Red’s pregnancy (part 1)

Over the next few months red and I became a thing or as close to a thing as you could get, we both made no promises and agreed we could still fuck whoever we wanted but I abstained from seeking one night stands not out of respect but more attachment to the pussy I was already fucking. I didn’t know if red was seeing anyone on the side but we spent so much time together is was hard to imagine she was banging anyone other than me.

We’d decided to meet at the mall for a lunch date and I arrived early in anticipation for red’s arrival, ordering lunch and nibbling at it as I read on my phone to pass time. Looking up at the perfect time I spotted her and my eyes widened in awe at her appearance. Red was never one to focus on how she appeared to other’s, and with a brief time aside I got to realise how much she had changed over the course of our relationship, her thighs were thick but had tone to them almost double the size from when we first got back together, whatever remnants of a thigh gap that she had was gone as her inner thighs squished nicely against each other and up against her crotch outlining her lower half considerably. Her upper half was another matter entirely with the exception of her torso which was still as beautifully pudgy as ever with a little more roundness noticeable but her main eye grabbing attraction was her tits, already gigantic in size but were now large enough that her bra was barely containing them withing her tank top, the edges of her now dark brown areolas peeking out for all to see.

She spotted me a jogged over, her bouncing assets drawing eyes and attention as she plonked down next to me heavily in the booth giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before eying my food and casual pinching from my chips, I caved and let her eat the rest of my lunch to which she happily did so. I did some light questioning about the change but kept it discreet as to not hurt her feelings to which she responded that it was probably a hormonal thing, before jokingly suggesting pregnancy.

We went shopping for new clothes as red stated most of hers felt like they’d shrunk, so we wandered around aimlessly as I was entranced by her rack as she bounced happily through numerous stores. After searching and buying numerous clothing items red finally dragged me to the lingerie store and was shoved into a spacious changing room while red picked some to try on. I waited patiently before she burst through the curtain and laid some lace pieces on my lap and proceeded to undress. Her pants and panties came off and I struggled to avert my gaze, her ginger bush luring me in but the next reveal made my jaw drop as she removed her tank top and undid her bra.

They looked straight out of a porno with their size, with some sag to them her tits hung from red’s chest magnificently, noticing my unbreakable gaze she asked if I liked her pumped up N cups to which I nodded in a daze. Her areolas now fully in view the difference in their usual appearance was staggering, from small pinky and pale to large dark brown was cause for concern and questioning, but I was too hypnotised to complain.

She tried on several items that fit her nicely, providing decent support for her large jugs, however all the lace panties had the same problem of getting lost between her thick pussy lips but it didn’t bother her much. Her favourite of the lot was a crotchless pink silk panties paired with a lighter pink bra that was see through and made the bold colouring of her tits pop, satisfied with her selection she got changed back into her tight outfit and left with a decent haul.

On our way onto leaving the mall we encountered a rapidly growing issue with red’s white tank top, as we walked I was subtly glancing at her bouncing bosoms and noticed two small but spreading wet patches approximately where her nipples would be. I nudged her to bring her attention to it which she quickly grabbed my hand and leads me to the nearest bathroom. I waited outside while she hurried in, coming out a few minutes later blushing and wearing one of her new a better fitting tops, and we continued on grabbing another quick lunch as the mall quietened down for the afternoon.

We chose a secluded booth as she was still blushing which I though was out of embarrassment, and I ordered some food and brought it back to her. To get a better understanding of what happened I asked her about the wet spots, she grinned a little before looking around to see if there were any onlookers and lifted her shirt on the side closest to me, wearing one of her new lace bras where her nipples could poke through between the fabric, and hers had white specks forming a droplet of milk that fell from her swollen nipple and into her leg.

Instinctively I licked my lips at the sight, to which red offered me a taste. I hesitantly leaned in and gave her nipple a quick flick with my tongue, the sweetness hit me immediately and made me wanting more but I held back and sat up looking as typical as feasible. Her blushing was unending as red looked at me with a sly smile.

After our milky encounter months went by and I began to notice the changes even more in red’s physique, her tits swelled and would leak sweet milk constantly, her chocolate coloured areolas spreading in size across her gigantic orbs of flesh while her stomach began showing sighs of protrusion from her frame. Red denied being pregnant stating it was just hormones and her eating habit, but myself and everyone that saw her knew without a doubt she was carrying. Fucking her became problematic as she distended belly stretched her skin tightly including her fat pussy lips, sealing her shut for the most part unless I use brute force. Her thighs and ass had filled out nicely to compliment her other growth, each slap on her ass would ripple through and make her moan in pleasure.

Our public endeavours became more risque as underwear and bras no longer fit her, so unless we’d get distracted fucking each other our times out would be brief but exciting as I would tease her with nipple poking, ass slapping and subtle pussy rubbing through her thin clothes making her moist and ready to cum on demand.

Milking her became routine as well as her gigantic tits refilled very quickly, looking swollen and impossibly large and engorged as spent most afternoons bent over her desk while I drained her sore milk tanks. Every milking session made her horny without fail, while her thick nipples sprayed milk her fat pussy would leak juices all down her thick thighs.

NSFW: yes

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