Rewatching our first time on cam. Final – Short Sex Story

At this point I didn’t want to do anal and just started giving it to her doggie style.. it was a good two minutes of fucking her.  The camera angle is showing most of her body from the side…her small tits and her undies still on..still have a pic of those undies :). She reaches under her to begin playing with her clit, her head down and ass up.  Her fav position  and a few years later would understand she loved that position for the anal she’s had in the past.

I lie down now and she comes to kiss me while stroking my cock.  You can tell she’s changing rythems and I must have asked her to grip tighter.   She’s giving me a passionate kiss and continues stroking..her pussy probably had enough and she wanted to make me cum.

You head a moan..and on cue she goes down to my cock to give me the last suck of the night. I grab her head and push it down to my  cock, I’m moving her hair around so it doesn’t cover her face .  Seeing my cock in her mouth is a great site. After about 5 seconds she pulls up and I begin to finally cum

NSFW: yes

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