roommate wants to free use me

I’m 19F and I lost my job a week ago. I have been very irresponsible with my money and have no savings. When I learnt that I was being fired I didn’t know how I would afford to pay my rent or buy food; I was very scared and crying about it for a few days until my roommate heard me cry and came in and asked what had happened, once I explained the situation he told hugged me and said everything will be ok. The next morning I was having oatmeal when he came out of his room and told me he has wondered of a solution for my issue. I put my spoon down to completely focus and he said: I can pay for your distribute of the rent and buy anything you need until you discover a job. I couldn’t believe my ears. Then he said, when I come back from work I want you to welcome me on your knees wearing a white laced see-through dress and let him have sex with me every time he comes home. I am still deciding on taking his offer or not. I know that my own mistakes have led me to this situation and I feel like this is my best option. Let me know if you want to know more…

NSFW: yes

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