Roleplay with my Wife [28F] turns Naughty

Friday night last weekend my wife was suddenly in a very frisky mood. We started to make out and fool around on the couch. In no time at all she was brining up the threesome fantasy we have talked about a number of times now. She’s asking me if I would rather have another man join us, or if she should invite a woman, even though she knows the answer. I admit to her that I think it’s hotter with another man and she runs with it, asking me if I want her to take me and a nice thick cock at the same time. Needless to say, she made me cum in my sweatpants while sitting on the couch.

Later that same evening, after she put on the Fifty Shades movie, we ended up in the bedroom. She suggested that we watch something naughtier together. Having both been raised religious, we have never tried that. Fast forward a few minutes and my wife is pulling up “wife gangbang videos”. There she is, rubbing herself on our bed with her vibrator, as we watch a video of a girl playing with 4 men at once. My wife is stroking me again and moaning as she askes me if I want to watch her with multiple men. Telling me she would love to be stuffed with that many cocks. I don’t know where this all came from, she’s never been this intense about it.

She climbs on top and starts to ride me. As she is bouncing up and down, she’s back to talking about me fucking her with another guy. Saying things like “I want to feel his cock stretch my ass while you fuck my pussy”, and “Maybe I”ll let him take my pussy so you can watch him cum deep inside me. Do you want him to creampie me babe?” I was so turned on I had to tell her to get off so I didn’t explode. She goes back to using her toy and is slowly stroking me as she keeps playing out the fantasy. Next thing I know my wife is moaning in my ear and whispering “You want him to cum inside me don’t you babe? You want to watch his cum leak from my pussy? Do you want to lick me clean after he fucks me? I want you to clean up the mess he made and then I’m gonna watch you suck his cock clean”.

That was it, I moaned like a slut at that sentence. I’ve never told her about my forced-bi fantasy, and she’s never mentioned it before, but this pushed it to 100. She picked up on it right away and pushed in deeper, “Ya? You like that? You want me to make you taste your wife’s pussy off his big thick cock?” And with that, I exploded. She squealed in surprise and excitement as I groaned and began covering my own chest in cum. She responded by stroking faster and pushing me further. “Good boy! You like that? Suck his cock for me babe, suck it clean. You like tasting his cum and my pussy? Oh babe, I love watching you suck cock for me”

NSFW: yes

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