Road head with an audience – Short Sex Story

I’m currently M 29 and my wife is 27 but this dates back a few years before we were married when we were about 26 and 24. My wife has at all times been a bit shy and gets a little nervous but giddy when I tease her out in public. We hadn’t done much outside before other than her giving me a couple of blowjobs late night star gazing. We had a road trip a few hours out of town and I decided to surprise her with a Bluetooth controlled vibrator, she loved it and got a bit giddy and turned on when I told her she should put it in when we go on our trip, nervous at first she decided she wanted to try it. We finally get on the road in the morning of our trip and I have control of it on my phone. I begin off slow giving it minimal to medium power off and on. At first I can see her nervousness but excitement. I then begin to let it vibrate a little longer instead of short bursts. That’s when I noticed she’s really having fun now. She starts to rub herself a bit through her jeans as I get it going a little faster. I begin getting turned on and she notices. She starts to rub me through my jeans as she rubs herself. I undo my jeans to let her stroke me as I turn up the vibrator just a little more. Less than a minute later she kicks off her sneakers and get onto the seat to lean over and suck me off. I play with the speed going from medium to high as she sucks and strokes me. It isn’t before long I notice we have a spectator in an 18 wheeler. He matching speed with us to watch. It doesn’t deter me but I do get a bit nervous cause I know my wife doesn’t want to be watched. She catches on as I keep looking back and forth between her, the road and the big rig. She asks why I keep looking over while still licking up my shaft. I tell her expecting our fun to be over, but instead I’m greeted with her putting it back in her mouth. At this point I’m close now due to her not caring who see’s. I begin to mess with the vibrators speed more as she continues another minute I bust in her mouth, she keeps going getting all she can down her throat and that’s when I feel her hand on my shaft grip a bit firm as she lets out a moan on my dick. She came hard herself. She takes a second to gather herself and then sit back in the seat. She just smiles at me and towards the window. One of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten honestly. I love my wife 🙂

NSFW: yes

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