Room of Requirement [FM 20s] [Fiction-wizarding world] [FDom]


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They entered the strange room that had appeared in the wall, both had their wands prepared for anything. He led the way wand lit, he looked around the comfortably furnished room, done up in blacks and red. This was no typical room but one prepared for just about any sexual appetite. He stood at the foot of the bed and flicked the wand lighting the numerous candles around the room and bathing them in flickering light.
He turned to her to discover her wand pointed at him. A silver jet of light flew out as the spell took the wand from him, it neatly landed on the night table next to the bed. “What..” he started to say as a second jet of light left her wand and ropes pulled him to the bed.

He watched as she removed her dressing and nightgown leaving her only in her panties. She turned her back to him and bent over so he could watch her take them off.

She calmly walked forward, the panties dangling from her fingers. She stood over him “3 years you left me here, i think that deserves a bit of punishment. Don’t you?” she asked sweetly, before deftly stuffing the panties in his mouth.

She waved her wand over him, removing his robes. His eyes followed her every move. She traced her finger down his chest before reaching his cock which was already semi-hard.
She started to gently stroke his cock, feeling it stiffen at her touch, once it was hard she moved her mouth over it kissing it and swirling her tongue around his head. She licked and caressed it and make sure it began to throb before taking it into her warm mouth.

She continued to suck his cock until he began to hear muffled moans and he started to strain at his bond. She could tell he longed to grab her head and help set the pace. She had other plans. She released his cock with a loud pop and watched it twitch a few times before placing it between her tits

She spit on his cock and began to slowly work her tits up and down his shaft occasionally licking the tip of his cock. They stared into each other’s eyes as she worked her tits around his cock. She felt the throbbing increase the breath coming more frequently. She took his cock back into her mouth and waved her wand again. He went rigid, as the full body bind hit him.

She smiled as his eyes found hers, “You didn’t expect that I would let you cum before me.” giving him a wicked smile, she positioned herself directly over his cock, sliding her pussy up and down his sensitive cock, letting it slide across her clit.

Leaning over and placing her mouth close to his ear she whispered “I am going to ride you like a sex doll.” as she impaled herself on his rigid cock.

“This cock is mine now.” she give him a wicked smile as she continues to ride him, sliding up and down his full length. She pulls one tit up to her mouth a lets the other one bounce. Knowing he loved it when she sucked her own tits. She wanted him to know how lonely she was but did not want to completely torture him. She would ride him until she squirted her cum all over him, before releasing him from the bind. She had never used the full body bind in this context but she loved the reaction and response it had. She expected him to ruin himself in her when she released the spell and then she would play nice and let him cum for real.

She rode him for nearly five minutes giving him a full show as she played with her tits and then leaned back and played with her clit, until she came she slipped off his cock as she squirted all over his cock and abdomen. She got off him and inspect her handiwork, she could see a steady stream of cum leaking from the tip of his cock and was excited to remove the spell from him and see what happened she level herself with his cock and retrieved her wand. She released the spell and waited to see what would happen. His groan around the panties in his mouth was first.

She watched as he strained against the restraints his cock stood rigid at first glistening with their cum an then it began to pulse, nothing happened still deciding he needed a little more she flicked the bottom of his head with her tongue, a rope of cum shot straight into the air landing on her face and his cock and four more shots burst forth before it began to steadily leak out.

She took his still-hard cock into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum until he stopped, she cleaned off her own face before removing his restraints with a wave of her wand, and she curled up next to him making sure to nestle his still-hard cock against her still wet pussy. He removed the panties, from his mouth putting them on the bed.
“it is true what they say about Hufflepuffs, don’t cross them.” he croaked throat a little dry.

She giggled “Then don’t cross me, you should have been wiser than Mr Ravenclaw.”

NSFW: yes

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