am certain you will

orgasm, again and again with my mouth

busy, busy and you will remember,

as if these moments were written

in Holy Books, passed down across

centuries, more essential than

any past or present civilization.



It’s your gigantic breasts and erect nipples in full view

make my mind delirious as you remove your clothes.

Sometimes within thirty seconds, shirt, jeans and socks

(you wear no panties) scatter around the room

like frightened birds. And you rise on the bed.

Your fanny thrust high to receive my fingers.

Within one minute of walking through the door,

my fingers plunge in and out from behind,

two, sometimes three, fingers slick with juice,

as you position and re-position, your small

pink vibrators bounces lightly on your clit.

One hand inside you, one hand stroking my cock,

I lean close to kiss your anus. I can’t withstand

its cheerful, mocking pucker, your ass high up,

I slap your fanny with my full erection. I press

my cockhead against you, to leave small drops

of semen, prelude to orgasms gushes,

I position my mushroom head above your anus-cup,

(the small shot-glass around your pucker,)

as you start to shudder, buck and moan,

I fill your anus-cup with thick semen.

We come together, we come and come.



I tease the turquoise bobble,

the small jeweled stud on your vaginal lip,

I flick it with my tongue and finger-tip.

Tan, smooth, warm, ready thighs

spread wide and willing in all elements,

open to be caressed by strong hands.

Spicy fragrance rises from your arousal,

your pussy already wet in anticipation,

comfortable without hesitation.

There is no correct procedure,

only spontaneous action, remembered joy,

our bodies ache for satisfying repetition

I most often start sucking nipple,

firm young breasts in both hands

gathered and pressed against my face.

With an erect nipple in my mouth

My hands squeeze and caress

smooth fanny cheeks, one hand

slides beneath to light touch

wet pubic lips. To slide inside.

Now is the time to lay you on the bed.

Your vibrator fully charged, held

with control as precise as a brain surgeon,

you guide the buzzing machine, fine-tuned

with dexterous fingers you adjust buttons

to most the pleasing speed and oscillation.

The rotating head nuzzles, and you moan.

Truly there is little I can add to your skilled

masturbatory pleasure. You know exactly

how to achieve ultimate orgasmic joy.

I am now, the voyeur cock full up

caressing, watching, waiting…

I look into your eyes,

with both of us fully aroused…

I hold back, with much self-control,

I wait for the exact moment…

When you come, I come, I gush,

I blast thick splashes, a river

of quivering, viscous, salty jelly…

Onto your face, onto your vaginal folds…

Frosting your erect nipples…

Whatever part of you is close enough to receive my cum.

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[Roscoe Forthright. “Mouth of One Thousand Cocks”](

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