Righteously Cheating – Short Sex Story

I cheat on my wife regularly, but by far, my favorite forbidden fruit are the women from church.

I’ve been fairly successful, though I wish I could get more like my first time.

Adelina, (Lina), is her name. We knew each other before anything sexual happened, and we’re non-sexual friends now… Ok sexual tension friends.

We got stuck at a girls camp together. There should have been more women and men there to avoid the situation we found ourselves in, I’m glad they’re lazy fucks.

It was late on the third night. The girls had all gone to bed, and we found ourselves alone on the sole couch.

Normally I have to try and subtlety steer the conversation to sex, and the lack luster kink of religious men. Not Lina. She jumped right in, spilling out juicy gossip, and degrading comments about her shitty love life.

I told her about my wife’s insistence that sex happen with the lights out, and with condoms, because she doesn’t like the way cum feels or the sight of a penis.

She laughed at that, then confessed to being somewhat of a cock worshiper.

I asked her if that sort of worship was sacrilegious. She said it depends on how good it is.

We didn’t want one of the girls to walk in on what was about to happen, so we slipped out the back to the guest house. (It’s where I’d been sleeping).

Fuck…. It was so sexy to watch her take off her wedding ring and religious necklace, and toss them like trash onto the floor.

I went to take mine off, but she said, “no, leave it.”

I didn’t dilly dally. I unbuckled and dropped my jeans, leaving my underwear and bulge for her to inspect.
“Good enough?” I asked.

She just smiled, dropped to her knees in front of me and released the beast.

Did I mention that I LOVE religious women? Lina didn’t just worship my cock, she did everything but make a God damn graven image of it.

She rubbed it on her face, lips, nose… Everywhere. Precum streaked both cheeks, and she treated my balls like mana from heaven.

The blow job that ensued is still in my top 10.

Before I came, I pushed her back onto the old creaky bed, and started kissing her. I slipped a hand down her pajama bottoms, went questing for her unused married hole, but she stopped me.

I wondered my chance to fuck her was over, but thankfully she just grabbed my ring finger and slid it inside.

We fooled around like this for a while, then stripped naked (WITH THE LIGHTS ON).

I wondered it was just gonna be a quick fuck then pretend it didn’t happen…I was wrong.

She spend the next 10 minutes doing… Everything to my cock. It was like a starving man in a fully stocked meat market.

The compliments and awe she had for my package made me feel like Ricardo fucking Montoban. Sex magnet extraordinare.

I fucked her from behind. She turned to watch me slam into her, a gigantic satisfied grin on her face. The old decrepit bed groaned and cracked under the motion, each thrust smashing the loose 4×4 posts against the wall.

I shot the biggest load into her married cunt, and, true to her word, she loved the feeling of it, because she came right after.

We kept up the illicit affair for nearly half a year, skipping out of church early to fuck around in my truck, or stealing away to the handicap bathroom during youth activities to screw.

I live religious women.

NSFW: yes

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