Road head

Going back a few years, my family and I were driving home from a vacation. We were on a long lonely highway that wasnt very busy. It was getting closer to dark and both of our kids (1 y/o and 4 y/o) were asleep in the back seat of the truck as we bounced down this not to smooth highway. I ended up putting the center console up and had the wife sit beside me, where put my arm around her and groped her breast as we just kept talking casually.

Now what you need to know that my wife back then was very vanilla, like in bed, lights off, sort of girl. She at all times let me and enjoyed me touching/groping her when ever I wanted and as long as no one could see us. Back to the story, after a while I undid her bra and then I really started to play with her breast. Grabbing, squeezing the breast then her nipples. I could at all times make her cum in mins by just playing with her breasts, but before she got there I got her to lay on her back with her knees bent as I slid my hand down her leggings.

By this time it was dark out, I was driving with one hand as the other was inside my wifes pants as I was rubbing her clit. Then slowly move my fingers down her pussy, parting her lips before going as slow as I could go with my fingers as slipped them into her pussy all the way. She pulled her leggings off as I kept fingering her. Grabbing onto my arm, digging her finger nails into my skin and burying her face into my stomach so she wouldnt wake the kids with her orgasm scream. And that she did, she cummed for me. Her body literally trembling, legs shaking, finger digging and breathing so hard and heavily into my stomach.

She came up and kissed me then told me she wanted to return the favor. She was on her knees beside me and was undo my pants then slid them and my underwear down to my ankles. I had one hand on the wheel as I ran my other hand down her back, slipped it between her ass cheeks then slipped my fingers into her dripping pussy. She teased my semi erect cock with her tougne before taking as much as she could in her mouth. Driving down the rough road, the wife sucking my cock and gagging at times as the road was really rough. Her pussy was dripping as I fingered her and her getting off on me trying to be quiet for the kids. Taking my fingers out of her, I grabbed her hair then pulled her head up and asked “want to fuck out side?” She just smiled then kissed me as she went back down on my cock until the next approach.

I pulled over as soon as I could. She got out right away and I pulled my pants up to walk and got out. Holding my pants up enough so I could woddle to the back, dropped the tailgate. She climbed up on, sitting facing me with her ass barely on the edge. I pulled the front of her shirt up and over her head but kept her arms in the sleeves to expose her breasts in the cool summer night. Grabbing her ass cheeks with my hands as she guided my cock into her dripping pussy as fucked her right then and there. Squeezing her cheeks with my hands as I pounded her, she cupped and lifted her breasts as I went and sucked then nibbled on her erect nipples. Then she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me in close as I thrusted with all that I had into her as we both cummed there together.

She held me close and screaming as I pumped ever drop I had into her. At that moment neither of us had realized until then that a vehicle from the on coming lane just passed us. Quickly she jumped down, as doing so I slipped out of her and all of my cum and her juices squirt out of her onto both of our legs. Scrabbling she climbed into the truck and I pulled my pants up and climbed in. She layed on her back with her head on my lap for the rest of the ride home. I was playing with her breasts and pussy again gently as she had one hand under her head striking and playing with my balls.

Hope the story wasn’t to long for you, and do you want to hear more of our past stories?

NSFW: yes

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